Are we destined for each other?????(Breaking The Wall!)

A: Do you feel so?

S: I don’t mind, now that we love each other, I think it is better without this.

A: Ok( She keeps the pillows aside)

S: If you don’t mind, can I ask you something?

A: Sure

S: Why do you need a pillow to hug?

A: Nowadays, as I didn’t sleep properly, I won’t get sleep even if I want to. So, whenever I hug someone or something, I feel secure due to which I could sleep properly.

S: So, why do you need a pillow? I will hug you.

A: You?

S: Why? Any problem with me?

A: No! Not like that.

S: Then?

A: I..

S: It’s ok, we are now married, we love each other, then what is the problem?

A: You will feel like I am using you, rt?

S: Why should I think that? It’s a wife’s right to stay with her husband. No law is against it. Then why should I be?

A: Don’t drag law here. The truth is that I am shy to sleep with you.

S: You’re not shy to kiss me that morning.

A: You didn’t sleep, that day?

S: After waking up, I usually stay on the bed closing my eyes. I do not wake up that fast.

A: Ok

S: Now what excuse will you bring up?

A: Nothing.

She lies on the bed. Slowly, he comes and hugs her. She moves her hand. For the first time, she didn’t feel uncomfortable. It is the secure feeling which she never got. It’s different from the way she got from the pillows. because it is not imaginary, it is real. She loved it a lot. Even he. He is feeling it for the first time. They sleep peacefully after many days. Her hug – it makes him forget everything. His hug – it reminds her that she is no longer alone.


The alarm clock rang, but this time they both woke up together.

S:  Can I ask you something?

Anika nods her head.

S: Can I kiss you?

A: Why are you asking it? You can do it even without asking my permission.

S: Really?

A: Yes!

Shivaay kisses her cheeks. The kiss made her feel something – in her language michmichi. She loved it. But she never knew why he had some special powers. She did believe in love – it is not a magic but a reality. She loved being in a man’s arms for the first time. Yes, it is true that she loved him but she never dreamed this. For the first time, he loved holding her in his arms. She was an addiction, which he never wanted to come out of his life. He never knew such a day comes in his life, because he literally wanted to be a bachelor. But anyway fate brought these together. Anika gets up and,

A: Mr. Oberoi, not going for work?

S: No!

A: Why?

S: You’re not well so I thought I will take care of you.

A: I can take care of myself.

S: I know, that’s why you literally went like this,(acts to faint)

A: Don’t make fun of me. That day, I kept a fast so I fainted.

S: So, anyway I am going to stay here.

A: But I am not. (Takes her cloth from the cupboard)

S: Where are you going?

Anika gets inside the bathroom and locks the door.

S: Answer my question?!


Shivaay’s POV:

Where is she going? Should I accompany her? No, that would be wrong. It will be intruding her privacy. She is also having friends. I should never come in between these things. She won’t like it. So, what should I do? But she is not well. She came yesterday from the hospital. Should she go out? Maybe she may get a different environment which comforts her. Should I follow her? No, that’s not a good idea. I am not a stalker and not a possessive husband. She will think that I am pointing at her character. What will I do then?Return back to office. I literally miss mom. How will I talk to her? There is no use of telling her sorry. What will I do?I will go back to office.

Reluctantly, he goes to the office. After she notices him going to the office, she literally gets out of her hiding place. She has some doubts on something wrong between the ideal mom and son. She needs to know it. After having her breakfast and medicines, she goes to Pinky’s room. She stands near the door.

P: Pinky Ma, can I come in? Is this what you want to ask?

Anika nods.

P: Come in, Ani. You don’t need to ask like these questions to me. You can directly come in.

A: Pinky Ma, can I talk to you something? It’s something mature.

P: Mature?

A: See, I was never told by my parents how love is expressed or not. Is sleeping with your husband because of love?

P: (laughs) Is this what you want to ask?

A: No, not only this. Did I do something wrong?

P: No, absolutely not! Sleeping with your husband cannot be expressed just as love. Love is not only expressed when two partners sleep together. It’s when they become one. It’s when they both are ready to accept each other’s happiness, anger, relationships, priorities, etc. Both of them should understand how much each other consider for them.

A: Shivaay changed a lot. Usually, I feel so he is hiding something from me. Since yesterday, I have this feeling. Is it good if I ask him?

P: You can ask. He is your husband. His secrets should be yours too.

A: What if I am sure he won’t tell? Will you ask what is bothering him?

Pinky becomes silent.

A: Pinky Ma, what happened when I was at the hospital?

P: Ani.

A: Ma, I need to know the truth.

P: It was when you were at the hospital. (She tells her the entire incident)

A: Pinky Ma, he is literally sad because of this. He talks to me as before and will talk even if this won’t happen. He already had the guilty before. It was his mistake and he knows it. He did it because you’re important to him as me. Not only you,but this whole family. He is ready to do anything for this family, whether it may cause harm for him or anyone else. His priority is our family. That moment, he didn’t think about me, he only thought about you. Ma, you’re lucky to get a son like him.

P: I know it, but how will I react when I see you like this? Even I am a wife, a daughter-in-law as you are, should I allow this injustice on you?

A: Ma, I understand your state. What we all did in our situation is right. No one is wrong. I just want you to talk to him as before.

P: I will talk to him, but how?

A: I have a plan.

She tells the plan to Pinky which is muted.

What is the plan?

For those, who feel confused on Anika’s behavior: Anika was never told how people express love by her friends. She just knew what she sees in movies and reads in books. She is in that world. 

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