love at first sight [shot by ayath]part 2

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hi guyz am back with part2 am so happy tht u all liked my shot i promise if i get good comments i will upload today here it is…..
@next day morning
shakti; ha raj this is happy news
raj; i hought u wont interseted in this proposal
shakti; no raj am soo happy
raj; by the way shivaay will agree for this marrriage
shakti; don’t worry raj i will talk to him
tej; kyon hei
shakti; bhaiyya wo tej hei he offers a alliance

tej; for whom
shakti; shivaay
tej; hello raj am tej speaking
raj; haa tej thum kaise hoo
tej; mei teek hu
raj; i love ur son……iwish him to be my son in law
tej; its great news raj
raj; okay rej u speak ur son i will call u later
tej; okay bye
shakti; call shivaay lets tell him the matter
in america
tej; nandhini they agreed now we should ask our daughter

nandhini; wow but wht about our sweety
actually ziya is her nick name
another daughter entered the hall
dau; papa mumma
raj; u reached soo early
dau; no papa today am late
nan; leave all this matter lets discuss about sweety
dau; mom what happened to dii
raj; nothing beta i fixed ur dii wedding with oberoi’s
dau; wow dad what didii said
nan; we didn’t tell her
dau; mom i think she wont agrees
raj; no beta u call her…..
ziya on the line
ziya; hi my cutie howz u..
niyaa [nick name] is the secone daughter of raj and nandhini
ni; am good didii
raj; beta how’s ur vacation
zi; dad its too good am loving this place i don’t want to come back
nan; achaa beta u forget ur mom
ziya; no mom i didn’t but

i loved this place
nan; haa i want to tell u something important
ziya; wht mom
niya; didii wo kya heinaa
ziya; bolo
raj; beta u got a proposal from obeoi’s
ziya; she is shocked
what dad….

nan; yea beta they are very lovely family
ziya; no mom i don’t want to married with a unknown person
raj;plz beta for our sake
ziya; dad i want some time plz tomorrow i will tell u
she cuts the call
oberoi mansion
shakti; call shivaay
ser; yes sir
om is coming down
ser; sir shakti sir is calling shivaay sir

om; okay u goo i will call him
rudra also joins them
om; shivaay choti papa is calling u plz come down
shivaay om and rudra came to the hall others also gathered
taj; shivaay i want to tell u something important
shi; ha bade papa
shakthi; i want u to get married
pink; ohh my mata my billu ki shaadi

shi; no mom
shakti; actuaaly dad i don’t want this marriage
dadi; kya puttar are in love
om and rudra are eagerly witing for the answer
shi; dadii……….wo actually
om; what shivaay

shakthi; shivaay tell something
pinky; haa beta thum bolo
shi; he starts narrating his story were happenend in yesterday
sha; what is her name,surname, blood,and all
shi; dad i didn’t even know her name
om and rudra cupped their mouth
the great shivaay singh oberoi ki love at first sight tht too he didn’t see her properly
ru;what is this om
om; this is we called love at first sight shivaay never loved a girl like this but today he mesmerized by her beauty
sha; i cant agree for this
tej; ha shivaay we didn’t know u will see her again or not o u don’t have any option
dadii; ha billu she is a nice girl and i know their family very well
shi; dadii plz aap bhii inke sath hei
dadi; nahe billu i personally know that girl she is very loving and caring
shi; dadii plz i need some time so tomorrow only i can tell my decision
shivaay leaves oberoi mansion and came to park

anika was walking towards the park
he saw a cool boy was helping some old peoples to cross the road
anika; wow in my life first time am seeing a guy who helping others…..i want to talk to him but how….how can i see his face…she only saw his side but she imagines him in her mind
once he turned anika was soo excited too see him but tht time a girl dragged her towards the other side
girl; hi anika u here
ani; haree neha thum kaise hoo
neha is anika’s childhood friend meeting after a long time

neha; mei teek hui
when u reached india
ani; i will tell everything bt now i want to see someone
neha ; who
ani; i will tell u later
anika runs to the place …but the shivaay already left the place
ani; neha bcz of u i could see tht guy
neha; which guy
ani; he is handsome and very caring also
neha; u didn’t even see him properly but hw can u guess
ani; i guess it and u know aaj thak meraa guess galath nahe
ani[in her mind] if am marrying i want a guy like him bcz he is very caring to others so he will love me more than that and understands also but i don’t know tht………….
net day morning
shivaay came to the hall everyone are waiting for shivaay’s answer
dadii; shivaay what is ur decision
shak; haa beta thum bataoo
om; shivaay we always with u ……we never force u to do anything
shi;ha om i know tht but now my decision will make everyone happy so for my happy i don’t want to see my family in a sad situation so my decision is…..
dadi; ha puttar bolo
shakti; shivaay…

pinky;beta thum dil ke baath bataao
shi; wo…wo….mei..
tej; tell it
shi; thinks of tht ajnabee where he met tht day and sad with a sad face
shi; am ready for this marriage
om; are u sure
rud; bhaiyya don’t take ur decision in a hurry

sha; no rudra he thinked about the decision and decided
dadi; am so puttar ek baath bolo
shi; ha dadii
dadi; thum sache mei ready hoina[billu are u really happy for this alliance right]
shi; yes dadi he smile but in his mind full of tht girl
[who is tht girl any guess….guyz comment below]

anika already left to her place bcz there is some urgent job came so she left from india

in america
niya; where is diii
nan; she gone for morning walk
ni; dii naa ek dham impossible
nan; wht she do nw
ni; pap is angry
nan; why…early in the morning
ni; maa oberoi’s agree for this marriage but dii didn’t agree
nan; don’t worry beta i will talk to her
zi;good morning ma and niya

nan; gd mrng beta
ni; ha mrng dii
zi; why ur morning is not tht much good
ni; nothing dii
zi; thum bol na
ni; mrng itself papa is angry with me
zi;why u done anything wrong
ni; no ii…bcz of u
zi; meina kya kiya
nand; thum dono bus karo
zi; ha mam u tell me what’s happening here

raj enters
zi; good morning papa and she go to hug him
raj; but raj didn’t reciprocate
ziya understood the situation
raj; what’s ur decision
zi; about whom
raj; shivaay….. shakti ki beta…
zi; dad yesterday i said na i don’t want to marry
ni; dii are u in love
zi; no niya yesterday isaw a guy same like me i wish him as my partner
raj; if u knows his name tell me
zi; no papa i didn’t see him i juzt see him from the far
nan; thn, how beta better u agree this marriage for the sake of ur dad plz plz beta
zi; no mom don’t be sad

raj; then tell ur decision
ni; didi we wont force u bt u will take decision as ur not in love with anyone so better i think tht bhaiyya is good so just think and tel
nan; ha beta they are nice family
zi; i want my family to be happy so i decided to marry him
they all hugged her but in her mind[who is tht boy i wish i can see him once more ….am doing for my family sake in first sight am love with i dnt have any option bcz i dnt knw ur name,family moreover i didn’t see ur face also.]

so guyz this is for today… part will be upload tomorrow so stay tuned and plz plz comment
authors note; i cant live without u will be uploaded on thursday so….

precap; raj family is coming to india…bride and groom meeting bt shivaay doesn’t want to see her…..same as ziya does……they two think about the person

who is ziya and niya??
whom shivaay gonna marrying…..anika or ziya….somany twist and suspense are coming on the way
guyz plz share ur viewa…if any silent readers are there plz come forward and share ur views below…..

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