Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 4 (Episode 6) BY ZAIMAL

Both were starting at each other, swara’s wet hair were shelding their faces.sanskar’s phone ring tone bring them back in real world.

“Sorry!…”swara muttered with fast beating heart,gets up while sliding her hair back.sanskar also gets and attends call.

“Yes Dad..we are coming.”he said while walking out.swara looks at him leaving,with confusing face.sanskar stops at door and looked back at her with raised eyebrows.

“What are you waiting for?.”he asked in annoyed voice.

“Why the hell he is annoyed every minute.”swara thought,annoyed with his tone but gives him a sheepish smile.sanskar stares at her smile as trying to know reason behind it then shakes head and leaves.swara quickly goes after him.


Maheswari mention

“I won again….Yahoo!!!”swara danced in sitting position.

“You are very lucky… therefore you won”ram said with smile.

“Grapes are sour…”swara laughed.

“I will make you loose in drinking….wait a minure”ram said in serious tone and calls his servant.

“What if Mr.psycho came to know…”swara said while giggling.

“Don’t worry….he will be busy”he said to swara then look at his servant.

“Bring one bottle vodka and ten glasses”

“If sanskar baba came to know about this I will loose my job..”servant said in scared voice.swara laughed loudly,keeping hand on mouth.

“If he is your boss then I am his boss… nothing will happen to your job,go now”ram said shaking his head.servant nodded worriedly and left.swara was still laughing.


Ram and swara were talking when sanskar entered in study with strong steps.

“This much time to bring one bottle of…”ram said without looking,who came but stopped quickly seeing sanskar.swara looks back and saw same servant behind sanskar.

“You got free from your work?..”ram asked in surprised tone.sanskar sit on armed chair around the table they were sitting and gasture servant to put things on table.servant puts things on table and leave.swara and ram looks at table.


“I thought to have a drink with you.”sanskar said with mysterious smile.

“YOU!!!…”ram said in shocked voice then looked at swara who was looking at him with suspicious eyes.

“Why can’t drink with me?…”

“Why not?… pleasure.”ram said happily.

“But I have one condition…if I won you will not drink again.”

“I knew it”swara said in her brain.

“You will do business deal with your father.”ram asked with raised eyebrows.

“Only because you don’t understand any other language..”sanskar said while filling small transparent glass with vodka.

“Fine if I won then you will never stop me.”ram said in serious tone.sanskar shrugged.

“No one can make me lose in drinking.”ram said in challenging tone.

“And i Never lose..”sanskar said. swara rolls her eyes at business like attitude of both father and son.

Both picks up glasses and start drinking them in on gulp.swara slept during the long war between father and son.someone shook her from shoulder,she looks at sanskar and gets up while rubbing her eyes.she looks at ram who was sitting with sulking face.

“Who won?..”swara asked while yawning.sanskar ignored her,moves toward ram and make him stand,keeping his arm around shoulder.

“I can walk myself…”ram said in drunk voice.

“I know….”he said and makes him walk carefully.for one second,sanskar felt dizzy and he staggered.both were going to land on floor but swara holds ram and their balanced stabilzed again.swara and sanskar looks at each other and swara slowly removes her hand which was on sanakar’s hand.

“Thank you swara otherwise my front teeth would have got broken today.”ram said in delima.swara who was looking at sanskar without a blink,looked at ram and burst out laughing.sanskar shaked his head and makes him walk.swara also match their paces,still laughing lightly.

“I am serious..thank you”ram said,seeing her laughing.

“Your welcome…”she said giggling.sanskar looked at her smiling face for some moment but moved his gaze before could have catch him.

Swasan reached Ram’s room.sanskar was making ram lay in bed when his foot slipped and he fell on ram.swara pressed her lips quickly to suppress her loud laughter.

“What are you doing son?….do you want to break weak bones of this old man”ram cried like a child.

“Sorry Dad…”sanskar said, gets up and corrects his coat.swara’s small small laughters were reaching to his ears.he looks at her angrily but she was unable to control her laugh.he mutter some curses and walks toward door.

“Sanskar drop swara home… don’t send with driver,it’s not safe”ram ordered before knocking out.

Sanskar released a suffering sigh,shut his eyes tightly then opens it to make his vision clear.

“It’s okay sir…I will manage”swara said in soft tone while naughty smile was still playing on her lips.she tried to leave but sanskar stopped her.

“I will drop…”he said and walks out.

“sir you are drunk…”she quickly goes after him.

“I can drive and no more argument…”sanskar said in strict voice.swara makes face at that and shut her mouth.both came out.sanskar opens car door to sit behind wheel but swara’s voice stopped him.

“I can drive..”swara said with slight hope that he will keep his ego aside for their lives.

“I don’t trust woman’s driving capabilities…”sanskar said in rude voice and sit inside.swara shakes her head,goes and sit beside him and quickly put seat belts.sanskar holds the steering wheel tightly and start the car.swara was saying prayers under her breath and keep on looking at sanskar.

“Stop looking at me….”sanskar said in annoyed tone.

“Sir please don’t talk…focus on road.”swara said in pleading voice.sanskar didn’t answer her and jerks his head to control the dizziness but after some time,he lost complete control on himself and hit car on tree.swara shriked in scared voice and covered her face with both hands.after sometime,she slowly removes hand slowly and look at sanakar’s hand on her.he had kept hand in front of her so that she should not fall to the front.swara looks at sanskar with wide scared eyes,her heart was still beating fast as if it will come out again.

“Are you fine?…”sanskar asked in worried voice.

“Sir I told you…. don’t drive it’s not safe but you didn’t listen.”swara said in scared crying voice.sanskar looked at her pale face and came to know in seconds that she had seen accident first time.he silently comes out and start walking,they had just covered 20 minutes distance and swara’s house was at 1 hour distance.

“Swara you are fine…sir is fine so no need to worry”swara thought in brain inhale deep breath,comes out from car and goes after sanskar.

After 10 minutes.

“Sir where are you going?..”swara holded sanskar shoulder,seeing him going in wrong direction.

“My home…”sanskar said pointing in one direction.swara holds his hand and corrects his direction.

“Road is there…not there”

“There are two roads and that road leads to my home.”sanskar again point in wrong direction.swara looks at his direction where a shopping mall was touching the sky.

“Sir do you have double vision?…”swara said with smile understanding everything.

“No my vision is clear….”sanskar said in stubborn voice.swara rolls her eyes,opens her bag,takes out a water bottle.she takes some water in hand and moves her wet hand on his face softly.she moves her thumb on his eyes carefully.

“Now..where is another road?”she said while turning his face to front with hand.sanskar sighed she was right.swara giggled and start walking.he matches with her steps and walks with her.swara removes her high heel during walk and walking bare feet.sansjar looks down at her bare feet with narrowed eyes for few minutes then holds her arm and picks her up in arms silently.swara’s heart jumped from her place.

“I..I can walk” swara said in stammering voice,not able to understand what just happened.but as usual she didn’t get any answer.

After reaching home he made her stand on ground and looks at her.she was looking everywhere but not at him.

“Upstairs…left hand 3rd room….Jack will drop you in morning”sanskar said in soft tone while moving her hair strand from cheek with back of his hand.swara’s eyes snapped toward his but he didn’t wait for her reply and walked inside.swara was freezed in her position.

“Swara no need to think anything…he is drunk and is not going to remember anything in morning”swara warned herself when weird thoughts started coming in her mind.

“But…”she again thought while touching her cheek,a smile touched her lips.

“NO SWARA!!!!!”she loudly to make herself hear it and walks inside,trying continuously to shut her mind.


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