Just like that, we became shrenal — stuck in a taxi together

That day:

Shrenu to herself: I don’t know why I feel weird  here. It’s like… no shrenu it can’t be him.

She wipe the tear coming down her eye and turns to go from the park.


Surbhi: kunal, I am going to get a cappuccino. Come back to the hotel ok?

Kunal: yeah sure I’m whilst you’re at it get me a….

Surbhi left before he could complete.

Kunal: a frappe. Forget it.

He hears a laugh and turns to see shrenu Laughing.

Shrenu: wow meri pyaari dost hates you a lot.

Kunal: yes she does a lot.

She  pinches his cheeks and says: my poor kunal.

Kunal smiles and blinked.

As he blinked, she disappeared.

Kunal: shrenu?

He looks around but she was nowhere.

Kunal: maybe I am imagining things.

He goes out of the park sighing.


Shrenu was walking as fast as she could and just then she clutched her head as she felt really dizzy.

Shrenu: ouch!

She sat at a nearby bench catching her breath back and not to feel any more dizzy. Just then a taxi passed by.

Shrenu: ya I?

She stood up and went to the taxi who let her in.

Taxi driver: where do you need to go??

Shrenu: um this address.

She showed him the address on the phone.

Taxi driver: ok.

Shrenu sat comfortably in the back as the driver drove off.

As kunal was walking, he found a taxi and went to it.

Kunal: excuse can you take me to ocean hotel??

Driver: yeah sure. I am heading that way so come.

Kunal goes in the front and feels weird along with shrenu.

Shrenu in mind: why do I feel like this??

Kunal in mind: why does it feel like shrenu is here??

As kunal turned to see who was behind, both shrenal got shocked.

Shrenu: no..

Kunal: shrenu?

Shrenu: how did he find me??

Shrenu panicked.

Kunal: shrenu, don’t panic. It’s not good for the baby.

Shrenu clutched her stomach tight and fainted.


Driver: yes.

The driver goes to ge hospital and kunal gets out and carries shrenu in bridal style.

As he walked,

Kunal: shrenu, shrenu wake up. You…you are scaring me.

To be continued

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