Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 4 (Episode 5) BY ZAIMAL


Sanskar was working in his office when his phone started ringing,sanskar picks it with left hand while his right hand was still working on laptop.

“hello!…”he said in busy tone.

“sir! my head is paining a lot.can i take leave today/..”swara’s pleading came from other side.sanskar’s fingers stopped at laptop,,he removed mobile from ear and looked at his wrist watch.which was tied on his right hand and again put mobile on ear.

“good after noon swara….”sanskar said while smiling.

“NOON!…”swara said in shocked voice and looked time on mobile.

“sorry sir!…i….”swara said in embarrassed tone but sanskar cut her.

“there is a note on your side table,read it,drink black coffee and start cleaning”he said in serious tone,coming back to his normal behavior and cut the call.

Swara looks at side table and picks up note.

“i should not have said sorry…’she said while making face and falls down on bed,hugs her pillow and pull cover up.

After one second,throw covers,step down and walks toward kitchen.

“black coffee….”



“did we come in right house?..”sunny asked in whisper,seeing the clean house.

“i am thinking…’pari muttered back then saw swara sitting on couch up side down and run toward her.sunny goes after her.

“hello!…”pari said jumping beside her excitedly.swara looks at her smile then her smile vanished,seeing them wet.

“why are you two wet?…and…oh no!”

she jerks up and looks at wet floor.

“i just clean the house..”she said in terrified voice.sunny and pari looked down at their mud covered feet.swara looks at them angrily.

“what?…its raining outside.”sunny said,shrugging.

“really?…”swara said,gets up and walks toward window.

“do you have played cricket in rain?..”sunny asked loudly.

‘no..”swara said while moving cover from window.

“we are going…you want to come?”pari said excitedly.swara looks back then excitedly run toward them.

“cricket….”swara said excitedly.


“just great…”sanskar said in annoyed tone and take out his phone.

“She is not at home…I am coming back”sanskar said and turned to leave and saw swara coming toward him while running,sunny and pari were running after her.

“I don’t know anything… don’t come without her”,ram snapped like a stubborn kid and cut the call.

Swara who was very happy to reach first,stopped all of sudden,seeing sanskar and her face which had turned crimson due to excess laugh,turned worried.

Sanskar looks at her from top to bottom,she was  complete wet,hair were tied in high pong tail but few strains were waving around face.

Sunny who was running after her,pushed and touched door.swara fell on sanakar’s shoulder because of push.he holds her from arms,swara’s heart beat reached to maximum speed.she cursed her faith and steps as her cheek brused against his.

“Sorry…”she said in low voice while stepping back and their eyes met for a second but swara diverted them quickly.sanskar released a deep sigh and looked at sunny.

“I am first…five hundred” sunny yelled happily and extend hand in front of swara.

“Bhaiya you pushed swara di and she fell on him”pari throw daggers at him.swara was also looking at him angrily.

“What?….his arm didn’t get broken by holding you…you not fat..chill”sunny said,seeing them.swara’s mouth get open a little.

“Ignore…ignore”pari said to swara.

“Good evening sir…”swara said ignoring sunny.

“Get ready…you are coming with me.”he said in impassive tone.

“Where?…”she asked in confused tone.

“Dad wants to meat you…”

“Uh… why?”

“I don’t know…ask from him”he said in annoyed tone with her questions.he said giving her his phone.

“Keep it away from your face….it shouldn’t get wet”

“Speaker….”swara said after looking at him with several blinks.

“My five hundred..”sunny said impatiently.

“We will discuss it later…”

“I don’t know anything…give me my prize.”

“Not now…”

“I want it…right now”sunny said being very stubborn.swara sits down keeps hand on his mouth and hold him near her.

“Sanskar you can’t do one thing…I just told you to do one thing for me.”ram started before swara could have said anything.

“Hello Uncle…”swara said while giggling.

“Thank God swara…it’s you.quickly come with sanskar,I want to have chess game with you.i can’t digest my defeat….this time I will win.”

“Uncle it’s…um too will come back.”she said in little worried voice.

“Don’t worry..sanskar will drop you”

Sanskar looked at phone with narrowed eyes and thought”am I her driver?”

“Okay..”swara said,cut the call and returned to sanskar.

“You are not going anywhere without giving me five hundred….”sunny said removing her hand.

“Five hundred for what…I reached first.”swara said with narrowed eyes.

“I touched the door first… therefore I won.”

“When there is some problem at my home…my daddy says..’let majority decide.'”

“Fine…I won”sunny said and raised hand.

“I won..”swara and pari quickly raise hand.

“I have two votes….. chocolates.”swara said and forward hand.

“You are my sister…”sunny said in delima.

“Bhaiya before your sister I am a girl….”pari said in very calm tone.swara laughed,sunny keeps chocolates on swara’s hand and leaves angrily.

“Bye..”pari said cutely to swara and run after sunny.swara gets up and opens the door.

“5 minutes…just need to change the cloth.”swara said to sanskar and runs toward her room.sanskar looks around the house and smiles.


Sanskar was checking emails when lights went out.

“What the hell?…”he said getting up.

“Sirrrrrr!!!!…”swara’s stretched voice, touched his ear.

“What’s wrong with lights?…”

“It happens after will come after 5 to 10 minutes….ouch!”

“Careful…I turning on flashlight.stay there”sanskar said but before he could have do something,she strikes with him and both fell down on couch,just then lights came. They were looking at each other without a blink.




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