love is hard part 52

Hey lovliess, I am so sorry that I didn’t post another part yesterday, I was soo tired and I had so much work, so that’s why, but I read your comments. I wanted krishna to forgive saiyam because I didn’t want the upsetting and angry track to go on for so long, but if u want a track where krishna is angry at saiyam then please let me know, but now kishna will only make saiyam feel guilty, but not porously and I am sure that that’s a big enough punishment for saiyam, to see krishna in pain and all because of him and her state.

The episode starts in the hospital
Krishna: yuvaani so how did u wake up so early and come to see me
Yuvaani: I just thought that u will be getting bored because he doctors are not letting u come home,so I came to visit
Krishna: awe haan, there wifi doesn’t work either so I have nothing to do, anyways karan kahan hai
Yuvaani: he had to go to work early today, or saiyam
Krishna: he went to get breakfast
Yuvaani: is everything fine
Krishna: tumhe yeh sab pata ta
Yuvaani: haan saiyam ne kal muje sub kuch pata diya tha.
Krishna: hann everything is fine, I forgave saiyam because I could see his guilt in his eyes
Yuvaani: I can’t believe that yuvaan did this, he crossed all boundaries, krishna tumhe pata hai, saiyam didn’t want to hear any of his nonsense, but yuvaan forced him to look at the fake report
Krishna: haan he told me, he cried a lot yesterday
Yuvaani: but I am sure that he didn’t cry as much as u did.
(saiyam came back with breakfast but stayed outside hearing what yuvaani and krishna were talking about)
Krishna: yuvaani leave it na
Yuvaani: if saiyam saw the amount of pain u went through for these two past days, he wouldn’t bare it, u didn’t eat,sleep,talk to anyone, and krishna u just cried
Krishna: yuvaani he doesn’t need to know any of that ok, he is already in enough guilt
Yuvaani: guilt for what?? For not trusting u and falling for a fake report

A tear escaped krishnas eyes
Krishna: yuvaani tume ho kya gaya hai, y are u tryin to make me upset against your own brother
Yuvaani stood up and spoke in a louder voice
Yuvaani: krishna because i cant see u upset anymore, the only thing that u have been through is pain, the only happiness u went through is when u heard u are pregnant
Silent tears escaped krishnas eyes.
Saiyam was still outside listening to all this, seeing krishnas tears and yuvaani shout
Krishna: yuvani please, stop talking as if I am depressed all the time
Yuvani was shouting now
Yuvaani: okay, so tell me krishna rite now, that u are not hurt of how siayam treated u, didn’t call u, and didn’t trust u.
Yuvaani: I know that u cant lie, so if ur no hurt or upset rite now then tell me
Krishna: yuvaani talk a bit quieter, this is a hospital
Yuvaani: okay look my I am quiet now, tell me that ur okay and not upset
Krishna: haan yuvaani, I am hurt, I am upset, I feel like I have drowned, saiyam didn’t trust me, he shouted at me…..
Yuvaani: and nothing was your fault
Yuvaani hugged krishna
Yuvaani: krishna how do u keep so much pain inside u, If I was u I would have died with so much in me, I don’t know where your strength comes from krishna
Krishna smiled: the more in life u go through, the easier it becomes in life to handle things,
Yuvani: but will u not tell saiyam, how hurt u are because of him
Krishna: no, because I know that saiyam is also hurt because of his guilt. And I also know that saiyam is hiding all his pain away from me because its easy for him to, because of the savage past he has been through.

Saiyam felt like he just got slapped he couldn’t believe the amount of pain krishna was hiding from him. With him being her husband he was so useless. He was so shocked at how well krishna understood him
Yuvaani: krishna u are not doing the rite thing, he is your husdband, u cant hide ur feelings like that
Saiyam walked in knowing that he couldn’t stand there like a statue anymore.
Saiyam: she cant hide them anymore because I just everything that krishna wanted to hide
Krishna was shocked that he heard but yuvaani was somewhat relieved that saiyam unders5oof and saw the pain that krishn had been hiding
Saiyam sat down on the bed and held krishnas hand
Saiyam: why did u forgive me, if because of me u are still so hurt
Krishna: because I know that u are also being punished by ur guilt
Saiyam: nahi krishna that doesn’t matter, didn’t u think that If I find out what ur going through, how I would be. Why didn’t u tell me, why did u forgive me
krishna: because I love u
saiyam: no krishna u don’t love me, because if u did u wouldn’t hide so much from me, u would share your feelings with me.
Krishna: I am sorry saiyam, but look at how much u have through, u thought of yourself as an orphan for 20 years, then heard a bitter truth after that. I can’t see u in any more sadness saiyam
Saiyam: haan so this means that u hide it all and kill urslef with it
Yuvaani: exactly Krishna this is no accuse
Krishna: saiyam I forgave u and look I am not hiding anything anymore because u heard it all, toh ab problem kya hai cant we just end all this now
Saiyam: okay so if we end it all here, does this mean that all your pain will end to
Krishna put her down, and saiyam hugged her
Saiyam: krishna I don’t understand what I have to do for u to be happy again
Krisshna hugged back saiyam: just never lose trust in me again, to never leave me or be angry with me and to be happy
Saiyam hugged krishna more tighter: I promise that I will keep me and u and my baby happy, I promise I will never ever leave u or be upset with u
Krishna: I love u
Saiyam: I am sorry, I am really sorry; the only way I will be able to forgive myself is if u are happy
Krishna: toh look I am happy
Yuvaani: and I am happy to
Saiyam yuvaani and krishna hugged

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