LOVE IS BEYOND AGES – Vani and Abhigya SS (Chapter 3)


Bani:- so, you didn’t forget me?

Veer:- how can I forget you. It was the mistake of an immature boy, but it costs you more. Sorry.

Bani:- no need for sorry. When I see you here, thought of a little drama. That is why. But it affects you, isn’t it?

Veer:- for what I did to you, this is only small.

Vani looks at each other..

Flashback shows..

Bani is seen walking through the road. She was a traditional girl, have long hairs. Everyone considers her as a behenji. She was a joke to every boys, even veer.

Daksh:- dekho veer, there our behenji is coming. (Laughs and claps hands with his friends.)

Monil:- veer, we will do a prank on her.

Veer:- no yaar, she will cry. Mayuri told me she is very sensitive.

Daksh:- but her attitude is….

Monil:- Haan yaar, don’t even look at us. Please ,veer please make her cry.

Veer:- hey, I won’t make her cry. Anyways we will rag her. Come.

They blocks bani’s way. She looks at them angrily.

Daksh:- Daksh, devi is killing us with her eyes. (Laughs).

Bani:- please move. I have to go to class.

Veer:- we also have class. Then too, we come to meet you. Actually, we want to make friendship with you. Will you allow us.

Bani:- I don’t make friendship with street guys.

Veer:- means.

Bani:- means, for me you three are like streat guys, who stalks girls and disturbs them. Don’t you have mother and sister.

Veer:- hey, don’t change the topic. Who are you to ask me this?

Bani:- who are you to ask me?

Veer:- you don’t know me.

Bani:- haan, I know. A spoilt brat. Don’t your father teach you manners.

Veer becomes angry:- who are you to tell about my father.

Bani:- if you disturb me like this, I will say like this.

She goes from there. Veer was about to go behind her, but Daksh and monil stops him.

Veer:- bani Sharma, you did wrong to get my father into this. I will show you, who is this veer Singhania.

Veer smirks.

Next day, it was a special day, as their chairman was coming there for the first time. The coordinator of the program was bani, principal had warned her, he wanted no problem. The chairman comes and inaugurates the ceremony. Everyone congratulates bani for her organisation. Veer, Daksh and monil also congrats her and smirks. Next it was the time to light the lamp, veer signs Daksh. Chairman lights lamp, boom…….firepowder gets burned and chairman gets blackened and gets some injuries. He was very angry and scolds principal, who in turn scolds bani infront of all the students of the College.

Principal:- Ms bani Sharma, I had trusted you. But you ….

Bani:- sir, I don’t anything sir. It’s not my mistake.

Principal:- then who did it? Your ghost? I had already told you to check everything. But you fails in it.

Bani(cries):- sorry sir.

Principal:- by saying sorry, will everything become normal?

Bani sobs. Mayuri supports her.

Principal:- this is the last warning for you, bani. And I want an explanation letter, tomorrow itself. You have shamed this college. Shame on you.

Bani (sobs):- I didn’t do anything, sir.

Everyone pity on her. Bani was going to the house, when veer and his gang comes to her.

Veer:- kya hua….cry baby…. (Laughs).

Bani looks at him.

Bani:- did you do this?

Veer:- haan. (Smirks) you had done wrong by angering me. And I don’t like anyone complaining about my dad’s upbringing. Because I had seen him, taking care of me, without a mother. And haan, we were just talking to you that day, but you started arguing. And this is the punishment. Not only this….

He goes and take and scissors. Bani cries.. Daksh and monil laughs. Veer cuts bani’s hair. She cries a lot.

Veer:- everything is now ok. And, don’t come on my way, now onwards. Samjhi, behenji?

They goes from there leaving bani sobbing. Next day, when he comes to college, he find mayuri scolding Daksh and monil.

Veer:- Mayuri, why are you scolding them?

Mayuri:- then, because of you all, bani had gone.

Veer:- what?

Mayuri:- bani leaves this college.

Veer gets shocked.

Flashback ends. Bani and veer were walking through their campus.

Veer:- sorry.

Bani:- again. It’s ok.

Veer:- I didn’t know that you get so sad that you leave the college.

Bani:- from school onwards, everyone had appreciated me for everything. I always win in all programs, academics, no one had ever scolded me for my carelessness. And I was a little arrogant.

Veer:- not little…..

Bani:- veer…. Anyways, when principal sir scold me, couldn’t bear it. Then you cut my hair. Everything makes me so much depressed that I call my dad and goes there, next morning itself.

Veer:- sorry again.

Bani:- oho…now no sorry. Friends. (Veer smiles and shake hands with her.) I had come for my cousin’s wedding, and here I don’t know anyone. So you have to help me, ok?

Veer:- yes mam. (They smiles).

Next day, Bani and Meera were shopping. They sees veer.

Bani:- veer.

Veer:- hi… You two here? This is…

Bani:- Meera…

Veer:- oho….you were the one….

Meera:- sorry.

Veer:- it’s ok. Why here?

Bani:- for shopping. It’s her wedding, so a little shopping.

Veer:- by the way, my father ask me to convey his regards.

Bani:- I will come there.

Veer:- ok. Now go with the shopping. I will catch you later.

Veer comes to abhi with Bani and Meera.

Veer:- papa, identify who is this?

Abhi:- your ishani, Bani. Hi…dears…

Bani and Meera:- hi uncle.

Veer:- come, I will make tea.

Bani:- no. No, it’s ok.

Disha:- I will make, you sit.

Abhi:- so tell me. Actually I was very eager to meet you, the one who can make my son run.

Bani:- sorry uncle. For a little thing, I had disturbed you. Iam extremely sorry.

Veer:- it’s ok. He needs it.

Disha comes and gives tea to Bani and Meera.

Bani:- I had actually came to invite you all.

Abhi:- for what?

Bani:- next week is meera’s wedding.

Abhi:- congrats beta.

Meera:- thanks. You all should come.

Abhi:- will surely come.

Bani:- so Iam going. We have to invite many people, so a little bc. Will come later.

Abhi:- ok. Should come for lunch next time.

Bani:- Haan.

Veer:- I will drop you.

Bani:- ok. (They goes from there. Abhi looks at them.)

On the way

Bani:- veer, why didn’t your father marry again?

Veer:- everyone told him, but for him another women can’t look after me properly. So he just….

Bani:- he loves you a lot.

Veer:- I know. It is my luck to get him as my father. I love him more than anything.

Bani smiles.

Veer, his family and Vikram comes to the wedding. Bani sees them.

Bani:- veer, uncle….come……

Veer sees Bani and gets mesmerized seeing her beauty. Disha pinches him and teases him.

Veer:- hii..Bani.

Bani:- uncle is looking handsome.

Abhi:- thanks dear.

Bani:- come…will show you everyone. Meera.. where is teacher?

Meera:- she was there.

Bani:- ok. Uncle, you go. I will come now.

Abhi:- ok.

Abhi enters the hall and walk towards the corner. Pragya was coming opposite to him. She stumbles, abhi saves her and look at her face and gets shocked.

Abhi:- Pragya…. (Pragya also gets shocked).

Pragya:- abhi….

Pragya eyes become teary. She goes from there. Disha comes to him.

Disha:- Bhai, what happened?

Abhi:- Haan…. Pragya…

Disha:- kya…

Abhi:- Woh…my Pragya.

Disha:- Bhai…are you drunk? Why are you telling those things? Come…come Bhai…

Pragya goes to her room.

Pragya:- (to her) that was Abhi…..abhi… is this possible…I can’t let my past take my present…why did he come here?

Bani comes to her. She sees Pragya crying.

Bani:- teacher, what happened? Why are you crying?

Pragya:- Woh….after this marriage Meera will go, and you will also go to America. So I will be alone.

Bani:- oho… I will not leave you at any way. Ok. Now don’t cry.

Pragya:- Haan.

Bani:- come, I will show you veer and his family members. His dad is so cool.

Pragya:- Haan.

Bani takes Pragya to abhi and others.

Bani:- uncle, this is my teacher, and teacher this is veer’s dad.

Abhi and Pragya looks at each other. Disha and Purab gets shocked seeing Pragya and looks at each other.

Some memories arrive before abhi and Pragya where their precious moments, dance are shown.

Allah waariyan…

Bani makes abhi and Pragya shake hands.

Meera:- Bani, Pragya aunty come….

Bani:- Haan.

She takes her from there. Abhi was constantly looking at her.

Disha:- Bhai….. control…she was your past.

Abhi:- Haan.

Veer:- your Pragya teacher is so sweet.

Bani:- I know.

Veer:- why didn’t she get married?

Bani:- chup. Don’t ask her this? Will kill you.

Veer:- why?

Bani:- that I don’t know. Some past and all. She didn’t tell me. If anyone ask her about her marriage, she becomes angry and goes to the room and looks at some pictures. I tried to get the photos, but teacher didn’t allow.

Veer:- thief.

Bani:- oh hello! Iam not an thief.

Veer:- really, then why did you try to take her personal things? My papa also has some private things, which he didn’t allow others to see or take. It’s their space.

Bani:- I know Mr Papa lover.

Veer smiles.

Veer:- after this marriage, what is your plan?

Bani:- not fixed, yet.

Veer:- then no marriage?

Bani:- didn’t get a boy, who would fit me.

Veer:- if Iam perfect for you.

Bani:- veer….

Veer:- joking…

They both shares an eyelock.

Meera’s wedding gets completed. Throughout the marriage abhi was looking at Pragya. Pragya avoids eyecontact with abhi. After marriage, they goes to their house.

On reaching the home, abhi goes to his room and closes the door.

Veer:- what happened to papa? I had noticed in the wedding also, he was so disturbed. What happened?

Purab:- nothing. He is just tired.

Veer:- sachh.

Disha:- Haan. Now yo go and get fresh. I will get food.

Veer:- ok aunty. (He goes).

Disha:- Purab, Iam concerned about Bhai. Do you remember what happened last time due to Pragya.

Purab:- Haan.

Disha:- I don’t want to get him into that condition again.

Purab:- you are right.

Abhi in his room, opens a bag, it wall full of letters, photos, books. There was a photo of abhi and Pragya. Abhi sleeps with putting the photo on his heart.

Next day, veer, Purab and Disha comes to drawing room hearing some noice. They all gets shocked seeing abhi. He has dyed his moustache and had worn veer’s shirt. He was hearing to old love songs..

Abhi:- tum pass Aaye……

Veer:- Papa.

Abhi gets shocked.

Veer:- Papa, are you okay? What happened to you? This moustache, old love songs, and my t shirt. Have you gone mad? Disha aunty…ask Papa.

Disha and purab were laughing.

Disha:- bhai….are you ok?

Abhi:- haan. Iam fit and fine.

Disha:- veer, you go. I will handle him.

Veer:- ok.

Disha:- bhai…veer is grown up. He can understand everything, so please control this. Otherwise I have to tell him everything.

Abhi:- ok. I will not do this again.

Next day, abhi goes to Pragya’s college again. But to his luck, she was absent that day. He gets into the college gangs and they makes fun of him. Bani sees this, as she had came to give Pragya’s leave letter.

Veer:- Papa, why did you go to college, today?

Abhi:- woh…..

Veer:- why are you behaving like this these days. This is not good.

Next day, abhi calls at Pragya’s house, but bani takes it, so abhi cuts the call. Veer notices all this. He checks his phone and understands that, abhi called to bani’s house.

Bani:- why is Papa behaving like this?

Veer:- I don’t know.

Bani:- but why did he calls me.

Veer:- no idea.

Bani:- are…who was in the college, my teacher, who was in my house, Pragya teacher.

Veer:- means, Papa likes Pragya aunty.

Bani:- that I don’t know.

Veer:- idea.

Bani:- what?

Veer:- one can tell us everything.

Bani:- who..

Veer and bani comes to Disha.

Disha:- hi Bani…

Veer:- aunty, who is Pragya?

Disha gets shocked.

Disha:- who?

Veer:- aunty, don’t lie.. tell us.

Disha:- but.

Veer:- I always consider my Papa as my friend, so please tell me about him.

Disha:- abhi and Pragya were…………

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      Thanks…..will upload next chapter next week…if I get time, I will surely post it. Next chapter of change in life is very special…thanks for your wishes…😍😍😍

  2. Jasminerahul

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      No they have no kids…that is why consider veer as his own child

  4. Shesha485

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