My first love shot 8 (last episode)

My first love
Last episode
After three hours twinkle woke up she was feeling Lil headache . She sat on the bed and looked around the room, when her gaze landed on the side table she saw a note of red colour. She took that note and started reading it

Note :
Hi, twinkle I know you are feeling Lil headache so take that medicine kept on the table. On the sofa I kept a saree for u please wear it and come to the garden area. Their a surprise is awaiting for u. And I have something really important thing to say you. Hope you will come

Ur kunj?

After reading note a small smile appeared on the face of twinkle. She took the medicine and got up from the bed and went towards sofa on which a box was their wrapped in a wrapping paper. She took that box and unwrapped it and saw a beautiful saree of sea blue color (same saree when twinkle wore on their incomplete love confession. She has looking gorgeous in it)

She went into the bathroom to get freshen up and came after changing her dress into the saree. She sat in front of the mirror and got ready with minimal makeup and had done loose curls to the hairs. She was looking very gorgeous and beautiful (same like she did on the confession day)

After getting ready she went towards garden area of the farmhouse.

Next scenes

When twinkle reached garden she was all surprised to see the ambience their. The garden was beautifully decorated with small white bulbs and white lily’s and at a corner their was a table with two chairs. In middle of the table their was a vase of red roses which was near a nicely decorated fountain.

When twinkle moved ahead she saw in middle of the garden with yellow flowers was written stand here. She went and stood on that place. When she stood their a big semicircle round glass came upon her. She was standing under that round glass.
By seeing it twinkle got shocked cum surprised cum happy. When she saw in front of her their stands our hero kunj in pink shirt with white t-shirt and blue jeans looking very handsome. Firstly twinkle got tensed but when kunj suddenly came and hugged her tightly with all passion and love, a wide smile appeared on her face. she realised that this kunj is her kunj, her one and only sadu sarna. She also hugged him back with same passion and love.

They were looking very adorable in that round glass hugging eachother with a cute smile playing on their lips.

After sometime they departed but they were still in each other arms. They shared a lovely eyelock. When kunj spoke

K: (still looking in her eyes and smilingly) I’m happy that I got u back and u finally recognised me. U know I was so scared that what if u didn’t ever recognized me. I would have di… Kunj didn’t able to complete his words as twinkle kept her hand on his mouth as stopping him From saying anything

T: (with tears brimming in her eyes) plz kunj don’t say anything like this . I got u after many struggles . And I’m really sorry that I didn’t recognized u before. I don’t know what happened to me at that moment . She said in a crying voice with tears flowing from her eyes

K: (wiping her tears and nodding his head negativity) shhhh plz don’t cry twinkle. I can’t see tears in ur eyes. I know what happened to u coz of which u didn’t recognized me.

T : but what happened to me and who was that fake kunj. Asked twinkle with a question face to which kunj said whole story from his surgery to revanth’s love for twinkle and his revenge. Twinkle was hell shocked after listening whole truth.

T: I really didn’t knew that revanth was in my college and he loved me. She said being lost in her thoughts, for distracting her kunj said

K: leave all this twinkle why to waste our time for past happening. Now forget all that and give me that magical smile of ur. (To which twinkle smiled widely) . That’s like my twinkle (he kneeled down on his one knee and forward his hand to twinkle) can I have the pleasure to dance with this adorable wife of mine and make this moment special . While twinkle nodded her head positively with all happiness in her eyes.

(in background kisi se pyaar hojaye song from the movie kabil started playing)

Zara zara si neend bhi
Ajnabi si hogayi
Zara zara chain se
Dushmani si hogayi

Tum mile kho gaya
Hai khud ka hi pata
Kya karun, kya nahi
Kuch bas mein na raha
Samjhun kaise koi samjhaye

Dil kya kare jab kisi se
Kisi ko pyar ho jaye
Jaane kaha kab kisi ko
Kisi se pyar ho jaye

Ho.. unchi unchi deewaron si
Iss duniya ki rasmein
Na kuch tere bas mein jaana
Na kuch mere bas mein

Tum mile kho gaya
Hai khud ka hi pata
Kya karun, kya nahi
Kuch bas mein na raha
Samjhun kaise koi samjhaye

Dil kya kare jab kisi se
Kisi ko pyar ho jaaye
Jaane kahan kab kisi ko
Kisi se pyaar ho jaaye

They were looking very adorable and cute dancing beautifully according to the beats in that glass. It was looking like lovely dolls dancing in a round glass ball.

After finishing their dance they looked into each other eyes deeply which was reflecting all the love, passion, happiness and satisfaction of being with each other.

They slowly leaned and their lips met in result of passionate and deep kiss. After 5 minutes they departed from the kiss breathing heavily. They joined their foreheads. And said at the same time

Twinj : (smiling) I LOVE YOU.

Screen freezed on their smiling faces with joined foreheads looking most beautiful couple on the world

I’m really very sorry for making this much late for posting the episode

And a heartily sorry to all the writers for not commenting on their articles.

I will soon try to read all the articles and comment.

I want to say a big thank you to Priya, presha, purvi, baby, ramya, fathima di and many others for reminding me of posting my episode and showing ur love. I’m glad to get soo good friends.

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A special gratitude to my father who motivated me to write my ff

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  1. nice try writing new ff

    1. Sohi

      Thanks padu

  2. Katti ????……nahi maane naa….kyu manoge …main hoti kaun hu ????. Yaa right….just a stranger☺ ….well if you have decided so ???………..BTW amazing ending…..?????
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    2. Chalo koi naaa ????still love you.. I was really angry and sad at that time….?sorry?… Come back soon ???

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      No need to say sorry. I like it when my love once scold me soo cutely

  3. Fatimaa.

    Heyy sohi….
    I m soo happy to see ur ff…and m happy dat u came back….
    This epi was amazing..liked twinj moments….hmm i wud only say dnt let ur heart down…whatever happens…stay happy and smiling….
    Loads of love….
    Keep writing❤❤❤????

    1. Sohi

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  4. Presha

    Hey sohi..
    Its awesome..
    Just loved it..
    Twinj were cute..
    Post ur ff soon i mean start a new one..
    Love u

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      Thanks presha. I will try to come soon
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  5. SidMin23

    Cute TWINJ moment hope you will come soon with new ff

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  6. Baby

    ur father knew abou it….wowowaaaaaa……..☺
    well srsly too cute too adorable too beautiful jst loved it……..♥♥
    why did u end It dear………. 🙁
    bt noooo worries m waiting for ur odr writing.n soi don’t b sad if don’t get more cmnts coz aajkal noooooooo one is visiting tu…….☺
    d glass idea was marvelleous………
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    love u so mch….♥♥♥♥♥
    will wait for u new piece of writing…….. 🙂

    1. Sohi

      Thank you and I Will definitely come soon baby. And yes my father knows about it ?
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  7. Mia12

    Hayee ye kya kia meri Adrakh end kar diya tune,,?????..Seriously ur soo much bad Adrakh,,???..I was waiting 4 it seens long or ab tune kya kiya,,??..But Jo bhi ho promise kiya hai na ki next mai jaldhi ayegi tu,,??..Ha phir maf kia tuje,,?? But this epi was MIND BLOWING..FABULOUS,,??????? Twinj ki cuteness to overloaded tha ufff kya bolu,,???????? and everything describe was also AWESOME,,???? Love it so much,,❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Ab next story jaldhi cahiye muje jaldhi,,???..
    LOAD’S OF LOVE,,❤?❤?❤?❤..

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  8. Sameera

    Awwwwww sohi loved it soooo much yaar
    Good to see u back …
    Was missing u ???…
    Areyyy sachi yaar bht miss Kiya meine …
    Well the whole ff was a blast with suspense that I loved the most finally twinj together soon happy about it but I didn’t expected it to be ur last episode yaar plzz start next one sooonnnn ?????….
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  9. Hey dear its me Simiyy
    I really enjoyed your FF
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      Hey simmy what happened why are you commenting like this are you not posting any ff ?. Well thanks for the comment
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  10. Amaya_bhardwaj

    Hey dear,
    It was an amazing…
    Mind blowing….
    Suberb epi….
    Just loved it…
    Glass idea and dance was unique…
    Really too lovely…
    Hope to see you soon with your new piece of writing ???
    Love you ???

    1. Sohi

      Thanks dear for ur lovely comment. I’m happy that u liked the episode. I will come back soon
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  11. Sohi
    I’m speechless amazing
    Superb it’s like so cute
    Kash tei mai aisa hota
    But no worries u had done it
    N it’s so cute n adorable I loved it
    Love u keep smiling
    N do post ur New fff I’ll be hell happy

    1. Sohi

      Thank you very much ramya. I’m glad that you liked the episode. I will come back soon
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  12. Hey Sohi?
    Episode was a bliss to read dear??
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      Hey aamna thank you very much for the comments. I’m happy that you the episode. And all the very best for ur boards
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  13. Marvelous episode
    Ending was superb
    I wish tei also has ended like this
    Plz come back soon

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  14. Nishfd

    Sry for late cmmnt …
    Busy in cousin’s wedding. ..
    Great epi….
    Bt u ended so soon : ( …
    If possible start a nw ff….
    Hope to see you soon with something new…

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  15. Beautiful episode
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  16. I like ur story ……especially episode 7 ????

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