Love comes with Trust FF – (Intro)

Hello Guys!! This is Mia.
This is KUMKUM BHAGYA fan-fiction named “Love comes with Trust”.
My story starts, post the 7-year leap{point to be noted is that Pragya and Abhi were together during the first two years they are now divorced for 5 years at present}. Abhi does not know that Kiara, Prachi, and Pragya are alive. He also does not know that Aliya and Tanu have used his name to conspire against Pragya.
UK [London]
Pragya (Sriti Jha)
Pragya lives in the UK with her three daughters – Kiara (1), Prachi (2) and Abhigya[Actually Shahana but I changed it due to a reason: Pragya’s adoptive-daughter (3)], and sisters – Shrishti and Preeta[Shrishti and Preeta came to the UK after their mother’s death] in the house of their family friend King. King and Sushma are Pragya’s business partners.

Preeta (Shraddha Arya)
Preeta is a famous Physiotherapist and event manager.

Shrishti (Anjum Fakih)
Shrishti is a famous actress, singer, dancer, and also social media influencer. She is studying at a university in London.

King (Mishal Raheja)
Pragya is King’s business partner and friend. King[he does not have any feelings for Pragya and loves his wife] lives with his wife, Meera, and their daughters – Kiana (4) and Mishika (5).

Meera (Ashlesha Sawant)
Meera is a college professor, she is the one who helps Pragya balance her business and house(children & family). She is Pragya’s best friend in the UK.

Sushma (Dolly Sohi)
Sushma is Pragya’s business partner, mentor, idol, and inspiration. She taught Pragya how to run a business. She is like a mother to Pragya. She lives in the UK with her daughter Shreya (6).

Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia)
Abhi is living in Delhi with his daughter Rhea (7), Disha (Ruchi Savarn), Purab Khanna (Vin Rana), and Alia. He loves his daughter a lot and always makes time for her so that she does not feel that her mother is not with her.

Disha-Purab did not separate. They have 3 children- Sunny (8), Aryan (9), and Aadya(10).

Alia (Reyhna Malhotra)
Alia still hates Disha and Pragya and tries to turn Rhea against her mother [Pragya]. Alia is always plotting against Rhea, Disha, Purab, and Abhi. But does not succeed due to Disha.

Tanu (Leena Jumani)
Tanu lives in Mehra Mansion as Abhi’s show-off wife. She hates Rhea and is always trying to kill her or make her go away from their lives.

Sarla {She died in an accident(Supriya Shukla)}.

Vikram (Mehul Kajaria)
Vikram is Abhi’s business partner as well as a family friend. He also lives in Delhi with his family – his wife Pallavi, his mother Daljeet (Kiran Bhargava), his sons Ranbir (11) and Siddharth (12), and daughter Mishti (13).

Pallavi (Khyaati Keswani)
Pallavi is one of Alia’s friends. She blindly trusts Alia and hates Pragya and her family.

Karan (Dheeraj Dhoopar)
Karan is a cricketer, he also helps his brother in the business. He is popularly known as ‘The Karan Luthra’. He is the father of Pihu(14).

Sameer (Abhishek Kapur)
Sameer is the cousin brother of Rishabh, Karan, and Kritika.

Rishabh (Manit Joura)
He is Karan’s elder brother, and he is the one who manages the business.

Sonakshi (Mansi Srivastava)
Sonakshi is the mother of Pihu. She does not love Karan.

Mahira (Swati Kapoor)
Mahira is Karan’s childhood friend who wishes to marry him.

Rakhi (Anisha Hinduja)
Rakhi is Karan and Rishabh’s mother. She is Pihu’s grandmother.

Bani (Neelam Mehra)
Bani is the head of the house. She is Mahesh and Kareena’s mother. She is Pihu’s great-grandmother.

Mahesh (Naveen Saini)
Mahesh is Rakhi’s husband, Bani’s son, Kareena’s brother, Karan & Rishabh’s father, Kritika and Sameer’s uncle, and Pihu’s grandmother.

Kareena (Usha Bachani)
Kareena is Kritika’s mother.

Kritika (Twinkle R Vashisht)
Kritika is Karan’s cousin sister. She is also Shrishti’s college friend.

Sherlyn (Ruhi Chaturvedi)
Sherlyn is Kareena’s best friend’s daughter. Her boyfriend is Prithvi Malhotra.

Prithvi (Sanjay Gagnani)
Prithvi is Sherlyn’s boyfriend. He works in Rishabh’s office.

The people that are numbered are the ones I am confused as to who should be fit for that child because I am from Kerala and so I do not know much about the child actors that are in Hindi serials. Please help me through that part. As there are many children they have the same age(and many are twins also).

I will tell you guys the age; 
  • 16 years old – Shreya
  • 11 years old – Kiara and Sunny
  • 10 years old – Mishika
  • 9 years old – Ranbir, Prachi, Abhigya, Aryan, Rhea, Siddharth, and Aadya
  • 8 years old – Kiana
  • 6 years old – Mishti
  • 5 years old – Pihu

This much only for the – Intro part, the remaining part will be updated shortly after this. Many new entries will be there, so stay tuned for that.

Bye Guys and one more thing those who wish to give ideas for my fan-fiction please send me a private message.😊

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  4. What Karan and Sona married ??? Noo I want Karan and Preta first married ….and Ranbir Prachi is 9 years old

  5. Chinmayee Salvi – Shreya 16 years .
    Vedaansh Jaju – ARYAN
    Kaurwakee Vasistha’ – PRACHI /RHEA.
    vansh sayani – SUNNY
    vishseh bansal – SIDDHARTH
    Advait adi – RANBIR
    swarna pandey- PIHU
    aaliya shah – ADYA
    aeena lambe – kiana
    aakriti sharma – PRachi/ rhea
    Ruhanika Dhawan- mishti
    myra singh – abhigya

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