LOVE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME- Ishqbaaz and Beinteha (Part 29)

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The episide starts with sachin asking raghav why did he kidnapped a girl
raghav:i didnt kidnape her i just brought my wife back home
sachin:bring a girl against her wish is called kidnap mr.goenka raghav and others stood silent sachin continues i dont know what is the pblm bw you 2 and that is not need to if you want her back convince her prove her that you love her a lot dont force your decision on her when you forceyour decision on her its not clled us love its called us psyco behavoiur you will show her anger on her for months but expect to forgive with ina second how will that be possible she escaped from you raghav gave a schockrd reactioni dropped her at railway station she didnt complain against you thats why i am not arresting you but plz dont repeat it again saying this sachinturns to leave
kajal:have breakfast and go beta
sachin:no mom i already had
everybody gave a look at raghav and went to their respective works

Anika is with sahil
sahil:di arnav bhai is really good na
anika:ya sahil you know we have signed 2 years contract with him
just then shivya and rudra entered
rudra:come buddy lets play cricket saying this he picked sahil and went out shivya put his head on anikas lap and ask how is her work
anika:fine shivya what about yours
shivya:fine tomorrow i am going to delhi can you join
anika:no shivya tomorrow sahil will be going back to school sachin will be coming to pick him
shivya:ya ya i forgot but i will miss my loveable wife saying this he kisses her checks
anika:naughty fellow now get up i will pack your stuff

precap:let me think

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