Love? – Episode 7 – Earning Munni’s Hatred

all was shocked hearing munni saying ‘mr oberoi’ especially rikara.

munni: you are really a villain mr oberoi. i know you slap meru (meri) hira didu. she my didu and you have no riwt (right) to slap her. and aarti must say something to make hira didu slap her. hira didu not that person to slap someone without reason.

aadhira: munni, it is no use talking to these rich people.

munni: no hira didu! you got slap. your head bleeding due to mr oberoi.

aadhira: munni, it doesn’t matter about my head unfortunately some people just hate good people, those who can live life with money.

munni: and mr oberoi, my mummy no gold digger. she very nice. i thought you nice when you hewp me find teddy but now… you very very bad.

om was shocked hearing these words from a 3 years old.

munni: mr oberoi, you not close to daddy. you just a villain!

om: MUNNI!

munni gets scared and hides behind gauri.

gauri: how dare you raise your voice against her? how dare you? you don’t consider her as your daughter so in that case she is not your daughter so you have no right to shout at her like that!

munni: mummy, this man bad. he very very very bad. i hate him.

‘hate’. such a strong word, right? hearing it from your sibling doesn’t hurt that much than hearing the word from your own child.

om was shocked hearing the word coming from his own daughter’s mouth. even aadhira and viren were shocked that munni could say something like this. she was sweetest girl anyone knew and she had just said that she hated om.

gauri: munni, don’t say like this.

munni: i hate this man. he bad and mean. he slap hira didu. i no like him. he not my daddy. if daddy then daddy mean billu chachu.

sanjay: oh hello! your billu chachu is my dad, aarti’s dad and sanju’s dad. not yours.

aadhira: and you should watch where that mouth of yours goes when you are talking to a little girl!!

shivay: aadhira, sanjay, you two chup! munni, don’t say hate.

munni: tall man bad. he have hatred now.

om was shocked hearing this.

precap: shocked anika

why has anika got shocked?

find out in next chappy. 


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