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Abhi’s pov:

An incident which happened 24 hours ago changed my life completely. I never thought dreams hav this much impact in the life whatever happened so far is because of that dream. Now I was exhausted I couldn’t open my eyes coz of my tiredness due to the long travel my tongue has stick to my jaw indicating i need water. I really don’t know whether I would survive it not. coz of me my loved ones lives is also in danger.Everything was fine until I got that dream. Few weeks ago I got a dream in which my chashmish was telling don’t believe anyone blindly and the person who believe u don’t deserve ur love and trust hearing that I started scolding her that she doesn’t who anything about that person and don’t dare to speak like this again and left the place in anger.At the beginning I didn’t take it seriously but I got the same dream frequently. Does it really trying to convey something to me?

I don’t know. I started to find answer for my question finally i thought to find it through spirit board as no one knows the answer for my question. Day before yesterday night making sure that tanu has slept I locked my room and took the spirit board from my cupboard.
I placed the board on my table switched of the lights and placed a candle near the board.suddenly the candle was lightened and started to glow despite of the wind which comes from my Window indicating there is a spirit near me. The conversation between me and the spirit was as follows. The spirit answered my ques by moving the coin on the alphabets of the spirit board.

Me: may i know are you a good spirit or bad spirit
S: no need to worry I’m a good spirit.
Me: is there any bad spirit here? ( The coin started to move and my heart beat skipped for a minute on seeing YES. BEWARE YOUR LIFE IS IN DANGER
Me: how can i believe you?
( Now I could hear the voice of the soul)

S: ok i will say what i want to say you itself decide who iam.
Aliya is not dead as you think she is alive and waiting to kill you.
Me: what ? If she didn’t really die on that day then was its her plan to fool me and tanu?
S: yes it was done to make u believe that aliya is dead
Me: Now i understood y that dream can often and recently whenever I enter tanu’s room at night times will be talking something by looking at the window and stop if she notice me I think tanu hav know this before and hidden from me as she don’t want to involve me in this and tried to protect me from aliya.
The spirit laughed aloud and said not like u think abhi its tanu who is helping aliya.

I was shocked to the core as the person who I consider as my sister and loves a lot is waiting to kill me.
S: listen I don’t have time aliya have found that u are talking to me she won’t let me to talk with you so I will say everything asap.
A vampire is always a vampire abhi at first tanu really wanted to take revenge but everything changed upside down when she used her powers to kill her mom. After using her powers she couldnt resists herself by changing into avantika. Aliya also found that tanu is the reason behind that she controlled her mind to be vampire always To her shock tanu itself gave aliya idea of acting to be dead after knowing u are their enemy.Avantika just acted on that day to make u believe her. She is not tanu anymore she is avantika a vampire who wants to kill you.

Me: why both wanted to kill me ? What happened in my previous birth?
S: They wanted to kill not only you but also few more people i wanted to tell u abt ur previous birth also which will help u to escape from them and destroy them but aliya is not letting me to speak be careful
That’s all I couldn’t hear anything after that I checked the coin on the board also it was still in the same place. The candle which was glowing starts to flicker and disappears. Suddenly the lights of my room turned on I turned to see avantika ( not tanu anymore) standing near my door and violet eyes changed to brown quickly when I turned.

Hai frnds I really don’t know whether this epi is nice or not. If I it didn’t meet ur expectations then I’m really so sry drs. I know many of u are waiting for abhigya scenes pls wait for few more episodes.Thanks for all the silent readers and commenters for ur support I really means a lot to me. I had not replied to any of ur comments im so sry .

Actually many ff’s are missing A nightmare on my b’day, love is alive wherever we are, and reji dr what happened to you guys pls be back soon. And asmitha dear i could upload profile pic due to some issues in my mobile sry for that.Thanks for reading pls drop ur valuable positive and negative comments.Bye drs see you soon take care..

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  1. I really love it dear pls update regular

    1. Rithu

      Thanks lucky dr I will try to be regular .keep reading

  2. Omg!!is aaliya still alive???….
    Intresting akka…
    Eagerly waiting for nxt part..

    1. Rithu

      Thanks sister. Ne endha oor da enna padikara?

      1. Na madurai…na B.sc.(maths) padikiren ka..

    2. Rithu

      Super nanum maths than da 2016 passed out.

  3. very intresting dr. waiting for nxt epic.

    1. Rithu

      Thanks lakshmi dr. Keep supporting

      1. Pls update nxt epic soon. or today itself. plsssssssssssssssssssssssss.

  4. Princesskrisha

    Omg super twist rithu loved it eager to know the previous birth dr

    1. Rithu

      Thanks my princess welcome.back missed u Keep reading

  5. Wow sema twist dear

    1. Rithu

      Thanks di dr

  6. Rithu

    Thanks sister. Ne endha oor da enna padikara?

  7. Monesha

    Omg…… you are just killing me by your awesome……. story . I am just totally out of world. I am loving it. You know I am really big fan of your ff. First of all plz forgive for my irregular comments. Truth is I am not even commenting right? So I am really sorry. Now only I came to this page and I read all the f2f and is which I missed. I hope you will understand me. Coz of my school I couldn’t comment or read anyone. Sorry akka but you are rocking……… keep writing and keep rocking. Waiting for ur next episode.

    1. Rithu

      Its ok monesha sis I understand. I’m happy that u like this ff. Thank you so much for sweet lovely comments it brought a wide smile on my face. No need to say sorry da ma .yeppo mudiyudho apo comment panna podum nalla padi take care. Thanks for the support and u also update whenever u get time we miss u a lot

  8. Suhani11

    Very interesting sweetie?I loved it.Update next part soon❤️❤️❤️Love you

    1. Rithu

      Thanks my cutie I will try to update soon. Luv u too

    1. Rithu

      Thanks dr

  9. Asmithaa

    superb yaar…

    1. Rithu

      Thanks dr

  10. CuteVanshu

    Interesting…plz post next part soon

    1. Rithu

      Thanks vanshu dr

  11. Interesting yaar tanu changed unexpected twist.so Aliya alive you can also make Aakash alive at any situation in an interesting way I am also eagerly waiting like abhi to know what happened in the previous birth

    1. Rithu

      Thanks minu for comment and idea
      Keep reading

  12. hi rithu sis…the story was super cool…i loved it. sry for the late cmnt. i am waiting to know his pre birth

    1. Rithu

      No need to say sry sis. I’m waiting for ur update

  13. Prathi

    I Hate Tanu!!! Nice epi dear soon Pragya will come yaay!!

    1. Rithu

      Thanks dr

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