love at first sight [part3]

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Dadi; shakthi come here
Sha; ha maa
Dadii; when they are coming
Shakthi; kyon maa
Dadi; raj’s family
Shakthi; they will reach here ….tomorrow morning only
Dadi; achaa puttan tell everyone to arrange everything
Shivaay was passing by there
Shi; dadii anything special tomorrow
Dadi; ha beta
Shi; oh oh anyone is coming
Dadi; yea…….ur future wife’s family
Shi; what they are coming here
Dadi; yes u have any problem
Shi; no dadii am just asked
[in mind]ohh god hw can I escape from this I have to do something
Dadii; billu what are u thinking
Shi; dadii tomorrow I have an important meeting
Om and rudra came to the hall
Om; shivaay I know u don’t have meetings tomorrow
Ru; ha bhaiyya we called ur secretary he said everything to us
Shi; ohh god my plan is failed
Om; shivaay u only agree for this marriage now what’s the matter
Shi; ha om bt that’s not aproblem
Om; then what
Ru; are u afraid to see bhabhi
Dadii; mera billu afraid nahe ho saktha
Ru; nahe dadii…..every boy is afraid of his lady love
Om and dadii laughs at him
Shi; rudra what are u saying
Ru; am saying truth only
Shi; I didn’t see her before then nw u r saying she is my lady love
Om; ha shivaay….it’s not rudra fault
Shi; u too r impossible

Later raj’s family reached india…..
Niya; wow after a long time
Ziya; haha u didn’t even see a single place here
Niya; ha diii but I want to see every corner
Ziya; ur dii is here…so I will show u every place
Niya; any romantic place here
Ziya; so many are there
Niya; ohh if I see om here I can go with him
Ziya; oh oh drama queen u cant come with me
Niya; no diii I mean like that place we should go with our partner
Ziya; I too agree with u dear… I don’t have abf like u
Niya; don’t worry dii shivaay bhaiyya is there na
Ziya; don’t take his name am already hate him
Niya; how can u dii
Ziya; its just like that only dear
Niyz; haa okay we will see
Ziya;btw u call om
Niya; why dii

Ishi; why dii…I want to surprise him
Ani; oh oh….ishi I also want to see him
Ishi; wait dii now we should see my jiju
Ani;jiju with a confused look
Ishi; ha shivaay bhaiyya is my jijuu na so……
Ani;hahaaha lets see
Om is calling ishaana but he could get her so he again and again tried her
He was soo worried he just sends a video message so she can see…….
Ishi got om’s message and she can feel his tension so she called him

Ishi; hello
Om; who is this
Ishi;is this zulfi singh oberoi
Om; ishu where are u I tried somanytimes to reach u bt ur no is unreachable
Ishu; haa om
Om; u gone to tour
Ishi; yes baby with my sweet family
Om; where
Om is hell shocked he could not utter a word
Ishu;hello om r u there hello…..hello
I think om fainted
Om;ishu seriously or u joking
Ishu; no om am saying the truth only
Om; no I won’t trust u….okay nw where r u
Ishi; airport
Om; achaa take one selfie and send
Ishi; ha baba okay….wait
She takes some selfies and send to om
Ishi; check ur phone
Om; ohh god thus ach mei india aayi…..
Ishi; thnk god finally u believe it
Om;okaycan I come to pick u
Ishi; no om
Om; why
Ishi; hum anika dii ke liye ek proposal aayi thi so we first go the place …..after tht I will call u
Om; anika is okay with this proposal
Ishi; no om actually she is doing for my parents sake
Om; achaa I want to tell u something
Om; my brother got one proposal
Bt he is also same like ur sister
Ishi; bt this time am with my parents side
Om;why ishi u always loved ur di na
Ishi; no om actually the guy is fathers friend son so he know him well…I want my diii happy forever
I know he will give her the happiness
Om; okay thts good
Ishi; om I will call u later I think driver came so bye bye omkarajii
Om; don’t call me tht
Ishi; wht omkarajii
Om; bye ishaaana didiii
Ishi; om……..before she can speak anything om cut the call she smiles
They are on the way to oberoi mansion

Oberoi mansion
Shak; maa they are on the way
Dadi; ha puttar I will check everything
Pinky; ma I done everything perfectly
Dadi; thanku pinky
Om; rudra where is shivaay
Ru; I don’t know om….may be in the room
Om; come let’s check
They too walk towards shivaay’s room
Ru; bhaiyya
Shi; was lost in his thoughts
Om; shivaay u lost something
Shi; came to his sense
Hi guys when u came
Ru; just now bhaiyya
Om; any problem shivaay
Ru; kya om tdy bhaiyya is little nervous
Shi; rudra don’t start again
By the way u too looking too good
Om; shivaay u didn’t even ready
Shi; whts the big deal om
Om; is matters shivaay
Ru; ha bhaiyya go and ready fast
shivaay is looking so handsome
ru; ohh bhaiyya this is nt ur engagement day
om smiles at them
shi; why duffer
ru; u look stunning
shi; ohh thanku
om; now lets go

anika’s family reached om
Everyone welcomed thm…they are talking…..later raj ask to dadi
Where is shivaay and other son?
Dadi; they will come after a while
Raj; okay they continue their talking ishu is controlling her patience
Ishi; dii where is jiju I want to see him
Ani; ishu thum 2min silent karo
Ishi; bt dii
Anika; hold ishaana hand and tighten the grip
Ishu understood anika is very angry so she remain quiet
On the way om get call
Om; guyz u continue I will come after this..
Shi; okay u carry on
Shivaay and rudra came to the hall
Dadii; haa mera billu aagei
Shakthi;raj he is my son shivaay
Ishi cant take her eyes from shivaay she is lost in his look but our anika didn’t look at him
Ishi; dii look at jijuu he is soo handsome
Ani; ishu …
Ishi; dii please look at him I cant take my eyes he is soo cool dashing
Anika; ishu thum chupkar
Ishi; dii if u don’t want to marry him don’t worry I will marry him
Anika shocked hearing this words by ishaana
Ani; ohh she looked at ishaana
She is lost in somewhere
Ani; ishu what about om
Ishu; om……why dii now ur telling about him
Ani; he is ur bf naa
Ishi; so what I like jiju
Ani; oh ohh ishu…I will tell this to om
Ishi; dii first I will show him to u then only u can complain na
Ani; ha
Ishi; bt nw I wont show him

Tej; he is my son rudra
Ru; ha uncle Namaste aunty
Rudra also doesn’t notice ishu
Our drama queen is lost so she also didn’t see protein shake
Later om enters to the hall
Tej; he is my 1st son omkara singh oberoi
Ishaana hears om’s name and look into the direction where m stand at the same time om also notice ishu

Ishu; phel gaya raytha
Om; ishu u here…oh god……phel gaya raytha
They too remembers their comment about shivaay and anika
Nw they are thinking all the incidents in mind

Om; so anika also not happy with this alliance
Ishi; so bhaiyya is actually shivaay singh oberoi ohh god I told everything to om

Anika noticed this and asked
What happened ishu why are looking tensed
Ishu; came back to her sense and said no dii nothing
Ani; u r talking toomuch about him now wht happened his brother is more handsome than him
Ishi; areey dii no aise kuch nahe
Shivaay gets a call and leaves from there
Ru;arey ishana dii I didn’t notice her and he walk towards her
Ishana stands and hugs rudra
Dadi; rudra u know ishaana
Rud; ha dadii I know her she is studying near my college
Dadi; achaa
Ru; haa om know dii well more than me and he smiles at om
Dadi; why more than u
Om stands forward and said
Om; dadii this duffer is saying something
Om; hii ishaana
Ishi; hi omkara how z u
Anika shocked hearing omkara and she understood the situation
Om; am good
Ani; hii om
Om; hii anika u looks so beautiful
Anika smiles at him ishana gets angry
Ishaana; bhaiyya u look so handsome

Shi; ohh thanks
Raj; shivaay beta meet my daughter ishaana
Shivaay shake hands with ishaana and confusedly looked at om
Om nodes his head
Raj; now she is my 1st daughter anika
Shivaay doesn’t want to look at her same as anika
Shivaay forward his hand bt looking at somewhere
Rud; bhaiyya look at didii
Then he looks at anika at the time he is mesmerized by her beauty
She is looking gorgeous in pink dress
Anika for the fisrt she also looks at him she is lost in his kanji eyes she don’t want take her eyes
Bt rudra disturbed them
Rudra; bhaiyya if u over ur romance come lets have dinner
They both came into their sense and leaves the place
Om; ishu thum here
Ish; om I also shocked
Om; I like ur surprise
Ishi; no om I thought tht bt this thing I didn’t planned
Om; achaa okay I like anika
Ishi; I also like bhaiyya
Om; bt we don’t know they too like each other or not
Ishi; haa om we have do something
Om holds ishaana hand
They too are very close to each other
Bt ur disturb hero comes their
Ru; oh ohh om thum romance kar rahe hei
Om leaves ishaana hand
Ru; ohh duffr ur timing is nt good
Ishi; no rudra…..achaa I want to hit u
Ru; why dii
Ishi; I thought u will tell everything to them
Ru;no didii I was just kidding
Om; ohh mera duffer
Shivaay came their
Hi ishu….hi bhaiyya
Shi; om is this the real ishaana ur gf
Ishi; ha bhaiyya nuy doubt
Shi; no dear
And he side hugs her
Om; where is anika
Hearing anika’s name shivaay getting angry
Anika was searching ishaana
Ani; niya thum kaa ohh
Ishi ;come here
Anika goes there and she saw om
Anika; niya mom calling
Ishi; ha dii
Rud; niya is ur nick me
Ishi; ha my nickname is niya….mera sister ziya
Ru;; ohh nice name
Ani; hii om I never seen u bt I heard lot of things about u
Om; ha ziya I also want to see u
Ani; nw we met….am soo happy
Om; am so glad tio see u
Ani; om u know ishi was praising ur brother more than u
Ishi; diii
Ani; no ishi u cant I will tell him
Ishi; haa didi u can tell him bt nt now
Om; what is the matter anika
Ani; wo actually
Ishi; didii look there
Anika saw shivaay …..She is muted
Om; anika tell….
Ani; no om nothing I will tell u later
Ishi smiles at anika
Ani; bye om rudy mom is calling us so we will meet later
Omru; bye anika dii and ishii
Anika just stare at shivaay and leaves the place
Ru; anika diii didn’t say bye to bhaiyya
Shi; so what rudra
Ru; I know u r feeling bad
Om; haha
Shi; just shut up
He leaves the place

After sometime anika was passing the corridor shivaay also coming the same way
They two collide each other and shivaay holds anika wrist by his left hand
After sometime he makes her stand straight and they share acute eyelock
Anik;woo sry I didn’t see u
Shi; ohh u didn’t see me
Ani; I said sry thn y r u fighting with me
Shi; ohh this is ur mistake nw y r arguing with me
Ani; ohh u r such a billu jaisa
Shi; hey don’t call me tht name
Ani; why u r like that only
Shi; ohh this girl naa impossible
Ani; u too imposible
Shi; ohh
Anika; bilkul billu
Shi; holds her tightly and said
Don’t ever call me that bname they were very close air also cant pass through them]
Anika billu ji plz leave me
Shi; anika I said don’t call me tht name
Ani; why billu ji
Shi; he leaves her hand and without a single word he leave the place
Ani; u r such a sweet billu I like ur attitude……I want to fight with u like this only nt one day I will make u a perfect man

Then scene changed to pool area were our youngsters are there bt shivaay is nt there
Om; now tell me what ishi said
Ani; woo om ishu I will say to him
Ishi; yea dii u can
Then shivaay came there nt he sigh om nd rudra not to tell his presence
Ani; ur bhaiyya came dowm naa
Tht tyme she was mesmerized by his beauty she was like hw handsome dashing cool
I asked about u bt she didn’t even listen ur name
Ru; by the way dii wht u think about bhaiyya
Ani; I don’t think ur bhiyya is tht much handsome
When I came to india I saw a guy he is so handsome
Om; who is he
Ishi; its funny thing om
Om; why
Ishi; she didn’t even see his face thn also she is praising his beauty
Ru ; areey wow dii…..
Ani; ha rudy I wish I can see him
Bt my fate is to see ur bhaiyya
Shivaay got angry and speaks
Shi; wht……if u want to marry him then go I don’t have any objection
Anika ;if I see him I will propose him
Shi; if tht happened its great
Ani; ohh please
Shi; I also see a girl nt like u bt I could see her face due to some problem
Ani; ohh god don’t make him met tht girl again
Ru; woo dii u don’t want to leave our bhaiyya with anyone
Ani; no rudra i don’t want tht girl go to hell…..
Ru;now dii u have to live with him
Shivika; no way
Omrushi;yes u too are going to marry
Ani; ohh god am marrying to this idiot
Shi; ohh u donkey\
Ani; u monkey
Om;wow what a show
Ishi; continue guys
Om;where are u going
Our rudra already slept
Ishi; I want to rest
Om; okay come with me
Ishi; ha let go
Shivika are fighting too much they don’t even noticed omisha left
Later shivaay keep his one finger in her lip
Anika was like awestruck with the sudden reaction of shivaay
Shi;plzz anika stop it I don’t know too many bad words so plz lets stop
Anika was laughing hearing these words from shivaay
They started talking…..shivaay falls sleep so he keep his head on her lap
Anika just look at him angrily
Shi; anika after some days we are getting married so I think u don’t have any problem when I kept my head on ur lap
Ani; no shivaay
Shi;u called shivaay
Ani; haa
Shi; just continue like that only
Ani; okay bt I want to tell u something
Shi; ha bolo
Ani;actually before wedding we should know each other like every matter
Shi; haa okay
Shivaay narrates his whole story to her like that she also tells the story to him[the unknown guy story and unknown girl story I mean they didn’t even know tht two persons are their only…after this epi I will let them to know]\
Shivaay sleeps in anikas lap so she caress his hair
Later she also sleeps………….

Dadii; billu…u and anika go fr shopping
Om and ishaana gone to some place rudra met his gf…..shivika romance

guys plz comment I have exam tomorrow tht too maths plz pray fr me

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