Over-Controlled Wife! (Part 1) TS – Two Shots

Anika was brought by her parents in such a way that she never used to have her own wishes when it contradicts her parent’s wishes. She only acts on her parent’s order. But her sister Gauri is just opposite of her. She always thinks whether her action is good or bad and then acts. Even though, Gauri tried to advise her sister, not to follow her parent’s instructions badly, but Anika doesn’t pay any heed to her talks. She believes her parents does everything for her. But what she doesn’t know is that her parents are possessive about her.

Anika’s parents got her married to the Oberoi family’s eldest son, Shivaay Singh Oberoi. Financially, her family is having more income, but otherwise his family lives more happily.  Even after they got married, Anika had always been on her parent’s side. Even she never cares about what Shivaay wishes for. Shivaay couldn’t hold this anymore, so he changed into a different place rather than his house, by giving the reason of handling the business.

Even there, Shivaay couldn’t handle her tantrums. She used to even doesn’t care about his reputation. She was like a puppet in her parent’s hands. Her parents were not only possessive on her, but also has inferiority complex to his family. At last, Shivaay lost all his patience and asked for divorce from her. He loved her, but she doesn’t even consider him. It was on their 15th anniversary of their first meet, she felt something bad. Their divorce case was still going on.

It was then, Anika felt her actions were wrong. She asked her parents who told her that she was never wrong because she listened to them. Something in her was telling her that she is wrong. 

At last, she asked Gauri who told her where she had gone wrong.  That’s when Anika understood her mistake and how she was lucky to have him as her husband. She felt guilty for not considering him. It’s not that she never loved him. She loves him before itself?

It was when Anika and Shivaay were in college, they used to love each other in such a way that anyone could understand that their love was flawless. But after studies, Anika and Shivaay split off, due to their different choice. In between, it was found that she was suffering from a weak heart. Her behaviour of only living for her parents started from that day.

It was then Anika felt like killing herself for hurting her love. Will asking his forgiveness be the solution? Will he forgive me? I have already freed him from me. Then, he can live happily with someone else who deserves his love.

She went directly to his house, the flat where they used to live. She knocks on the door. He opens it. They both look at each other. She could see his weak body, while he could see a weaker side of hers. She hold his hands and,

A: (cries)Shivaay, I am sorry. I don’t really deserve you. It’s your luck that I left. I have made a lot of mistakes. I have insulted our love. I have insulted the beautiful relationship we had before. I broke your happiness, your heart. I shouldn’t have followed what they said. I should have thought before doing all these. I am sorry. Pls forgive me.

S: Our relationship has ended. I don’t think so it is of any use if I forgive you or not. You can live your life and I will live my life. Don’t disturb me. I don’t care about any mistake of yours. Whatever you have done, you will suffer for it. Pls get out.

A: I am sorry. I just came for asking your forgiveness. I am not asking for a second chance to rectify my mistake. I know I was rude, cruel to you, but pls forgive me. I am sure,it was my mistake that I obeyed them. I don’t deserve such a person like you. You’re someone one great, otherwise if it was someone else, what they would have done to me. You never raised you hand against me, not even once. Not even when I raised my voice against you. I am really sorry.(she fold her hands)

S: You can go.(closes the door on her face)

Anika cries and breaks down. Behind the door, even he was breaking down for speaking to her like, she became the old Anika. Anika who belongs to him.

She literally pulled herself to the house where she was cheated, the place where her so – called parents are living. She knocked on the door. Her parents opened the door. They smiled.

M: Come inside, Anika

A: Don’t call me that anymore. I am not your daughter. Why did you do this to me? I left my Shiv for you. I left my everything for you. You separated me from my life. I doubt whether I am your daughter itself. Why? I was treated like a trash bin by you people. Everyone says whatever our parents say, it is for our good. But my parents were never like that. They only thought to satisfy their selfish needs.

F: Ani, who told you all this?

A: Why do you need to care? At least you could have at least remembered even you people were married. What if anyone of your parents say like this? I am wrong, I listened to my parents and it destroyed my life. It is better to die than live like this. It was I who allowed myself to be kicked like a football. When I found out that I had a weak heart, you people promised me to take care of my happiness.But instead, you made me feel so broken that I regret being there for you people. My sister was sensible. She knew what was her life for and priorities. She is living her life to the fullest. And I who listened to you people is breaking up each moment. Don’t even come to me anymore. Even if I am dead, don’t even come near  my dead body.

M: Don’t even say like that Ani, pls listen.

A: Not a word anymore!

Anika goes near her car. Suddenly everything blackens out. She was about to fall, but someone holds her.

Who was it?

Do you need a sad or happy ending for this story??

Anyone has any doubts about Anika’s character???


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