Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 4 (Episode 20) BY ZAIMAL

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“swara get up…why are you sleeping here?”kavita shook swara from shoulder.swara opens her eyes and gets straight in chair.

“AAA!…my neck”swara cried and rubs back of her neck.

“are you fine?…”kavita asked in worried voice.

“hmm…”swara nodded her head.

“get up and prepare breakfast…today is your turn”kavita said while smiling fully.

“WHAT!..kavi you know na i can’t cook,please prepare breakfast today”swara said in pleading voice.kavita shakes her head side to side and walks out from there.swara quickly gets up and goes after,pleading continuously.


“what is this?…again bread and jam”kavita said while throwing daggers at swara.

“omelet got burn..”swara said giving her sheepish smile.

“you don’t even to prepare omelet… also knows this much.’kavita said in angry mocking voice.

“i am a kid but i don’t how to make omelet..’pari’s chirpy voice,made them look at door.swara smiles fully,seeing her.

“how are you?…you know i missed you so much yesterday’swara said while sitting in front of her and pulls her cheek.kavita smiles seeing them but her smile reduced seeing sunny throwing daggers at her.

“what?..”kaviat asked with raised eye brows.

“can’t you prepare your breakfast yourself….why you keep on troubling swara di”

“i also make dinner daily for both of us,your swara di is not a princess who can’t even make breakfast.”kavita said in annoyed tone.sunny angrily takes two steps toward her.

“swara!!!…”kavita said loudly and gets up from chair.swara and pari looks at her.

“i am leaving for work…don’t forget to lock the house before leaving like yesterday”kavita said quickly,picks a bread and leaves from there,muttering continuously.

“i also have to get ready for office…”swara said while getting up and looks at kids.

“you two are not going school today?..”swara asked with narrowed eyes.both shakes her head side to side.

“why?…”swara keeps her both hands at sides of waist.

“we are going for shopping with partner…”sunny said happily.

“really?…”swara asked with disbelief.

“and he took permission from mama also..”pari said with bright smile.

“nany or mama?…”swara asked while looking at sunny with narrowed eyes.

“mom!…”sunny said looking here and there while scratching his head.

“good…now will you do one thing for me”swara said and holds sunny and pari hands in hers.both nodded vigorously.

“as you are going with sanskar sir fo shopping then keep him busy for 3 to 4 hours please”swara said in pleading voice.

“why?..”sunny asked while moving his both eye brows up and down.

“actually he gave some work to complete and i didn’t complete it till now.if he came to know then he will be angry,so just keep him busy and i will complete the work in office.”swara said meekly.

“but you are also coming with us……friend is waiting outside”pari asked innocently and sunny also nodded.

“what!…”swara asked being shocked.

“what is taking so long?”sanskar asked in annoyed voice while coming toward them.swara stands on her feet after seeing him.

“i told you to bring her quickly…we are getting late”sanskar said while looking at sunny.

“why…why should i come?.”swara said in confused and worried voice.

“how will i complete files?”swara thought worriedly.

“just because kids want you to come with them…do you have any problem?”sanskar said while throwing daggers at her.swara shakes her side to side vigorously,seeing his angry face.

“good…now be quick,we are already late.”

“who stepped on his tail today.”swara said in mind and hurriedly goes toward her room.

“when did we say,we want her to come with us?”sunny asked while keeping his both hands waist.

“why…you don’t want her to come?..’sanskar said,looking back at him with narrowed eyes.

“i want her to come..”pari said with bright smile.

“i also want her to come but when did we said that to you?”sunny was not going to spare him so easily.

“if you don’t want her to come then tell her to go office and work in mrs.smith cabin,no need to sit alone…”sanskar said angrily and walks out from there.

“did you understand anything?..”sunny asked in confused voice.pari shakes her head.

“i think mama made him very angry,he was fine when he came home.”pari said in thoughful tone.

“today you confimed you are my sister”sunny said in impressed tone.

“you had doubt about me being your sister?..”pari asked while looking at him with tears filled eyes.

“a little bit..i mean sometime you are so dumb…but now….”sunny was not complete when pari cried loud.

“SWARA DI!!!….”pari cried loudly,push him to side and run toward swara’s room.

“what?…”sunny said being confused at her sudden cry.



“i will be sunny….take care of pari”sanskar ordered her in his usual authortative tone and takes sunny with him.pari and swara looked at him then at each other.

“mad!..’swara said while hitting her index finger on her temple and both giggled.she picks pari up in arms and goes toward children section.


“did you buy the doll?..”sanskar asked while kneeling down in front of pari.pari nodded vigorously and shows him her doll then starts shwoing other things one by one happily.

‘what did you buy?..’swara asked from sunny while looking in his troll which was full till the top.

‘partner told me…i can buy anything which i like.”

“what is this?..’swara asked while picking one thing from his trolley and looks at it confusingly.

“i don’t know..i just liked it”sunny shrugged his shoulder.swara turns the pack and reads the usage of machine.

“what did you say to him?…buy anything,how can you allow such a thing to him,”swara turned toward sanskar angrily.

“he came with me first time,therefore i told to buy anything,what’s wrong in that.”sanskar said and shuffles sunny’s hair.

“if he wants to buy whole market you will buy that for him?..”

“yes because i can afford it…and why did you buy so less things for pari?”sanskar glared at her.

“they are kids,they will buy things which are not even useful for them,we can’t allow such things to kids”swara tried to knock some senses in his brain.

“oh God! this middle class mentality….you are forgetting that i am going to pay their bills,its doesn’t matter to me that how many things they want to buy as long as they like it.”sanskar said in annoyed tone.

“to whom you are calling middle class?..”swara asked with red face.

“no one is here except you,who have to manage everything in one pay…”sanskar in taunting voice.

“FINE!…let him take shaving machine so that he can shave pari’s new doll’s hair and i fully trust him,someday he will shave pari’s hair also in anger”swara said in furious tone,throw packed in sanskar’s arm and stands to side with crossed arms.

“please don’t let him buy that…i love my hair”pari said in horrified tone and touches her hair with both hands.sanskar looked at sunny with both raised eye brows.

“what? only said buy anything,its your mistake,i am just a kid.”sunny puts all blame on him.sanskar glares at him then looks at things in his trolly and keeps shaking his head.

“go put this back..”sanskar gives him one thing but instead of sunny swara snatches it from.

“brainless man…sending him alone to creat more problems.”swara muttered while putting packet in trolley.

“i am doing shopping with kids,first time in my life.”sanskar said while looking at her angry,pissed face.

“hmm..we shouldn’t leave children alone in mall.”she said angrily.sanskar nodded and pressed his lips to hide his smile,at her cute anger.

“and you…instead of buying clothes,shoes and videogames,you got these things to buy”swara said,holds his ear and twist.sanskar chuckles and tried to move forward but swara stopped him.

“where are you going?..’

“to put these things back.”

“hold pari’s hand…she will be lost in crowd.”

“i thought you were taking care of her.”

“i handling him hold her”swara said while twisting sunny’s ear more.

“aa!…its paining.”sunny cried but swara knew his acting skills very much.sanskar shook his head and holds pari’s hand and pushes trolley forward while swara walks beside him,scolding sunny continuously.


“you are very good in handling children….”sanskar said in impressed tone.they were sitting in front of changing room,in children section.sunny and pari had gone to try some dresses as swasan didn’t knew their sizes.

“i worked in children care center in london,where working women leave their children during work hours.i can handle every kind of know i just love children’s company and cricket therefore i want 11 kids.”swara blabbered excitedly without thinking much then stopped in mid and her face turned red,releasing what she blurted out.

“ALL THE BEST…”sanskar said while chuckling continuously.her face turned more red after hearing that.

“no..i..didn…didn’…that..i..i just thought of adoubting children”swara stammered with red face,looked away and cursed herself hard.

“hmm…”sanskar said in meaninful way.

“i..i will just come.”swara said and quickly gets up,so that she can run away and hide somewhere.sanskar holds her hand and pulled her back with jerk before she can escape out.swara falls on him in such a way that her both hands where on his shoulder and her hair were covering their faces from one side.both stares at each other while sharing a long romantic eye lock.

“dare not go anywhere…how will i find you in this crowded mall.”sanskar said while starring in her crystal brown eyes.swara nodded a little,removes hair from their faces,moves back and sit beside him again,silently.

“so you can handle every kind of kid…”sanskar said after five minutes of pause.swara just nodded.

‘thank God you are good for something”sanskar said in mocking tone.

“what do you mean by that?..”swara angrily turned toward him.

“i mean except arguing,disrespecting and back-b*t*hing your boss.”

“how can you say like that i never disrespected troubles me so much but i don’t do anything.just like today when you called me middle class,swear on God i wanted to break my sandal on your head with full force but i didn’t do anything like that only because i do respect you.”

“such a noble thought…”Sanskar coughed after hearing her blabbering but that was not enough,swara holds his face and make him look at her.

“and when did i argue with are so bossy,keeps on ordering all the time,did i ever agrue with you,just like in morning,you came and ordered me to get ready,if i wanted to argue then i would have said…..’sir how can you order me outside the office,this is my house and if you want me to come then wait,first i will do breakfats then i will come”…did i say anything like that,no i didn’t,i just came with you silently and still you are saying all this to me,can’t believe it”swara said and sits straight with pouted angry face.

“did you eat anything from morning?..’sanskar asked in calm tone while starring at her face deeply.

“no but did i said anything to you?…no na but you…”swara was by furious voice of sanskar.

“have you lost you mind…have you seen the time,its after noon”sanskar said almost shouted at her.swara moves back a little and looks at him with scared wide eyes.

“speak something..”

“how can i say something when you are so angry?…in morning also you were angry therefore i didn’t said anything”swara said in low stammering voice while looking down at his chest,not able to see his angry red face.sanskar closed his eyes and rubbed his forehead.

“go see where are kids…how many clothes you gave them,why they are not done yet.”sanskar said while pointing toward changing rooms.swara nodded vigorously and goes toward them hurriedly.


“i got 16 over 20 in my test…you should have seen my teacher’s face when she saw my marks.she even give “GOOD” also”sunny said happily.

“very good…”swara pulls his cheek while pari claps for him.they were sitting in a restaurant after ordering food.

“good is not enough…you have to get excellent in next test and for that you have work hard”sanskar said in serious tone.

‘but i am happy with these marks also..i never got this much marks ever in test”

“we should never get happy for less…we should always work hard for more then only we can succeed now promise me you will work hard from now on.”

“i promise…”sunny said with bright smile.

“he made him agree for study so easily….i can never do that”swara thought while looking at sanskar and smiled.he looks at her,feeling her heated gaze and narrowed his eyes.

“what are you starring at?..”sanskar snapped at her,annoyed with her constant stare.swara comes back in her senses.

“wo..wo..actually…”swara stammered while looking around worriedly then stopped seeing someone at his back.

“i will just come…”swara gets up and walks toward the person.she keeps hand on her shoulder and comes in front of her.

“ragini! are here! i can’t believe it.”swara said in shocked and happy expressions and hugged her.ragini hugged her back slowly.

“when you came from London?”swara asked while breaking hug.

“Juts few days before… are you?”ragini asked,her voice was filled with worry filled in her voice.

“i am perfectly fine……what will happen to me?.”swara said while chuckling.ragini stares at her without a blink.

At that time pari comes there,holds swara’s hand and sign her to sit down.

“one min?…”swara said to pari and sat down.

“friend is saying,food is getting cold..come fast,do your chit chat about new fashion later…….and he seems really angry to me”pari whispered in swara’s ear the exact words of sanskar.swara looks at her then back at sanskar,angrily and stands on her feet.

“who is she?…”

“i will explain later!…you have to come home because i want to tell you a lot of things.”swara said,hugged her.ragini hugged her back confusingly.swara holds pari’s hand and walks toward sanskar and sunny.

“I was not chit chatting about fashion…”swara said angrily while sitting on chair.sunny giggled

“what’s the need to say that to her?..that was between us.”sanskar while looking at pari with shocked expressions.

“sorry! you should have made clear that to me……what should i say and what not”pari said innocently.sanskar closed his eyes.swara was continuously muttering angrily.

Ragini was standing in same position while starring at them


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