Daddy to Be

Before too long your life will change

Becoming something new

You’ll hold so close and tenderly

A tiny part of you

You’ll feel a love you can’t explain

That strengthens every day

You’re going to be a daddy ❀

And you’ll be perfect in every way

As soon as you hold your child close

You’ll start to understand

The smallest fingers hold your heart

Before they hold your hand……………





Hello People, From a long time I was thinking to post an OS. This is the first time I’m posting it so it might be boring and if you like it do drop-down your comments and if you’re a silent reader then a ‘πŸ‘’ would also be fineee !!!!

The story starts when Riddhima confronted vansh for her abortion in V.R. Mansion.



After fight with vansh , Riddhima headed-towards their room and changed into comfortable clothes and took some medicines. She was standing near the window feeling guilty. Vansh entered the room angrily with red-swollen eyes, extremely exhausted.Β  Riddhima expected an ugly confrontation by him. He came close to her, Riddhima thought now he’ll shout but he was silent for few minutes just staring her and blocking her way. He kept both of his hands on the wall behind caging Riddhima.

Riddhima : Vansh let me go !

Vansh did not answer. Next minute he started howling like anything crying bitterly and tightly hugged Riddhima he was barely able to speak and breathe.

Vansh : Ri……….ddh…..maa………..I ……….a………so…….rrry….. because of me you had to take this step.

Crying more and more he hugged her more tight like a baby , Riddhima could feel his heartbeat was very high because of the news. He was resting his face on her shoulderΒ  (height difference πŸ˜œπŸ™ˆ). Riddhima couldn’t see him like this because he is The Vansh Rai Singhania who is very strong.Β  She decided to reveal.

RiddhimaΒ  (in low voice & whispering ) : Vansh your baby is absolutely finee .

Vansh broke the hug and looked into her eyes.

Vansh : What are you saying?Β  You had gone for abortion?

Riddhima : No Vansh, Trust me I was taken there forcefully but somehow I managed to save myself and our baby.Β  In hall I fought with you because whoever did this is from our family only before also I had been attacked and If I had not lied our would be again in danger. I am sorry Vansh.

Vansh was dumbstruck but soon he was on cloud-nine he became so bright he hugged her again more tightly and Riddhima reciprocated.

Vansh (stern): Riddhima I swear I’ll find out who’s behind this. Please pardon me for I did not support you when you needed me the most. (Sweetly) I lovee youuu Riddhu.

Riddhima : Awww !!! I love youu ❀️ too Papa-to-be . As I said you’ll be the best father. But let’s think a name for our baby . How long will it just be baby. (Cutely sighs )

Vansh : I want a baby girl just cute, lovely and delightful just like youu. Daddy’s girl πŸ’“.

Riddhima : What if it’s a baby boy , Handsome, adorable , good-looking, a treat to eyes, caring and demanding just likee youu 😍.Β  what will we call him. I think it should be riansh which means “rays of sun” , he’ll be our ray of son. πŸ˜‡

Vansh : And if it’s a girl then we’ll name her vanya.Β  I’ll search the meaning on Google what it means .(After a while ) Riddhu look it means “God’s Gift” . If we have a daughter it will obviously be God’s greatest, bestestest and biggest Gift and blessing ever. I also like another name which is Aryaa.Β  So let’s keep Vanya for family and Aryaa for outside.

Riddhima : What does Aryaa mean?

Vansh : It means honorable and noble one.

Riddhima : I lovee youu Mr.V.R. Dil jeet liya aapne toh phirr se ek baar ❀. Imagine, the man who terrifies everyone , people are scared of him to core will have a boss, even though you have one as me but baby will be my boss too (Chuckling). And you cannot even about this boss to anyone coz’ you’ll wantingly love to do her work.

Vansh blushed and asked her to take rest after such an tirelessly exhausting day. He made her lie on the bed and said:

Vansh: Though our baby will be the sweetest boss and I’m sure people will be head-over-heels for such a boss just like I’m for you πŸ˜—. (Kissing her forehead ) Thank youu for the best gift of my life Mrs. Vansh Rai Singhania.

But she already slept due to medicinal effect.Β  Vansh called Angre and explained him everything then he led down just beside Riddhima who was sleeping very deeply. He pulled her by her waist gently with his strong hands, keeping her head on his chest, hugged her so close that she can feel his heartbeat and slept.




At 8:45 pm Riddhima woke up and realised her head was on the most comfortable and divine place and she was in the most safe arms. But she was very hungry so she got up carefully so that vansh doesn’t get disturbed but he felt something and got of his sleep but did not say anything as he was sleepy.Β  Riddhima was walking to the door suddenly she caught hold of the curtains and fainted .

Vansh rushed to her immediately in fear: Riddhimaa……Ri…ddhimaa, open your eyes.

He called Angre and took her to the hospital. Doctors examined her and went to vansh who was on the verge of crying .

Doctor : Mr. Vansh due to lack of eating and consuming medicines without eating it resulted in side-effects and she fainted. Look, there’s nothing to worry she’s pregnant , at times she might not feel hungry but don’t let her take medicines without eating proper , healthy food. Pamper her πŸ’…, fulfil her demands and enjoy this period Mr. Vansh to the fullest you won’t regret it. Once she’ll be concious you can take her with you.

Vansh: Thanks a lott doctor !!! Mam if you suggest shall I hire a full time nurse for her.

Doctor : No need Mr. Rai Singhania.Β  Now she’s fine . She might vomit or experience pregnancy symptoms but it’s completely alright. If possible Make her eat every hour of the day something or the other, don’t deny much of her demands and cravings it can be dangerous for you πŸ˜†. Other pampering and stuff I don’t need to brief on it you’re well-qualified for that.

Vansh : Thank youu so much doctor and when is the next check-up date.

Doctor: It’s okay Mr. Rai Singhania,Β  you have to bring her next week for sonography of your baby.

Nurse : mam, Riddhima is concious noww.

Doctor : You can take her now Vansh. Take care of her and yourself too.

Vansh : Thank youu again mam .

In Car,

Vansh was driving the car. Scolding Riddhima a lot . Angre was on back seat. And ridhhima beside Vansh’s seat.

Vansh (cutely angry and serious): This is so careless of you ridhhima,Β  seriously it’s such a basic thing to not consume medicines without eating something and youu man. You’re impossible. What if something had happend to our baby.

Riddhima had enough and she rested her head on window and started crying silently. She was not audible.

Vansh: Ridhhima will you say something, don’t you care about our baby.

And glanced towards her. He saw that she is crying and got extremely tensed.

Vansh : Why are you crying sweetheart?

RiddhimaΒ  (low voice): Vansh I’m not feeling well please ask the doctor what has happend. My stomach is aching,Β  I can’t take the pain anymore.

Vansh (anxiously and panicking ) : Angre call the doctor immediately. Riddhima we’ll go back to the doctor, please remain concious , drink some wat…………….

Riddhima bursted out laughing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ making Vansh and Angre confused.

Ridhhima : So Mr. Vansh , you were scolding me righttt !!! (Mischievously) I’m warning you don’t mess around me. The tables have turned Vansh πŸ˜‚ Now you cannot deny my single demand.Β  I want to eat pani – puri just right now that too the street one not in a hotel. Thoda aage chalo bohot Accha stall aata hai.

Vansh (bowing down and smiling heartily) : Okayyy Boss !! as you say.

Angre was shocked and Riddhima burst out laughing again with Angre joining herπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

Angre : You maybe Boss everywhere but today I realised that my dear bhaabi is the Real Boss and now you both will hAve a boss. I can see the terror of bhaabi in your eyes.

Again started laughing again. Vansh was very happy and content. They stopped over a pani-puri stall.

Riddhima : Namastey Bhaiya, 4 plate pani puri mere liye laga dijiiye with extra spiciness. And Angre give your order also

Vansh : Riddhima 4 plate is too much that too spicy, I won’t permit you for this.

Riddhima : Excuse mee !! I have not asked for your permission only πŸ˜†.

Angre : Sahi baat hai πŸ˜† . Bhaabi you’re the best.

Vansh gave death glare to Angre and Angre hid behind Riddhima. πŸ˜ƒ

Angre : Bhaabi I’m with youu,Β  I will also eat the same what you ordered.

Vansh left with no option had to accept it. They had pani-puri and sat back in the car.

Riddhima :Vansh let’s take ice-cream also for night.

Vansh: No Riddhu abb bas kar. I’ll get it tomorrow.

Riddhima made very cute and angry face. Vansh was smiling to see her wifee’s cuteness πŸ˜™.

Vansh : ok finee,Β  we’ll take your favourite and what else do you want?

Riddhima (Very happy) : let’s got to the store I’ll decide there only.

Vansh : then directly V.R. Mansion.

Ridhhima : we’ll see !!

Vansh sighs happily and Angre was also very happy. They took whatever she wanted and went back to V.R. Mansion. After few days Ishani is exposed and she accepts her mistake and everyone is ashamed of her. She apologises to Riddhima and others. Vansh was about to punish her but Riddhima forgives her and exclaims that she want to start afresh with Ishani. Everyone were extremely excited to welcome new baby.







So people, if you like it want to read more than do comment down below. I loved writing the OS. Do tell me if you want it to be continued. Thank youu so much 😊. 

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