Anshi OS Takarar Ya Pyaar Samjhana mushkil hai yaar ( Episode 27) by shama

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Author’s Note : my dear friends thanks for all scolding and requests really I am low now so I don’t know whether this episode will be good or bakwaas please rate it.
Present Episode – Part 27
Scene : 1
@ Car
Priyanka closed her eyes and reminisced all moments with ranveer , when he gave hand to priyanka when she was hanging in the bus,when she was about to fall ,when he offered water to her,their fight … She wanted to end it in once she called him and says ACP Ranveer Singh Ranjhawa mujhe aapse milna hai after college and disconnected the call as she saw naina waiting for her with million of thoughts naina entered in both smiled at each other but fake smile because they both were disturbed from in .a certain silent prevailed
Scene 2
@ oberois kitchen
Anika and shivaay stood up holding their foreheads anika murmured kya banao sab ke liye ? Joh sabko pasand aage ?

Shiv: moong dal ka halwa sabka favorite hai but sweet free banana

Ani: she arranged everything and started she asked shivaay chaku kya hai ?

Shiv: chaku what language is this ? Anika can’t you say knife huh ? Chaku …?

Ani: oh ho choti wale knife ko chaku bolte hai billu ji … I mean shivaay mujhe dry fruits cut karna hai na !!

Shiv: OK haato yeh lo tumhara chaku ?he forwards it and anika moves her face backwards and slowly takes it and she started chopping on chopping board and some servants asked something to anika and she looked at and instructed them and she cuts her finger shivaay holded her her and saw the cut blood was oozing he said anika tum sambhake kaam Nahi kar sakti na … Dekho kitna deep cut ho gaya hai he takes her finger and licked it …anika was looking on ..
Nazdeek hai dil ke ,
Phir kyon lage milke ,
Jese ho Milo door WO,
Jasba hai anjaana ,
Mushkil hai samjhana…

Anika takes her hand back both looked at each other.
Scene : 3
@ hall
Omkara was somewhat relived that at least at last he could make an effort and make shivaay smile Rudra and sahana sat beside him with ?smiling faces
Om asked what happened ??

Rudra says : o shivaay bhaiyya aur anika bhabhi kya cook kar rahe hoge aapko paata hai subha se mere protein shake se patch up Nahi hua ..
Sahana: I think kitchen me generally log khana pakate hai but mujhe lagta hai iss waqt kitchen me khane ke alawa ishqbaazi toh Nahi pak rahi hai..
Ru: correct !!
Om : ?( looks somya going somewhere with rehaan ).
Rudra saw this and became jealous baby ?
Sahana saw this and stopped somya : taai kaha jaa rahi ho aap inke saath??

Rehaan: sahana actually aai called me and told to pick up somya….
Ru: pick up for what?

Rehaan : wedding shopping Rudra… He looked at somya holded her hand.. ( Rudra was just looking) and Rehaan asked shall we go somya.. She nodes
Sahana : taai Aur yeh cheapde no !!

Ru : in anger hits his hand on sofa and says Arrey isse shaadi ki kya jaldi hai I hate marriages.
Sahana tries to cool him down but om asks mujhe ek Baat samjha Rudra tujhe iss Rehaan se problem hai yaa shaadi ke concept se problem hai ?

Ru: mujhe na shaadi ke concept se hi problem hai husbands ki haalat dekhi hai shaadi ke baad kesi ho jati hai ?
Zehar zehar jesi Sahi ho toh sorry bolo, galat ho toh sorry bolo .. Stupid Questions ko face karna padta hai .

Sahana: huh? Stupid questions !?!? Her mobile rings and she takes leave

Ru: ladkiyo ka sabse favorite question main moti toh Nahi lag rahi hu ? Baby me Baal notice kiye?
Arrey 3 foot lambe baalo me se 2 ” Baal kaat lega toh kyon notice karega yaar,remote check karo ,password check karo, Instagram kar do Facebook kar do dates yaad rakho uski mummy ka birthday?meri Mummy ka birthday ? yaad rakhe yaar ,anniversary yaad karu ,first kiss ? yaad rakho Arrey yaar first kiss kyon yaad rakhta hai ise toh aacha hai main jaan de do aur bhaiyya ko dekho jaan de chuke hai

Om comes back to his senses and says huh? He keeps his hand on Rudra shoulder Rudra tu toh senti ho gaya yaar Dekh raha hai tu kitna roona chahta hai roo le Rudra roo…

Om gets a call from tulsi he says I have to go somewhere bye.

Ru: first Somo went now o went nobody wants me ?..
Scene 4
@ kitchen

Shivaay comes back to his bhagad billa avatar and orders that I will chop it you cook halwa anika nodes … She stirred her halwa and saw sugar free up on cabinet she thinks to take help but stopped as shivaay was angry she tried to grab it she raised on her toes and was about to grab the bottle when shivaay took her paalu and tucked it into her abdomen.. For awhile she was confused how to react she felt his touch and looked at him he said cook carefully your saree was about to catch flame. She was just lost in his touch and he was lost in her eyes….
When suddenly their noses anika said kuch JAL raha hai ? Something is burning…
She looks at her halwa and says Arrey mera halwa…
She quickly took it off from flame and served it…
Janvi : mummy I thought that shivaay is the best chef but after eating this I can say he loose..
Pinky: anika beta bhahut tasty hai shakti too agreed…
Dadi : kyon Nahi SHIVIKA ne banaya hai tasty toh hoga…
Rudra sahana shivaay anika reacts: SHIVIKA….
Sahana : wow dadi so cool couple name
Ru: shitia se toh far far far better hai…
Anika and shivaay looked each other
Scene 5
@ cafe coffee day
Omkara and tulsi was sitting with ☕ hot coffee..
Tulsi said thanks om for coming here
Om: its OK now tell me about her

Tulsi: om I want to ask you something that why you want to know about her ? What is she for you om?

Om: he takes a deep breathe and says look she is important to me you may not know what place she exist in my life like every normal relationship our relationship started with a base named friendship you know on our first meet we fought for an auto in conversation she said on phone to someone : oh hello ek toh wese hi omkara art gallery mili Nahi toh ghar jaa rahi hu aur toh mujhe paka rahi hai
Om was just looking…. She said ha baba yes I went but omkara was not there you know na I wanted to ask his good self to tie up with our NGo but he was not there .. I don’t know whether he would accept my proposal but still hope is there…

Om: oh so this is the girl who wanted to meet me .. Thodi angry bird hai but aachi hai.. He gets down and says don’t worry omkara Singh oberoi will accept it best of luck…
Next day we met and she was like tum I mean aap..omkara Singh oberoi mar gai she thought beta ishika ab toh tu gai huh ? She was scared I gave my introduction and she said she is ishika Singh not full name to me and I signed the tie up agreement and she smiled…
Slowly we started spending time with each other and I found that we both share a same thinking space when we became bestie so I don’t know why I used to share some special bond with her when I was with her I used to feel alive she used to take me out of my darkness and she would suggest me that riddhima is not good she is with you for name fame money I used to hate it …. Sometimes we would fight she was my best friend in mind he said or more than that i dont know so I need to apology to her .
Tulsi : only friend ? You don’t know that she loved to the core
Om: what ? What are you saying ishika never ever gave me a hint or expressed her feelings to me why ?
Tulsi: I guess because she thought that you love riddhima and she is not such girl to create a rift amid you for her benefit you know behind her laughter pain would be there … She says…
” gum me hasne walo ko rulaya Nahi jata,
Lehron ko paani se milaya Nahi jaata ,
Hone wale khud hi apna ho jaate hai ,
Kisiko keh kar apna banaya Nahi jaata !!”

And if you really want to heal her so OK I will help you call her family your family in oberoi mansion and I will bring her…
Think about it om till then bye she goes….
Ishana was present there in cafe and was crying she called ranveer and said don’t find your sister you are going to meet her tomorrow at oberoi mansion ..and she disconnected the call and thought of tulsi words ” she is not such girl to create rift amid you ” …
Ishu: I don’t deserve you om she ….she…deserves you more than me… She loves you and your soul and now I will quit but before it I will make you confess your love for her…
I know that you were with riddhima but it was a mistake and I know you didn’t love her to the core because when she left you you were broken but you restarted… But in ishika case you became drug addicted as you lost someone special in your life ….

Intruder secret out … If I could write some SHIVIKA moments… Rumya marriage secret out… Shreya @ oberoi mansion
Authors note:
Dear readers you all were having some doubts regarding shreya Ishana riddhima omkara…..
1. Omkara was with riddhima and he used to think that he loves riddhima but the reality was he had a soft corner for ishika but he never admitted.

2. Ishika was in love with omkara and thought this is one sided but somewhere it was on both sides she thought that om loves riddhima and not her as he never mentioned her more than best friend…

3. Riddhima and Ishana had some similarities… They both at first was behind money … Riddhima created rift amid ishika and omkara as she was unsecured then after the incident om met Ishana and again fall in love but again riddhima did the same
And thrown Ishana out and in that circumstances she became a con girl and came back and ranveer used her as a player to harm oberois…

3. Ishika went to naina place and relatives saw her both real shreya and ishika looked entirely different so for hiding her identity naina mom made an excuse that in accident she had to undergo an plastic surgery ( it was an lie)…

Hope now @ liya di you understood…
I know ts bakwaas but please comment
And suggest me….
@ December final bye

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  1. Puvi

    No di it’s awesome I really loved it shivika were just??????????? and pls tell ur living pls di I told u na I don’t have any elder sister so I am calling u sister but now ur also living me going di?????????????? ur ff is really awesome misssssssssssss uuuuuuuuuuuuuu di lotsssssssss???????????

  2. Puvi

    No di it’s awesome I really loved it shivika were just??????????? and pls dont tell ur living pls di I told u na I don’t have any elder sister so I am calling u sister but now ur also living me going di?????????????? ur ff is really awesome misssssssssssss uuuuuuuuuuuuuu di lotsssssssss???????????

  3. Puvi

    In first one comment sentence is mistake di pls don’t stop it di it’s my humble request to u di??????????????????????????

    1. Puvi thanks for 4 comments dear actually I can’t write more than December as my free net is getting finished but after December if I get again I would write so yaa thanks

  4. Sat_9492

    Awsm episode…..

    1. Thank you its so sweet of u

  5. Priyali

    Awesome as always!??

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      1. Priyali

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    2. Dear on top of telly update page there is a symbol menu select it then go to members write a name ex. My name it will show my wall then open my wall and down @ dp there would be a blue box named as message click it its pm type anything n send it …
      Same for all dear hope I helped

  6. Jazz1

    Amazing episode ????

    1. Jazz1 thanks for commenting dear I feel this epi is missing many elements but thanks I will try to cope it up

  7. Nainaa

    Dear!! It is not any bakwas it’s really a good one. I loved Shivika moment ????and after this episode I am missing Sahu Di badly?.
    I am eagerly waiting for the precap. Keep going…. Love you…???

    1. Thanks Cinderella it really means a lot dear and yaa can u do me a favor tell shaaz that my pm is not able to message reply tell her that yes I left the group as that 3 friends whose names I mentioned are continuously calling me n if I stay they will definitely find me and I don’t know what they will go as they got their names on fb and that 2 from my post

      1. Nainaa

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        Wht r u saying Shama di , I didn’t get u at all , the private message thing I understood, but what 3 ppl ??, why they have a problem if u stay in the grp , and what they’ll do if u stay in the group ??

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    Hii shama di after a very long time interacting to u… How r u di???

    Miss u… Di wt abt that frns ff??? I m missing it… Pls upload…. Di my xmz r going on that’s y I m not getting time to cmnt… L u do one favour pls tell sat that…. Tq for not ending her ff and it’s going in good plot… I l cmnt after sometime… .. And di… This ff is superb…. Luv u di… Pls update frns ff.. Pls…. Loads of hugs di…

    1. Hello priya I missed you and ur comments dear thanks and yaa I conveyed ur message to sat

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  11. Liya

    Hehe rudra has become a typical husband…poor guy?? omru scene was tooo funny! Shivika as usual are adorable ,feeling bad for ishuu..i know omi won’t let her go!Thankyou dear for clearing the doubt???..

    1. Thanks liya di and I am glad u liked it seriously and yaa I don’t know when I am going to post next episode as suffering from CVR cold from I guess more than a month changed many doctors many medicines but still its there due to climatical change

      1. Liya

        Take good care of yourself dear?!

      2. Thanks for wishes dear hopefully I get well soon

  12. Nansshivika

    If ishika is his true love then how come he was so madly love in with ishana?

    1. First of all best of luck for xms dear second as far as love concerns it can happened second time too and in this case his first and second both are here and this time he is feeling bad for ishika and now his confused that ishika loves him and he is committed to Ishana and ur more doubts will be cleared in next episode thanks for commenting dear

  13. Akshaya

    Omg baghad billa is too caring. Shivika ‘s pallu scene was amazing. Episode was awesome. Oh my god my omi darling is stressed a lot between ishika and Ishana . ?. Ishika+ Omkara = ishkara also Ishana + Omkara = ishkara.??? . But I love ishana. Hey dear vrushika will be back in real IB

    1. Really its true or just a guess akki if its true na so ishkara ff will be happy thanks for commenting dear n how is ur problem

      1. Akshaya

        Yeah I’m fine and I’m ignoring it. Gul mam said those . I found in a website

      2. What is the date on it I mean when it got published becoz over Twitter Instagram YouTube fb no where this news is given in detail if possible share the website link on IB WU page

  14. truly good episode shama di ,I’m very sorry for not commenting ur last episode,that also wonderful…. i am sorry to all i didn’t read anyone ff in last 3 days ,i am really depressed bcoz of my medical report….

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      1. nothing new shama di ,hamesha Ki tarah cortisol level Abhi bhi high in this report thoda kum…. but all medicines repeat…. i’m fed up with medicines ,so I’m depressed…,patha nahi e medicines mujhe kap pursath milega,leave it ,thank u for ur concern ,I’m absolutely fine now…..

      2. Get well soon and I too hate medicines but I have to take as I am suffering from cold

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  16. Ayath

    amazing……………owooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww…………….shivika kitchen scene is highlight of todays epi and priveer also superb don’t say bye dear if it doesn’t happen then……..

    1. Thanks ayath I am glad u liked it and yaa I am trying to get another way to write more so maybe I can be back I missed you and your comments a lot

      1. Ayath

        sorry dear fr nt commenting last epi bcz I have secone term exams so I could nt get time to read or neither comment

      2. Its OK I can understand dear n no problem now so don’t know becoz I know u love me as a person I am and I too so

  17. Shivika22kapoor

    Awesome epi di. Even I like moong dal ka halwa alot. I loved Shivika part and Rudra’s monologue was superb. Pls don’t separate IshKara.
    The entire epi was lovely.????

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    But the episode is really nice
    And please don’t leave from tu.
    I can’t leave you
    I love you and I will miss you.
    Di, I have a small doubt, is it something wrong with ayesha and Aliya and the post regarding fake friends.
    Ok, please upload the next part ASAP.
    I am so busy, but still commenting on a few as it had been a long time commenting on any ff

    1. Sat ayesha /aliya/ ayath all are same one person and that too a boy who from the very beginning fooled us being a boy he took 3 girls identity of tu and even on fb such a cheapde OK …
      I am thinking dear I know u all love me so if I get net in future then I will comeback dear as far as episode concerns tomorrow I will finally pen down friends os and then Anshi so I guess u have to wait

      1. Thanks for commenting even though ur schedule is hectic really means a lot

  20. ShubhangiRokxx

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  22. Mrunal

    hey shama i am biggest fan of ur writing dear…..

    i know that i never commented on any ff of ur’s but trust me i was really busy but i have read each and every part of ur all ff’s…..

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    1. Thanks mrunal dear …. It means really a lot and dear if possible provide me a summary of ur story as always I think to read but time scarcity u might understand dear I love to spend time on reading and commenting but frankly I am lazy @ writing due to schedule…..

      1. Mrunal

        okay dear no problem i’ll provide it to u..
        but if possible plz read the ff
        i’ll pm u the link..

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