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We are the OBros, Bhaiyya. It’s enough. We gave him enough time to accept and cry over his loss. We can’t loose him, Bhaiyya.” ~ Rudy lost his patience atlast. He could no longer imagine his “O” being like this forever.

Yeah, Rudy. We should talk to him. 3 years is enough.” Shivaay held his baby brother by his neck. “Why are you being a cry baby now? Your superman Bhaiyya is alive. Om’s two bros are here, right with him. What’s the need to worry? Since now, he had been like this becoz he let him be. Don’t worry. Oberois are together now, with our Om

They had their little incomplete conversation at poolside with chai in “kullad” while they remembered the days after they lost Gauri.

Oberoi Mansion slipped into extreme sorrow with Gauri’s demise. No one had more tears to shed. Annika was more in a shock, she never wanted to accept that Gauri is no more. The only person who didn’t wailed was Omkara. He couldn’t even weep then and always leaned against a wall looking at Gauri’s garlanded photo. ShivRu was besides him trying to soothe him but they were also helpless to extent. 5 days passed, Om remained in his room closed not even letting a ray of light enter there. ShivRu turns up and pleads to feed him a morsel. It was heartbreaking for them to see Om and Annika in such condition. Annika had whole family with her. ShivRu decided to bring Om out of his room, while a hand stopped Shivaay. ShivRu turned to realise that it was Tej. Surprisingly ya shockingly to the Oberoi clan, he advised them “Nahi Shivaay, Om won’t leave that room, that darkness on anybody’s saying. If we force him, Omkaara would come out not YOURS’ OM!! I think we should give him enough time to get out of this grief. He needs to cope up his loss, Shivaay… Let him be as he wants. The relationship they shared is of immense depth, HE NEEDS TIME NOW. We can support him for a while!” They found Om’s longlost father’s love brimming again evidently from Tej. So they never pressurised Om to come out from his comfort zone and stood by him wiping his tears which were so rare.

ShivRu was standing outside Om’s room. YES!! THEY NEED TO TALK TO OM. They saw Annika walking up to them. She is no more the chirpy Annika. Yes, she had Dabangg Gauri’s sister waala tashan in her but a lot changed. Now she successfully runs an event management company of her own from last 3 years. It was started about 1.5 months before Gauri’s demise.
Annika had come to call Om for breakfast. She knew he might deny others but it had been a week since Om had food with the whole family and Om won’t deny her at the end.

They all had breakfast together after a quite long session of convincing Om by Annika. After that, ShivRu tried to initiate a conversation with Om but he pushed it to afternoon, rather promised.

Shivaay was going through his files in Shivika’s room while Annika entered being slightly worried. He could sense all she have now is about Omkara to worry. He grabbed her wrist to bring her back from her thoughts and made her sit in his lap.

Annika ~ “Shivaay, Om!

Shivaay ~ “Sab teek hoga Annika. Don’t worry. Aaj hum donom baat karenge uss se.”

Annika ~ “He will understand everything, will change himself also… But he is left all alone in his life. His life is all vacuum now” (Tears made way as she completed her words)

Shivaay ~ (Wiping her tears) Om will never be alone in his entire life Annika. We all are with him.. The loneliness will also meet its answers… Om himself use to said All happens with time. Time will heal his wounds too.. This too shall pass Annika

They share a hug which was the ultimate solution to soothe themselves from the pain and problems in life.

While Bhavya was elated seeing the child in Rudra emerging again for Om.

Rudra ~ “Don’t know how to convince Om. I can’t see him like this more” His eyes teared up saying this..

Bhavya smiles looking at him while Rudra looks up confused by her reaction.

Bhavya ~ “You know Rudra, there was a time when I reprimanded about you being childish. But when that vanished all of a sudden, I felt as if you’re no longer that Rudra whom I falled in love with. You got matured all of a sudden to fill Om bhaiyya’s absence. Today, HE came again in front of my eyes for Om bhaiyya.. Don’t cage him again Rudra. Om bhaiyya will be Om bhaiyya when his dumbbell Oberoi do something to which he can smack your head and say Shut up” She also couldn’t help herself not to cry and hugged Rudra to pacify him.

Tej and Shakti went to office leaving ShivRu home to talk with Om.. And the three OBros was sitting besides pool with their feets immersed in water and holding their tea after exactly 2 years and 11 months.


A girl is cycling cheerfully with children and bid adieu to them as she reached her home. She get inside her beautifully designed home only to hug the most precious person in her life, her Father KIRAN MEHTA.

Girl ~ DAD!!!!!!!!

A man of 40-45 age owning a company, he is a joyful person who has been alone upbringing her daughter living along with beautiful memories of his wife.

Kiran ~ Ishu❣️

Her daughter, 24, his JEENE KI WAJAH, has completed her Master’s Degree in Business administration from London Business School. She has a great admiration for traveling hence utilised most of her chances to travel the places her father allow. She had no complaints with life other than the question ‘Why did God left her sweet and handsome papa all alone to look after her by calling her mother to him??” But she asked it too with a smile becoz her father never created a situation which would bring a tear to her eyes.

Ish ~ So Dad, what’s vacation plans??? I have whole 5 month’s to enjoy..”

Kiran ~ Guess what??? He had a smile guessing his daughter’s reaction.

She squealed in delight and tossed herself to hug him.

ISHANA MEHTA had always lived life to the fullest but one dream was to be fulfilled yet – VISITING HER COUNTRY, INDIA – which she couldn’t do since her childhood as her father never returned to India after ARCHANA MEHTA’S demise, her mother.

Ish ~ (With a doubtful face) “You’re accompanying me, right Dad??

Kiran ~ “Not really sweetheart. You know coming 3-4 months are going to be hell hectic for me. So..

Ishana instantly made a sulking face worrying her father but immediately hugged him with a puppy face ~ “Okay, but come soon as you get freed

Kiran ~ “So you’ll visit your dream place next week and I’ve made all arrangements regarding your stay.”

She knew her father would never compromise with her comfort and safety. For her, he can fight with the whole world and even plead. Even the daughter will go to any extent for her father.

Kiran ~ “What?! Stop staring me again now!”

Ishana let out a lovely smile and cuddled him from behind. She knows her father will be all alone without her. All she can depend is Randeep who is General Manager at their company but who is more than a Family friend of them who genuinely cared for their happiness and she was sure that Randeep and his family will be there with her Dad’s hectic business schedules due to which he will end up staying at office itself! That’s the sole reason she got permission for this vacation else she will end up alone in her home at night.

The father-daughter duo is having their long conversations regarding their days and discussions regarding preparing for the travel while Ishana is getting more and more excited with every passing moment.

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