Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 4 (Episode 21) BY ZAIMAL

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Sanskar stopped car in front of sunny and pari’s house.both kids were going to open door when swara spoke up.

“why did you stop here?…their parents will not be at home at this time.”swara said while looking at also nodded their heads but to their surprise,their mother came out from main door.

“she had told me that she will stay at home to receive kids.”sanskar said,opened the door and comes out.sunny and pari looks at each other,shrugged their shoulders and goes out.

“why did she go for a party today?..’swara thought sadly and looks outside.sanskar was talking with her while sunny and pari were running inside.

“what is taking so long?..’swara muttered in jealoused tone,seeing their talkings getting longer and longer.something burnt inside her when she saw them hugging as good bye greetings.

“i thought you met her first time just yesterday…”swara said in furious tone when sanskar sit inside car.

“hmm…so?”sanskar said while starting car.

“then what was that?..”


“nothing…”swara said and looks out from window.sanskar looks at her and smiled.

“God this middle class mentality…”sanskar muttered while shking his head.swara’s hand slipped down to remove her sandal but stopped seeing her house.

“swara!..”sanskar said but swara ignores him,opens door and steps down from car and starts walking toward house angrily.sansakr comes out from car quickly and holds her hand.

“are you deaf or what?…”sanskar said in annoyed tone.

“what do you want?…”swara snapped at him and tried to free her hand but sanskar holds her hand firmly.

“i was saying….”sanskar whispered softly while pulling her close a little.swara looks away from his face.

“give me the files…i know you must have completed them yesterday.”sanskar said,leaves her hand and moves back,creating distance between them.swara looks at him with jerk.

“what?….files?”swara said with red face and closed fists.

“yes…what do you thought?”sanskar asked with one raised brow.

“NOTHING…..AND I DIDN’T COMPLETED ANY FILE,YOU HAD TOLD ME TO GIVE YOU FILES IN OFFICE THEN I WILL GIVE THAT IN OFFICE ONLY….GOT IT”swara almost shouted at his face angrily,stamps her foot and leaves from there angrily.sanskar chuckled at her antics for a long time.

“crazy girl…’sanskar shakes his head with smile but his smile vanished next instant.

“what am i doing?…what’s wrong with me,teasing and troubling someone is not really me,God?”sanskar said to himself and moves his fingers through hair,feeling frstrated all of sudden with his own stupid acts.he looks at swara’s house,shakes his head,opens door of car,sits inside and drove off with full,getting more frustrated every second.



“how are you aunty?”ragini asked with smile while hugging shomi.

“i am good…how are you? when did you come from London?”shomi also hugged her back.

“fine…just came few days before”ragini said and breaks hug.

“come sit…i will ask maid to bring something for you.’shomi said while patting her cheek.

“no aunty no need of that…i just want to meet swara,where is she?”

“she is not here…”shomi said sadly.

“but i met her yesterday with some kids and…”ragini was not completed when shomi cut her.

“and she was behaving like before….right?”shomi said with smile.ragini just nodded.

“sit i will explain everything…shekhar will also be coming any time.”


“you very well know…she met with such a terrible accident in london,even went into coma for one month.when she woke up,she had memory loss.she was not able to remember what happened in past 1 year and how she met with accident.doctors said,even a small stress can take her life.”shomi said while one tear rolls down from her cheek.shekhar keeps hand around her shoulder.

“therefore we shifted here in India,we had told her that we shifted here one year before her accident but she wanted to join office and she had come office then she would have come to know we shifted just few months ago because i was still shifting my business from London….therefore we send her way and when she will come back,everything will be set for her.”

“what are doctors saying?…”

“they are very less chances for her to remember anything therefore we don’t want to do any mistake by which she can get curious about anything….we want her to start new life here with a lot of happiness.”

“i wish i would have get parents like you…swara is so lucky,i am jealous”Ragini giggled. shekhar and shomi also smiled.

“but there is only one problem…i am just worried how is she managing things alone?”shomi said worriedly.

“aunty now i came na then don’t worry just give me her address.”ragini said while keeping her hand on shomi’s hand.



swara was pacing in her room angrily when door of her room gets open and ragini stepped in and keeps hand on her eyes.

“who?..”swara asked with smile.ragini giggled and removes hand,swara quickly turns back.

“you always caught me before…what happened now?..”

“i was just not in good mood…”swara said while making face.

“why what happened?..”

“am i look middle class from face?..”swara asked angrily.

‘NO…who said this to you?”ragini said while pressing her lips firmly.

“my psychopath boss….i just wanted to throw my all sandal on his head.”swara said in furious tone,removes her sandal and throw it forward in anger.

“WHAT THE!!!!….”kavita shouted while ducking down to save herself from shoe.rgini covers her mouth with right hand while swara covers her eyes.

“YOU!!!!….’kavita fumed in anger.

“sorry…sorry…sorry”swara said repeatedly while running toward her.

“are you okay?..”swara asked meekly while keeping hand on shoulder,kavita jerks her hand,turns and leaves from there angrily.

“kavi listen i am sorry…’swara said while walking after her.ragini first laughed loudly then goes after them.



“sir your coffee…”swara said while putting black mug in front of him.sanskar just ¬†nodded without looking at her.

“psychopath…don’t know what happens to him all of sudden,he was fine yesterday.”swara thought while narrowing her eyes at him,he was behaving like that from morning.

“anything else sir?…”

“no..”sanskar said in curt voice.swara nodes and leaves from there.

“didn’t even look at me…”swara thought while sitting in her chair and keeps face in her palm while her elbow joint was resting on table.she looks at screen sadly,all of sudden she lost interest in everything.



“swara! where are you?….everyone have come,you are only missing come fast,these kids are eating my brain”ragini said in irritated voice.

“one was less that she also came…GOD HELP ME!”kavita cried in her mind while looking at ragini,she was already finding hard to handle swara’s childish acts and now ragini was going to live with them.

“i am just coming…don’t you…”swara was speaking on her mobile while putting things in her bag but she was stopped for a second,seeing phone set ringing,which was placed on her table.

“don’t you dare to start match without me..”swara said on phone,cuts call on mobile and picks up receiver.

“yes sir…”

“come in my cabin right now…’he said in same curt voice and disconnect the call.

“finally want to speak with me?”swara said while putting receiver back and walks out from there.Swara knocks at the door and enters inside.

“you called me sir?…”swara asked,trying to be obedient.

“here take this…and whatever written on this,tell this to dad.”sanskar said while giving her a white paper and his own phone on which “dad calling” was displayed.swara nervously takes papers from him and keeps phone on ear.


“swara where is sanskar? why are you picking calls on his phone,now he will not even attend my calls?”ram said in furious tone.

“sirrrr…. forgottttt….hiss…mobileeee…innn….office”swara said while stretching every word slowly because she was not able to understand sanskar’s hand writing.

“what?..”ram asked in confusion.sanskar rubs his temple while cursing his faith.

“uncle sir forgot his phone in his cabin…i came here to pick some files and saw your call therefore i pickled it.”swara quickly said and looks at sanskar angrily.

“writing..”she mouthed to him while making worst face of world.sanskar points at page angrily.swara makes faces and looks at page.

“where is he?…give him phone.”

“wo…actually….he…”swara looks at page while making her eyes wide as possible but everything was passing from her head.

“sir your hand writing is so bad…uncle why didn’t you send him to learn hand writing…i can’t read it.”swara said in irritated voice.

“what is this word?..tell fast,uncle is waiting.”swara said while showing page to sanskar.

“give him phone…”ram said in furious tone.swara bites her tongue,releasing her stupidity.

‘…no uncle,sir is not here.he is gone for some work,he didn’t given a written page of excuses”swara said quickly,to make up while cursing herself badly.

“give him mobile…”ram said in very serious tone.swara looks at sanskar slowly,removes mobile from her ear and forward it to sanskar with tight scary smile on face.sanskar was throwing death glares at her.

“sorry!…’swara mouthed to him,he snatches phone from her hand angrily and keeps it on ear while throwing daggers at continuously.

“sorry dad!….”

“but dad…”

“at least listen to me….”

Sanskar was trying to speak but ram was not listening a single word.sanskar moves fingers through hair in frustrated way while listening to his father.

“swara if you love your life then run…’swara thought while seeing sanskar,she turned on her heels and runs toward door,she had opened it half when sanskar keeps hand on door and closes it completely.swara looks at him with wide eyes.


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