Love Directed Me Chapter 2

“Nooooooo she cant leave me no” he shouted.

Nikhil tried to convince him but sanskar gave no head to him. His thoughts, his mind and everything was fixed in swara and sahil’s words.

Sanskar went and sat on his car. He drove his car somewhere. It has become late night. He came to his house. He was in a terrible condition. His hairs were all scattered here and there, his face went red and pale with tears marks visible. Still his eyes were glassy. He took unsteady steps and walked in. His legs didn’t support him more, he feel down with a thund.

“Swara,my jaan u cant leave me like this. U cant leave our prince alone” he started crying hardly.

He cried and cried until he could. Flashes appeared in front of his eyes like how they both loved each other so much. He was looking at each and every single thing of his house and his eyes caught on a diary. He wiped his tears and stood up to take the diary. He took the diary in his hand and caressed it.

His POV:

It’s her diary. She never let me read it but she used to say she wrote each and every single thing that happened in her life after his arrival.


Swara is busy writing something in the diary. Sanskar who came in saw swara writing busyly. He slanted in the door and was admiring his love. She was writing seriously while her strands of hair were distrubing her yet she didn’t bother. He was totally lost in her beauty and something popped in his mind.

“She is always writing this diary, today I have to read it any how” he thought.

He went behind swara and tried to peep to see what she is writing but Swara closed the dairy and looked at him.

“U started peeping into my diary?” She raised her eyebrow.

“I’m damm interested to see what’s in that diary”. He said and took the dairy from her hands.

“Sanskar please give it” she ran behind him to get the dairy.

“No today I will read it for sure” he said and stood and stretched his hand straight up with dairy.

Swara tried to take it but she couldn’t as he was sooo tall.

“Sanskar I’ll show you the dairy when the time comes so please give to me na my prince” she winced.

“K” he told and released his arm down.

Swara immediately snatched the dairy from him.

“Now at least tell me what is there in this that u r not showing me”

“Ah……it’s about our every single thing that happened between us”. She said dreamily.

“That means u can show it na, after all I know everything” he protested.

“I will not show u now, ill bring juice for u” she said and kept the dairy in the draw and went to the kitchen.

“I’ll surely have to read u my dear dairy” he challenged.

“Sanskar” she shouted.

“Coming jaan” he replied and went to the kitchen.

Flashback ends.

“Maybe the next time you said has come” he said with a painful voice and opened the dairy.


Hey diary, I’m swara who hates to write diaries but still a miracle happened with changed my life like a magic. My memories, my heart, my soul everything belongs to him, Only HIM.

Sanskar smiled on reading that ‘HIM’ who was actually himself. He flipped the next page.


My first photo with my love,

He caressed that photo.


 I’m going start from the beginning of where I meet him as every movement I spent with him is special for me. Here it goes!


I was in STD 10 when I met him. My parents passed away when I was small so I lived with my dida in Kolkata. I was so studious that I was always the topper of my class but not my batch. One day our 10th std teachers called all the toppers of our batch and I was one among them.

Teacher: Its seems we’ll get lot of toppers this years.

We students all smiled as there was 5 of us. Well u see I don’t speak with everyone there. I’m such a bookworm.

Teacher: Swara and sanskar u both got the highest mark scores in all the tests comparing to others.

I smiled brightly as well as he.

Teachers : We expect more from u.

Swasan: Yes mam.

We left.

I went to my class and sat. One friend started talking with me and after 2 periods I started walking towards the library to get few notes for my subject. I was lost in thoughts as my dida was not well in the morning when I came home. Suddenly I got slipped and I closed my eyes tightly thinking I will fall down but I didn’t. Feeling  no pain I opened my eyes to see him, yes it was him. He immediately helped me to get  straighten up.

I: Thanks.

SAN: No mention.

He said and left. I felt like he was rude with me yet I brushed my thoughts and left. Teachers announced that we’ll be having our last revision test before facing our board which is next month.

I studied day and night for my test and wrote my tests well, at the end of the week we got our papers. I was the class topper as usual but not my batch. I heard that someone took just 1 mark extra than me and got the highest total. Well I was actually a bit sad as I could top in my batch yet I was happy as I got the 2 rank. My friends and I went out to the ground to have lunch. Sanskar’s friends came near us and started teasing.

Friend1: Hey look the best batcher has turned into topper. How sad?

I got angry yet I composed.

Friend2: After all our sanskar is the batcher.

My friends who couldn’t hide their anger started shouting back at them. All his and my friends started fighting badly with words. Sanskar who came to know about this came to us running and somehow took his friends and I took mine. Asusal in our board we got 96% which was the highest in the district and him and myself was one among them. I went to collect my T.c as I was shifting to Mumbai as dida’s company was there. I distributed sweets to all and collected my t.c, after bidding bye to all my friends and started walking out while he came in. In passed me and I stopped him.

I: Sanskar

SAN: Congrats!

I: Thanks and congrats for u too.

SAN: Hmm

He left making me puzzled that y he didn’t speak with me properly yet I left. That was the last meet with him in the school.

After that I went to Mumbai for my higher standards and I once again came to Kolkata for my college. Dida couldn’t accompany me here but she promised to come twice a month to meet me as she has her own company. I got admitted in the Calcutta University very easily with my marks.I didnt know whether I will be able to meet my old friends but I was sure to get new friends. I came inside my University all smiling after all I came here after 2 years. There I met my bestie Kavita who was not my school mate yet my neighbor. Her face itself showed me how much she was happy seeing me.

We shared a hug and started talking all our stuffes. After a month I heard a guitar sound from the auditorium.

I: Kavita who’s stringing the guitar?

Kav: That’s a hottie doing u know.

She said dreamily making me confused

I: Hottie?

Kav: ha..come let’s go in.

She dragged me inside and I saw a young boy stringing his guitar. He was wearing a white T-shirt with black jacket and blue jean.

We went more inside. I heard many girls talks who’s we’re like he is cute, hot, handsome etc etc.. I saw him clearly. His hair, sharp eyes, face cut everything resembled to me as if I saw him before. I started thinking and only word came out my mouth. By that time the song ended. All gave him thunderous applause to which he smiled and he came down and passed me.

I: Sanskar?

On hearing this he turned towards me. We met each other after 2 years. Yes but i have to say he has grown taller and more handsome than before. He gave me a confused look, i think he didn’t recognize me.


So there I started to narrate the past. There will be few chapters with the past and Sanskar’s POV on them. Thanks for all your support and love. Keep supporting me. I don’t know how to add pictures so….  Hope you all like the chapter. Do comment and hit the like button if u like?.

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