In love with angel – Ragsan- Part 8

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hi sissy’s….. here with next part

Diya was sitting in her company. But she was lost in her thinking of how to manage money.

Diya: till now I’ve saved 1.50 lacs. I’ll use them, but wat abt remaining money.

Kav: hey Diya. Where u lost? It’s lunch time. Let’s go to canteen.

Both r sitting in canteen. Diya shared her prob with kav.

Kav: I’ve 20k. I can help only this much.

Diya thought and something flashed her.

Diya got up from her table.

Diya: hello frnds. If u all don’t mind I wanna talk with u all something.

All nod.

Diya: rite now we r having lunch. Have u ever think how we r able to get this food? Who help us?

Person: coz of my mom. She cooks well.

Per2: coz of our boss as he give us salary we r able to buy these and have food.

Per3: wrong. It’s all coz of farmers. They r only main reason for this. They do hard work. Coz of their effort we got this food.

Diya: rite. And if we think, somewhere one of ancestors were also been a farmer.

Per1: my grand father was a farmer.

Per2: my grand father worked in govt office.

Diya: he’s father?

That person called his father and asked.

Per: yes. He was a farmer.

Diya: exactly. We all r depended on farmers. So if they are in prob it’s our duty to help them.

She discussed her prob with them.

Diya: so frnds m msging u all my account number, in any way if u can help then pls do. If it’s 10rs also no prob.

All started to send money to her account. Soon it reached 3lacs including her money. She got happy and thanked them all.

All: it’s our duty. We felt happy coz of u today we helped farmer.

She got happy. She called Khanna. M transferring whole money to ur account. Keep papers ready. I’ll collect them this Sunday. She cuts call.

Khanna fumes as he didn’t want to return papers. But he left with no option.

It’s Sunday. Diya was driving car to her village. She was very happy. A truck was coming from front. She lost balance and hits to tree. it blasts, and she died at spot.

FB ends.

Ragini got sad listening to Diya.

She lost in thinking and that time only he met naradmuni ( it’s same situation when he explained abt earth to her, which was in earlier part).

She got more excited after that and decides to go earth.

FB ends. (This FB is of Ragini telling to sanskar)

(Now present)

Sanskar stood like unbelievable.

San: claps. superb, wat a story.? Let’s go to raja mouli. He’ll make bahubali3 on this story. do u think m mad? U can cook any story and I’ll believe. Atleast create normal story. U r such a lair. No one believe that a girl turns to idol.

He got sad. He got little angry.

San: how mad I was? I believed u. I even started to love u. I wanted to tell u once everything get sort out. Coz of u I got angry on my bestie jai. Coz of u I got against mehra, I cud have handled him If i was alone. Y u betrayed me? I had dream of marrying u. U broke my trust.

Ragini got teary eyed. She got hurt. Sanskar was telling this all turning back to her.

As Ragini got hurt she started to turn into idol. Slowly she was turning into idol from bottom. Sanskar turned and saw her turning into idol. He shocked. she turned completely.

Sanskar slowly moving towards her. He remembers Al moments with her from starting when she said abt father, and her home is heaven.
Sanskar hugged her crying.

San: m sry Ragini, I didn’t believe. M really sry. Come back Ragini, I can’t live without u. I won’t hurt u again. I’ll never think of hurting u. Pls come back.
I lost my parents in my childhood. I don’t have any relative other than a friend jai.
If u also leave me, I would b left alone. U only tell how can I believe such story. But I didn’t knew that an angel wud come in my life.

His tears drop on her leg. She again turned into human as sanskar told truth from his heart. She too hugged him.

Rag: pls sanskar, don’t create such a situation that again it’ll happen.

San: no Ragini. Never.

Rag smiled: if u love me then y din’t u Tel me?

San: everything got so messy. I thought to give u surprise after fixing everything. But before mine u only gave me big surprise.

Ragini hit him playfully.

They spend some time together happily. They decided to fulfill diya’s last wish.


They made plan. At night they slowly entered khanna’s home hiding from all.

Khanna was having drink. His goons were with him only.

Ragini was disguised as ghost.

San audible to Ragini: first time an angel turned into ghost.

Both laugh slowly. Meanwhile a goon was telling.

Goon: boss. I heard the lady from who we took her property last week has died and became ghost. Wat if she comes to us for revenge?

Ragsan who were listening to them.

San: wow. I think God is with us today. Ragini u know wat to do rite?

Rag nods. Sanskar goes to other side.

Khanna: I don’t believe in ghosts.

Rag in dangerous tone: after seeing also u won’t believe?

All turned to Ragini. They got scared seeing her ghost avatar. Khanna too scared.

Rag: u took my property papers. U left no choice for me other than suicide. Now I came here to take revenge on u all.

Khanna sweating badly: sry behen. We will return it to u.

Rag: m dead now how will u return.? I’ll take revenge from each and every one.
Main chun chun k badla lungi.

She laughed evilly. Meanwhile sanskar was searching for villagers property papers. Ragini kept all busy. Finally sanskar found all papers. He slowly signs Ragini showing papers.

Rag: u shud return papers to my home. Then only I’ll leave u.

Sanskar switched off the lights. Ragsan ran from there.

Khanna: someone go and see wat happened to lights.

Light came back.

Goon: boss someone switched off main switch.

Khanna ran to his room and saw all papers were not there. He got angry.

Next day ragsan returning all papers to villagers. All got happy and blessed them both. They thanked Ragini as she did wat she said.

Khanna arrived there with goons with full angry. He got down from car. Sanskar goes to him.

Khanna: how dare u to stole my papers?

San: keep ur mouth shut. I know that Diya transferred money to ur account. If I tell this to all then no one will spare u. It’s better for u to leave.

Khanna: m not saying abt these papers.

San: ??

Khanna: u took neighbor villagers papers also which I kept at one place only. Give them to me.

Sanskar saw back to take papers but he saw villagers burnt all papers so that again no one cud take. Sanskar gulped. And slowly looked at Khanna.

San fake smile: don’t wry. They also got saved from u. It’s gud thing only.

Khanna: now all r here. But I’ll not spare u for this.

He went back. Ragsan were happy seeing all happy.

Rag: Diya must b happy now as her work got completed.


Both happily reached home and saw home decorated. Ragsan got confused.

Rag: dad, Wats this? Y this arrangement?

Dad: u forgot? Today’s ur engagement. U go and get ready.

Ragsan shocked.

San: Ragini. Ever Diya told u that she’s engaged?

Rag: don’t know. I dint ask her abt that.

Both were not getting wat to do. Some girls took Ragini to make her ready. Ragini went with them looking back at sanskar.

Ragini (Diya) room:

Girl1: diya. U know. Boy is very handsome.

Girl2: u r lucky to get him.

Ragini smiles fakely.

Girls brought her to hall where all were waiting for Ragini to come. Ragini was bending her head down. She went and sat.

Dad: Diya. R u happy with this engagement?

She nods bending her head thinking of sanskar. She didn’t knew wat to do as she doesn’t know how humans behave.

Mom: if u want ask anything to boy u can ask.

Ragini was quite.

Mom: look at boy once.

Girls: look na.

Still she’s bending head.

Mom: look once. If u don’t like we break this engagement.

Ragini slowly looked at boy. She sees sanskar smiling at her wearing goggles sitting on chair in heroic style.

She smiles.

Mom: shall we break engagement (teasing)

Rag: no no. M ok with him.

All laughs.



gandharv raj: my daughters marriage with a human? an angel will marry a human? i wont let this happen.

done with this part.

do likes and comments..

love u all………….

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