Hoon mein jahan tu wo wahan – part 2

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Past a year ago,

I was looking at the way bus was travelling on, to say literally i was memorising the way. Its one of my habits i usually memorise the way i go. I looked at the birds flying in the sky  I sighed as a thought crossed my mind. May be its high time for me to start flying.

Laksh pov

I plugged in my earphones and started listening to songs. I was looking outside the window to see if there was anything interesting. But i found none. Asusual i was about to go back to my lonely world when i saw a similar bus passing by. We were at a signal. A feather came n fell on my face. I threw it away. I saw a girl straight to my window  who caught that feather she was closed her eyes n whispered something she then blew the feather away which was resting on top of her hand. Thr bus moved i then returned back to my lonely self enjoying my company.


Other side

Today i saw a feather near my window i immediately caught it n made a wish n blew it away. I then spoke to a senior nearby  I was thrilled by what i will find today.


The bus then came to a halt  i saw my college in my vision. Then i slowly came out of the bus after it halted inside. I made my way to the top floor where our classes were. I heard heavy footsteps behind me which was kind of irritating. I turned to see who it was. It was a guy he looked intimidating n was so taller than me. I sighed as i left space for him to go.

Laksh pov

It was the same girl whom i saw blowing on the feather. She is nothing new. She is one of those girls who looks sanskari but never acts like it. Maybe she will maintain it for a bit long. Till her cover blows up. Everyone is acting in this world. Nobody is genuine.



A girl was standing in thr balcony, she looked at the clear sky which was filling with dark clouds that will lead to a storm. The storm which was coming was nothing compared to the storm inside her. Why did i love u laksh??? Why did i fall for you despite knowing that you love someone else??? Why did my mind never think that you wouldnt love me back as i do? If it thought sooner then my heart wouldn’t have kept this much love for you. Which is increasing day by day inspite of the gift u gave me. The gift of eternal doom without ur love.

I have never been this much selfish before laksh, but still my heart needs you……


Hope you guys like this part will be soon with the next part

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