Love from black hole raglak – Part 12

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Ragini was ready to explore the village. Laksh was so mesmerised with her that he cant take his eyes of her. He was like a lost puppy. He knew he was falling too fast that too very fast without his consent afterall love happens without a person’s consent. Ragini asked laksh where they are going??? Laksh said they are going to a temple nearby which is an ancient temple nearbt n the temple built by the legendary king the Queen on whose name the festival happens there.

They decided to take a bullockcart to the temple. Ragini n laksh were standing behind the cart. He tried to lift ragini to make her sit on the cart. But ragini gave him a look n said i can do it by myself. So laksh climbed in n sat on the cart. Ragini was trying to get in but vain. She thought of using her powers to levitate her. But the villagers were standing nearby. So she made her puppy dog eyes n called on to laksh.

Laksh melted into her puppy dog eyes, he gave his hand to her n locked his eyes with her. Ragini was lost in his eyes. He slowly pulled her up n made her sit. They were so close Then ragini came to her senses n moved a little. This hurt lalsh. He thought maybe she doesn’t love me.

It hurted even more for her to move away. She thought i love you laksh but i cant say it to you. She subsided her feelings and smiled at laksh.

Lakshs heart immediately melted. He thought just for this smile i would do anything, i will even bring back the history for you.

He would indeed bring back the history. The history of them.

Back at the alien world

The eldest princess was getting more angry n furious at her sister flueferfoe(ragini). Why did u do this to me sis?? U know i love laksh still u tried to snatch him from me? Why? All i ever did was love you n everytime you repay me with ur cunningness by snatching my everything.

I let you snatch all but i wont let you snatch away laksh. Because he’s mine only mine. I dont know whether he likes it or not he’s bound to be mine. He’s mine. She threw away the ice miniature of ragini n laksh which was made by ragini back when she was in alien world.


Laksh saw bunch of flowers in the field he thought that it would suit ragini. So he plucked some and was making a crown of it. He kept it in his bag to gift her later.

The cart came to a halt before the temple. Laksh got down from the cart. He gave his hand to lift ragini down. He slowly pulled her n was holding her in his embrace….

The screen freezes on them.

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