Vikram Betaal 18th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Madan Sena accepts Vikram’s love

Vikram Betaal 18th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vikram coming to Madan Sena and thinks if someone loves someone then all nature makes efforts to unite them. He thinks all the things needed for her shringar is here. He puts garland on her neck and makes her wear floral crown. He writes Vikram with mehendi beneath her shoulder and says now your shringar is completed. He admires her. Madan Sena gets up and asks who is he? Vikram hides. Madan Sena calls Sevika and asks who came here? Sevika Sunaina says nobody. She asks who did your shringaar. Madan Sena sees the shringaar and warns them to put in karagar. Sunaina says we will not tell you whose name you have written on your heart. Madan Sena looks in the mirror and says I will not leave him. She comes to Vikram and says I know you were not here. Vikram is there and asks how she decorated herself as he thought. He says I am sure that you are in love with me else you wouldn’t have written my name on your heart. Madan Sena says you have done this and needs to apologize to me. Vikram says when I first saw you, I handed over my life to you.

Madan Sena says if you don’t apologize then…I will give you death punishment. Vikram says I accept. Madan Sena asks Senapati to make arrangements to give him death sentence. Madan Sena tries to wipe his name, but the mehendi color doesn’t go. She imagines Vikram says it is love color. Madan Sena picks the sword. Sunaina says I am here. They tell that Vikram has won her heart. Madan Sena tells that Vikram lost from me. Sunaina says may be he lost intentionally to make you win. Madan Sena looks at the moon and asks Sevikas to go. She imagines Vikram telling her that she is searching him in the moon. Dekha maine jab se tujhe…song plays. Vikram holds her hand. Madan Sena looks at him. She finds she is imagining him and thinks why I am thinking about Yuvraj and thinks to kill him.

Senapati comes and says arrangements are done to hang Vikram. Madan Sena aim arrow at Vikram and asks him to apologize to her. he says I am ready to apologize to you for no reason. Madan says she don’t want and is about to give him death. Vikram stops her and asks her to fulfill his last wish. She asks what is it? He says I want to have your favorite food once. Madan Sena asks him to have her favorite food. Vikram says you have to make me eat with your hand. Madan Sena gets angry. Vikram says it is my last wish. Madan Sena asks Sevak and Sevakas to go and make Vikram eat with her hand. Vikram eats the food and praises her. He asks her to give him water and then sweets. He bites her finger mistakenly and then apologizes. He says I know that you didn’t have food since yesterday and asks her to have food with his hand. Madan Sena says if you are done then we shall go for the death punishment. She asks him to think of his loved ones. Vikram says the one whom I love is infront of me. She fires arrow on him. He holds the arrow and throws at Senapati and he dies.

He kidnaps Madan Sena and takes her on the horse. They get down from the horse. Madan Sena says you have kidnapped me. She is about to fall from the cliff, but Vikram saves her. She says she don’t want his favor. Vikram says I can’t let anything happen to my love. Madan Sena says you are my enemy. Vikram asks her to return to her place and says I will never come in your life again. Madan Sena says you have kidnapped me and asks if he will marry her. Vikram gets happy and hugs her. He says you have changed in a moment. Madan Sena says I started loving you when you wrote your name on my heart.

Vikram brings Madan Sena to his Palace. Pingla asks him to asks Madan Sena to leave else they have to give death punishment to her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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