Love Is Beautiful Emotion SEASON 4 (EPISODE 30) BY ZAIMAL

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They hear throat clearing voice and comes back in their senses.swara quickly pulls herself back and looks toward door.sanskar also looks in voice direction.swara steps down from counter and literally runs from there,forgetting pain in feet.sanskar looks at her then at ram.

“i didn’t see anything…i just came here to drink water”ram said with smile and walks toward fridge.

“then i don’t think there is need to explain anything…i will just go and sleep”sanskar said with same smile as ram and walks toward door.

“if you didn’t tell me anything then tomorrow you will get engaged to kavya.”ram said in warning tone,seeing him leaving with uncaring attitude.sanskar closed eyes,released a sigh and turned toward him.

“fine…..i will explain.”sanskar said in composed tone.all ram smiles in triumphantly.

“but don’t think i am afraid from your threat….i am adult,you can’t force me for anything,seriously so dramatic”sanskar said,shaking his head,pulls chair and sit down.ram slapped on his back,goes and sits on sits opposite to him.



Ram knocks at swara’s room door and entered inside.

“good morning…”

“goo…good morning”swara stammered,seeing him and quickly get straight.ragini also greeted him.

“did you sleep well?..”

“yes uncle…”swara said while fidgeting her fingers.

“don’t ask anything about last night…..”swara worriedly thinks in mind.

“don’t worry!…i will not ask anything,sanskar told me everything.”ram said and on chair.

“what he told you?..”swara asked in suspicious way.

“he told me that you don’t wanted to tell anyone about you two therefore he was rejecting every girl”

“i didn’t want to tell about US?…what about us?”swara asked with wide eyes.

“why don’t you want to get marry?…”

“i don’t want to get marry?…”swara keeps her index finger on herself.

“i know your father don’t agree for it but you should have told me…i would have talked with him and made him agree.

“when did he talk with dad?….”

“no need to act in front of me,sanskar told me everything.he also told me you helped him to make girls run away…..but i am really happy that you two are together.”ram said happily,pats her head.

“what is he saying?….why didn’t you tell me anything?”ragini muttered in swara’s ear angrily.

“i don’t anything myself…which story he told to uncle.”swara said through greeted teeth.


“what did you say to uncle?…”swara entered inside sanakar’s room with angry red face.sanskar smiled after hearing her voice and looked at her in mirror.

“i knew it you will come.”sanskar said and continue to make a knot of his tie.

“what story you told you uncle?”swara said angrily.

“which you used to tell to my dates…”

“how can you?….do you think its a joke? what if my father comes to know about it.”

“dad didn’t told you he is going to talk with him today only….off course to make him agree”sanskar said,correct his knot and turns toward her.

“huh???…”swara dazed after hearing it.

“you know i was thinking that dad is not going to leave this marriage topic and you know i don’t want to get marry………so lets make a deal”

“what deal?…”swara narrows her eyes at him.

“let’s get marry…..”sanskar said,stuffing his hand in pent’s pockets.swara looks at him without a blink.

“just like you did acting of my GF in same way do acting of my wife….”sanskar said as it was not a big deal.he just asked for a candy.swara closed her fists in anger and open her mouth  to say something but sanskar don’t  let her.

“i know we should discuss about your conditions….you can come office at 10 instead of 9.don’t come on Saturday and don’t like your cabin because of one side mirror right?…..I will change your cabin and you can go for shopping twice in month for…(takes time to think) 8 hours….happy?”sanskar said in nonchalant tone.

“I already knew it he is crack…”swara thinks,holds her head and shakes it in disbelief.

“Do you want something else?…you can tell me i will accept it also “sanskar asked like a innocent baby.

“I should have done this long back…”swara said through greeted teeth and removes her shoes and holds it in hand.

“What are you doing?”

“I am thinking to knock some senses in your brain….what do you think of marriage,is it a joke?”swara said point her sandal at him.

“Put it down…. otherwise…”

“Shut your mouth otherwise  I will literally break it on your head.”swara said in warning and raised her hand to show him,she can really do it.

“We can talk about it right…I think I missed something.”

“You are psycho but I am not….I want normal marriage,a loving caring husband and a lot of children…..”swara said,telling him her future planning happily.

“find someone else for your stupidity”swara said with twitched nose,wears her shoe and turns to leave but sanskar holds her arm and pulls her back in back hug.

“I agree with your conditions…”sanskar said in soft deep tone.

“What…what condition.i didn’t put any…”swara stammered at sudden change of tone.

“I agree with your one condition to take care of you and as far as I know…i am taking care of you from the first day of your joining.”sanskar said as his lips touched her ear shell.swara breathes heavily as his hot breath was fanning her neck.

“And I agree with your condition to love you..”Sanskar said in husky tone,moving his one around her belly and pulls her close to his chest,removing every possible distance between them.swara close her eyes,felling his touch.

“And I agree to your condition of having a lot of children….11 right?”

Swara felt like his lips smiled on her skin while saying that.

“I meant to adopt a lot of children…”swara said shyly.sanskar makes her turn toward him slowly.swara didn’t find any courage  to look at him.

“I don’t mind of our own…” Sanskar whispered in ear and place a butterfly kiss on her cheek.swara cheeks flushed red after hearing him.

“You are shameless…”swara said keeps hand on his chest,pushes him back and runs from there.sanskar chuckled,seeing her running from there.


Swara runs out from sanskar’s room with fast beating heart and strikes with ragini and kavita.

“careful swara…”ragini  and kavita said in union as they staggered back a little because of sudden encounter.

“so…sorry”swara tucked back her hair,trying hard to control her head beat.kavita looks at her red cheeks and unsteady breaths.

“is there something you need to tell us?”kavita asked in suspicious tone.

“no…nothing.”swara shook her head vigorously.

“its mean there is really something you should tell us….”ragini said,knowing her very well.

“you went to talk with that psycho then what happened?”

“don’t call him psycho…why are you calling him like this,you don’t have right to call him that.”swara said,getting possessive and slapped ragini on shoulder.

“ohho!…”kavita said in teasing tone while ragini glares at her while rubbing her shoulder.swara bites her tongue and quickly runs toward stairs.

“SWARA!…”both shouted and run after her,following her on stairs and down in hall and outside of house.



“swara breakfast is ready…come fast.”kavita shouted from outside but swara said nothing in response.

“uff this girl!…ragini please look for her where is she? breakfast is getting cold,she will make me warm it again.”kavita said in irritated tone.ragini nodes and goes to swara’s room and hears water falling voice from bathroom.she sighed and turns to leave but stopped after thinking something,sits down on bed and start waiting for her.swara comes after sometime.

“morning…”swara greeted ragini with bright smile and walks toward mirror,removes towel from hear,rubs them a little and put on chair and picks up brush and starts combing while humming a song.ragini stares at her in mirror,anyone can tell she was really happy.

“swara can i ask something…if you don’t mind”ragini said in hesitating tone.

“ask…from when you started taking permission from me.”swara said,puts back brush and picks up beautiful White pearl earrings which were matching to her dress.

“”do he really loves you?…”ragini said there was hidden worry in her voice.swara was wearing bangles in her hand,stopped for after hearing her and turned toward her.

“you should ask do i love him or not?…”swara said chuckling.

“anyone can tell after seeing your face…therefore i am asking about him.”


“are you sure swara!… he love you this much that you can spend your whole life with him”

“i think so….i mean he is so confusing all the time,sometime it feels like he don’t love me,he troubles me so much and sometime it feels like something is stopping him but i always felt something special for me in his eyes and you only said,he takes care of me a lot”swara said,there was a small smile on her lips as she talked.ragini gets up and hugged him.

“i am really happy for you….”ragini said honestly.

“okay now i am getting late….you don’t know,he becomes angry bull when i reach office late.”swara said while breaking hug and turns toward mirror again.

“you are already late…its sticking 9:00am”ragini said to increase her knowledge.swara just smiled that time swara’s phone started ringing.

“when did you change his name from ‘burnt bitter gourd’ to ‘sanskar'”ragini asked after picking up phone and looking at screen.swara quickly turns back and try to take her phone bit ragini moves it back.

“you didn’t answer..”ragini said while teasing her.

“ragini please give me my mobile.”swara said and walks forward to take it but ragini runs outside.

“ragini!…”swara shouted and run after her.

“take it…”ragini offered swara phone while both were standing opposite to each other,across couch.swara forward her hand but ragini throw it at her back.

“my mobile!…”swara cried,thinking about it landing on floor and getting break but kavita catches it.

“kavi you are sweet friend…you are not devil like her.please return it”swara said sweetly to kavita but she shake her head side to side and runs.

“call will get disconnect…”swara cried in helpless tone while running after kavita.both tease her to the core and when swara was going to cry,they felt pity and give her phone.swara snatch mobile,runs toward her room.

“where are going?…talk in front of us”both shouted,seeing her running but before they could have done something,swara locks the door.

“hello!…”swara said after stabilizing her unsteady because of running too much.

“how much you take time to pick up call…”sanskar said in little annoyed tone.

“my friends were not giving me mobile…sorry”swara said in apologetic tone,goes and sits on bed.

“why?…”sanskar asked with frown.

“leave it you will not understand….why did you call?”

“why did you tell send jack back?….who told you that you can have day off today?”

“i am taking leave today…… i told jack to pick me up at 12am”swara said in normal tone.

“what?…..are you mad? who comes office at 12?”sanskar asked in shocked voice.

“you know someone told me yesterday that he can accept my any condition therefore i will come office at 12 from today”swara said meaningful tone.a smile touched his lips,remembering their last moment and he laid back on chair with ease.

“That person said you can come at 10 not at 12”

“But I want to come at 12…”

“better than coming at 12…don’t come.”

“okay then i will not come office from today.thank you so much sir,bye”swara said and moves mobile little far from her.

“kavita i am not going office therefore i will do breakfast later.”swara shouted to make sanskar hear and quickly cut the call.

“what? you can’t….hello?…swara?”sanskar said after hearing her instruction to kavita but call was disconnected.

“this girl..”sanskar muttered while looking at screen.swara laughed loudly while thinking about his irritated face.


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