I love you but I hate you more – 1 by suma

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Hello guys came with  new story I hope u will like it .

I will update I love u mrs.ragini Maheshwari and then will start updating other stories …but I want Ur support as I’m getting less likes in tellyupdates.

If you don’t read in tellyupdates pls mention I will stop updating here…bcz it’s difficult to update here for me still I’m doing this for u guys. If u ppl are reading in wattpad then I will stop updating here.

Inform me this should I update here also or in wattpad only.


A beautiful room is shown where a couple is making love and the room is filled with her moans.

” Lucky ” she whispered
And slowly he came beside her and hugged her.

” Baby, thanks for the night “

” Anything for you lucky “

He smirked and thought
I won the bet and made her mine today ” ?

Slowly she turned to his side and kissed his chest.

” Lucky , when will you marry me ? “

” Ragini…don’t you have trust on me baby “

” Ofcourse lucky…I love you to moon and back… These 3months of my love life is the best life I had ” she said

This 3months are the worst in my life…u took 3long months to fell in my trap baby ” he thought

” Lucky ” she called

He slowly caressed her cheek and came over her and covered bedsheet and again made love.

She pricked his skin with her nails on his back.
He doesn’t worried about the pain, more than the pain he is enjoying the pleasure she is giving.

He slept on her and she is brushing his hair from her hands and he slowly moved a side and slept.
A small tear escaped from her eyes and she wiped before he notice but it fell on him as she is sleeping on his bare chest.

He suddenly wokeup and cupped her face
” Hey what happened baby ? “

” Pata nai lucky …Kuch ajeeb sa feel hora hai …mujhe chorke math jao lucky Kabhi bhi…mei tum se Bina nai rehpaungi ” she cried

Soon he captured her lips and she too reciprocated to the kiss , in that kiss she feel so secure that she feel that he is making sure he doesn’t go anywhere leaving her. Slowly she slept hugging him tight.

But he felt he is doing wrong. He doesn’t know deep inside he fell in love with her. Before his heart realise the fact ,his mind played a game and he slowly left the place before seeing her a last glimpse.


3 years later

” Good morning mam , how could I help you ? “

” I’m here for interview , actually I saw an advertisement regarding the recruitment of PA for Mr.Maheshwari ” she said

” Your name mam ” receptionist asked

” Ragini ? ” A voice heard and she turned to the voice of the owner.

” Laksh ” she smiled.

“Hey Ragini…you here ? “

” Ha laksh …came for job interview “

” Oh ! Is it…I will look at your resume give me “

” Laksh Its not necessary  ” she said

” Riya , inform all the candidates interview is over ”
Laksh said to receptionist

” Laksh ! Please you don’t have to do this “

” Ragini..chup…I’m Mr. Laksh Maheswari is appointing you in this company “

” Laksh ! That means …”

” Yes ! Ragini…I’m Mr. Maheswari “

” But please interview toh Karo , if iam eligible for this job give me job “

” Ok ! Ragini as you wish “

Laksh took interview and appointed in his company
Ragini happily hugged laksh and thanked him.

” Toh treat ? “

” Chale ? “

“Hmmmm “

” Laksh you never said about your family and company, you are the owner of the company ???”

” No Ragini , I have my elder brother sanskar …Sanskar Maheswari  he is owner “

” Oh ! Ok chalo fast ayaan ko pick Karna hai “

” Oh! Shit he will kill me today “

Both went to pick ayaan and left to dinner


Precap – Entry of sanskar

Guys it’s a Ragsan FF so don’t panic…

I wish you will support this story too as u did till now .

Guys I’m getting less likes for other stories in telly updates …still I’m updating here…Silent readers do like of not comment. ♥


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