Love, Hatred and Revenge (Ishqbaaz – Rikara Fan Fiction)- Episode 1

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“Mumma, Mumma!” shouts a little girl. The girl was almost having an age between 5 -6 years. She and her family are trapped in a really big house which is set on fire. She starts crying bitterly as she continues to watch her mother burning in the flames. From another corner of the house, a girl of age 9-10 years is seen calling out to someone: “Chutki! Where are you??! Chutki! ” Very soon, she sees the mother burning and shouts “Mumma! Mumma!” She notices the little girl calls out to her little sister: “Chutki! Chutki! Move away! PLEASE MOVE AWAY FROM THE FLAMES! Chutki! ” Chutki, paying no heed to her sister’s call, continues to cry…The mother whose burning in the red colored flames falls down to the ground, LIFELESS…

“ Mummaaa!!!!!”

Gauri woke up suddenly. She is seen to be sweating too much and breathing heavily. She keeps murmuring the word “MUMMA” in her lips. She gets away from the bed and goes on to drink a glass of water. She tries the best to make herself calm. She tries to recall the nightmare she saw.

It’s true that she saw a nightmare. But, it was a nightmare that happened for real in the past, during her childhood…

Her family was the only ultimate heaven for Gauri. Only laughter and joyfulness persisted in the Trivedi family. Mumma was her first best friend and Pappa was her first love. But their happiness was short lived. Her parents, Harshvardhan Trivedi and Shobhana Trivedi had unfortunately died in a fire accident in the Trivedi house. Since that incident, she lost everything in life; her beautiful family, her sweet home..She lost everything, including her CHILDHOOD…

But she believed that she didn’t lose her sister, Anika. She never saw Anika after the fire incident. But she had a strong hope that her sister was still alive. In fact, it was this hope that has led her to stay alive for another twenty years. If she had lost her Anika didi, then, she would have ended up her life….Gauri often used to be nostalgic about the old times; how Anika used to play with her and call her ‘Chutki’ lovingly…As every day passes by, Gauri goes to bed with the hope of meeting Anika someday. Her hope is still alive in herself.

Her life experiences have taught her many things; she learnt how to be kind, generous, loving, independent, hardworking and confident. Along with these good values, she also learnt another value…”HATRED”…

Yes, she learnt how to hate. Her bitter life experiences have ignited hatred in her mind. Well she hasn’t ignited hatred for all the people around her. She only has hatred for her enemy….BIGGEST ENEMY…

She doesn’t have many enemies. She just has one. And that’s the OBEROIS.

Her biggest enemy is the Oberois. You know why? It’s because the Oberois are the main reason for her parent’s death. It’s because of the Oberois that she lost her family, her home, her childhood and her Anika didi…

Her hatred for the Oberois has also ignited REVENGE in her heart and mind. She is silently planning on burning down the Oberoi Empire. She knows a lot about the Oberois. She knows very well about the brotherly bond shared by the Oberoi brothers: Shivaay Singh Oberoi, Omkara Singh Oberoi and Rudra Singh Oberoi.


Gauri felt relieved after she drank the glass of water. She felt much better. She then went on to go to the bed and sleep. As usual, she went to bed with the hope of meeting Anika and with the aim of destroying the Oberois…

Gauri is not silent. She is just waiting for the right moment…Just like how a tiger waits for the right moment to pounce on its prey….






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  1. Aleyamma

    You gave a totally different plot form the view point of Gauri which was not seen till now, since DBO went off air.
    It’s a good start!!
    Keep it going!!!

  2. ItsmePrabha

    Hmmm ..So A revenge plot.. Interesting..Looking forward to it..

    1. MaddieDaddie9966

      Thanks for ur valuable feedback!

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