love is hard part 53

Saiyam: now we need to deal with yuvan, and see why he did all this
Yuvani: I know, yuvaan krishna se pyaar karta hai
Saiyam: but he told me that he doesn’t like her anymore
Krishna: nai saiyam, voh he I have noticed that he is always trying to come near me and spend time with me
Saiyam: are u serious, why doent he understand that krishna is married to me and that u don’t like him
Yuvaani: patani yaar, he needs sence put into him
Krishna: haan per ab karna kay hai, he won’t stop trust me, when yuvaan wants something he doesn’t stop till he gets it
Saiyam: krishna but what kind of behavior is this, u are pregnant, with my baby, which world does he think he is in where he will get u
Yuvaani: exactly, I don’t understand this either, but saiyam u need to take care for krishna, she is pregnant and do u remember how yuvaan attacked saiyam once before
Saiyam: haan I remember that
Krishna: and do u remember how he through chili in your eyes, and sent goons after u aswell saiyam
Saiyam: I don’t care about me krishn , but if he looses his mind again and comes to u I don’t know what will happen .
Krishna: nothing will happen to me, because i know that u will save me every time saiyam
Saiyam took krishnas hand and kissed it
Saiyam: I don’t know what I did in life so great that I got u krishna
Krishna: mean either
Yuvaani: aweee so cutee, I am missing karan now
Saiyam: yuvaani is karan good with u
Yuvaani: haan karan takes such good care of me, he loves me a lot saiyam, he makes sure I have ate before I sleep and before he goes to work he leaves mea morning message on the side of his bed

As yuvaani said that someone walked in and winked at krishna and saiyam, yuvaani back was facing the door while he tiptoes inside krishnas hospital room behind yuvaani. He came and hugged yuvaani from behind and kissed yuvaani cheek
Yuvaani: aaaaa
Yuvaani turned around and saw karan
Saiyam and krishna smiled seeing their bond
Yuvaani: karan I though u were at work,
Karan: Haan I finished early and I knew u would be here to see krishna so I came
Saiyam: acha kiya hai, yuvaani has been giving many compliments about u
Karan: oh really.
Yuvaani blushed
Karan went over to krishna
Karan: how are u
Krishna: I am fine
Karan: krishna have u been crying
Saiyam loked at krishna
Krishna: haan voh bas
Karan: why whats going on, I have noticed that u all look tensed
Yuvaani and saiyam told him verything
Karan: I really cant believe this krishna, yuvaan passed all limits and is this what he calls love, love is like me and yuvaani, u and saiyam, trust, care, forgiveness, not hurting people like this
Saiyam: will u help us deal with all this and confront yuvaan to see what his issue is
Karan: of course I will, I wont let anyone get hurt
Saiyam: mean either karan u need to help us also protect your niece or nephew
Karan: yuvaan needs to be careful yaar, yuvaani told me how he went crazy and sent goons for u and then attacked u himself once as well
Yuvaani: exactly, hats why we all need to help eachother get to bottom of this
Karan: we will think of something, but till then just be careful
They all hugged each other

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