Love Everyone Like Yours – Episode 18

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Hello guys, thank you everyone who read and like this FF. Thank you Sneha, Sia, Anu, Shanaya, Jasmine and Tanshi.



Adi: what are you doing in my room Zoya?

Zoya(closed his mouth with her fingers): don’t shout, they will hear.

Adi: who?

Zoya: That trio is standing outside to wish you.

Adi: then let them in.

Zoya: no, i won’t.

Adi: oh possesive to wish first.

Zoya: so what? You are mine, then i am the one who should wish first.

Adi smiles at her. Zoya wait till 12 am.

Zoya(hugs him): HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY.

Adi: thank you.

Zoya: no thanks and sorry between us.

Trio knocks the door. Adi told Zoya to hide, zoya denies and Adi opened the door. Trio hug him at once.

Trio: Happy birthday bhai.

Adi: thank you.

Zoya: i am the first in wish him.

Then only trio realise zoya’s presence.

Arjun: appi what are you doing here?

Noor: what romance ah?

Zoya: shut up Noor.

Mahi: ok, you have your own time. Let’s go Arjun and Noor. But appi don’t put a toe out of line.

Zoya: Mahii.

Mahi: just for fun. Bye.

Adi: thay’s why i told you to hide. See now, how they teased us?

Zoya: ignore them.

He moves close to her. Zoya steps backwards. Adi pinned her to wall.

Adi(hissed in her ear): where is my gift?

Zoya push him aside and give him a gift box. Adi opens it and surprised to see Radha Krishna statue.

Zoya: Adi, there are many theories about Radha krishna. There is one theory about them is they both didn’t marry each other. But they love each other forever. Now whether they married or  not married is not important. But their love for each other is eternal. Like that our love should also be eternal.

Adi (hugs her): I LOVE YOU ZOYA.


Next day,

Vish: Aji we should check the CCTV camera.

Aji: but, it’s damaged.

Vish: However in our street end there is a camera, we will check that also.

Aji(holds her hand): Don’t worry Vish, we will definitely find Madhu aunty.

Vish(with tears): otherwise i will be in guilt until my death.

Aji keep his fingers on her lips and hugs her.


Swasan room,

Sanskar: Swara we should go to Noor’s bhai’s birthday party.

Swara: how many times you will tell Sanskar?

Sanskar: then get ready soon.

Swara: okay.

Ragini’s room,

Yuvi: Ragini, how many hours you will take to get ready?

Ragini: then you go alone, i won’t come.

Yuvi: okay ok, please Ragini bhabi, come quick.

Ragini: try to give me respect all time, i will come quickly.

Yuvi: you no need to come, i will go alone.

Ragini: then go.

Yuvi moves from there. Ragini thinks if i don’t stop him now, then he will left me here itself.

Ragini: Yuvi wait, i will also come.

Yuvi smirks and stops.

Swasan room,

Swara got ready to go. She wears Saree. Sanskar is stunned at her look. He moves towards her automatically.

He cups her face and move towards her lips. Swara push his hand.

Swara: we should go to party.

Sanskar: i too want baby.

Swara(blushes) push him outside the room and both went downstairs. They informed everyone.

Bela: today how many birthday parties. Now only Yuvi and Ragini went to Yuvi’s frien birthday party. Anyways be safe.

Swara: bela you should be careful. Until i come you shouldn’t ho here and there.

Janaki and Sumi: Swara beta, we are here to care your didi. You both go carefully.


Zoya, Arnoor and Mahi where busy in decorating. Pooja is busy with cake preparation. Yash is in call with Aji.

Noor: Arjun hang this handicraft in wall

Arjun stands for a while and thinks how to hang that. Noor grabs it and she put one chair and hang it in wall. Arjun look at her with smile.

Noor: don’t smile. Not even know how to do small small works.

She tries to get down but she slips. Arjun hold her before she fall down in his arms. Both look into each other eyes.

Adi is in his room. His mobile rings. He picks the call.

Adi: hello.

Voice: if you wish to see your Chaachi alone, you should reject Zoya’s proposal to you.

Adi(confused): what?

Voice: your aunty Madhu is in my custody.

Adi: what rubbish? She died 3 months ago.

Voice: let me contact in video call.

He disconnects and Contact Adi in video call. Adi sees Madhu tied to chair and her mouth is tied with cloth. Adi is shocked to see her.

Adi(with tears): mummy ji, you are alive, but how?

Another man with mask in his face stand near to Madhu.

Man: today your friend Zoya will come to propose you, you should reject her proposal and you should send her to the city theme park at 5 pm. Otherwise your only chaachi will go to stay with your parents. Don’t be try to oversmart. No one should know about this.then, remember your chaach’s life is in my hand.

Adi: no, i will do whatever you said. Please leave her.

Madhu shakes her head as no. At that time some body enters in video call. Adi can’t able to see his face clearly in the mirror behind Madhu. But Adi is shocked to see his outline.

– to be continued.


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  1. SunilSneha

    Soopperbb……….. But a little sad coz there were no Behir moments…. But I loved Adiya Scenes a lot….. And don’t want Aditya to reject Zoya

  2. Wowwww superb yaar!!!!Don’t separate adiya plzzzzzz

  3. Whatt noo never ??? don’t want adi to reject zoya s proposal ??? whyyyyyyyy , post sooon ??? and if adiya seperate??? then I am coming to your house ???

  4. It was superb…zoya wishing adi happy birthday was lovely and their scenes was romantic…zoya gift was beautiful,the statue of gadha and krishna…swasan scene was also romantic..Arjun and noor scene was lovely..but sad bcoz the kidnapper demanded for the rejection of zoya’s proposal ??? please don’t separate adiya.

  5. Jasminerahul

    zoya is so possessive that she wants to wish adi cute.adi pinning her to the wall was romantic. radha Krishna gift was beautiful. zoya talking about radha Krishna love n saying that even if they are not married their love should be eternal like them..adi hugging her saying I love you was emotional. hope zoya’s words won’t come true by having adiya remain unmarried.poor vish is guilty.ajitabh keeping finger on her lips n hugging her to console her was emotional n romantic. sanskar lost in swara’s Saree look n trying to kiss was romantic

  6. Jasminerahul

    sanskar wants a baby n swara blushing .so sweet n romantic. noor falling in arjun’s arms n eye lock was romantic. shocking that madhu’s kidnapper threatened adi to reject zoya’s proposal to save madhu’s that kidnapper rajveer? oh no …will adi reject zoya now?hope adi tells this to zoya.perfect pics

  7. Amazing dear. Adiya’s scene was really cute. Precap is quite interesting. Can’t wait for the next. Please update the next part soon. Love u sis. Take care.

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