Apsara (Angel)~ Riansh One Shot by Tanya


‘Mamu please tell me naa something about that girl.’ Said a small 7 years old boy to his mamu and PIC partner in crime Vansh.

‘Ishaan stop bothering your Mamu.’ Said Ishani as she entered inside her bhai Vansh’s room.

‘Stop Ishani if he want to know about her then I will surely tell him about her.’ He said looking into his sister’s eyes.

Are you sure bhai?’ Asked a worried and concerned Ishani on which he slightly nodded and she went out from his room sighing.

‘Come champ sit here today I will tell you about that girl.’ Said Vansh to his little devil nephew Ishaan while he excitedly ran towards him and pounces on his lap while vansh chuckled on his excitement.

‘Really mamu?’ Asked Ishaan as he settled himself on his mamu’s lap in a excited tone on which Vansh simple nodded and started.

‘This all happened when I was in Russia and met her in a railway station and her train got missed. I looked at her and got lost in her beauty. She was as beautiful as an angel maybe more than an angle.’ He said and he drifted back to the past where he met her for the first time.

‘She was from Moscow, and She had a lot of magical tricks up her sleeve.
When she saw me with her sharp eyes, she ripped through my soul.
No less than the garden of sandalwood, she woke up my sleeping luck.
I lost all my senses.’ He said and looked out side the window where moon was shining brightly maybe moon was remembering their meet he witnessed that night.

‘Jadoo Hai Yeh Koyi Ya Khuda Ki Maya Hai
Taron Ki Mehfil Mein Haye Chand Aya Hai
Taron Ki Mehfil Mein Haye Chand Aya Hai….

It started to drizzle, and I wanted to touch her.
A beggar crossed us and said, there’s nothing in love, don’t fall for it.
I didn’t listen to him and asked him to move on.
Her beauty could be compared to the best of flowers and the Taj Mahal.
No one wants to leave the Taj Mahal.’

‘If you want to understand the value of clothes,
Then you should ask someone who doesn’t have any.
When God her voice, even he woke up from his sleep, then who am I?
Who am I?
We fell in love as the night progressed.
It was a miracle….

He said as he remembered the shine in her eyes and innocence dripping from her face.

‘Both of our hearts started beating faster.

Jani Ve Jani Ve Jani Ve Jani Ve
Jani Ve Jani Ve Jani Ve Jani Ve…

‘I wanted to ask her name, but she couldn’t understand a single word I said.
Even though I am a poet, I couldn’t recite in front of her.
I don’t know how to sing, but I still sang for her.
I served her water with my own hands.
She asked me my name but with her eyes.’

‘I was high without even drinking and frustrated at how even the silence felt too noisy,
How do I even talk to her? Her language is something else altogether.
Even before she could speak…’

He stopped for a while and looked at Ishaan who was looking at him with shining eyes and smiled seeing how interested this small boy is in listening his mamu’s INCOMPLETE LOVE STORY.

‘Even before she could speak, clouds spoke out the window, and stars began to clap.’

‘It’s a sin for a poet…
It’s a sin for a poet, but I lit up a fire from the pages of my diary because she felt cold.
So many of my poems vanished into thin air.
So many of my poems vanished into thin air.
What nothing could do to date, her spellbinding hair did.
I felt like crying…’

He stopped and remembered how he tore his dairy which was filled with his poems just because she was feeling cold and wanted some warmth.

And then mamu?’ Asked Ishaan curiously.

‘I felt like crying, but I couldn’t say anything; I was as speechless as a mute person.
I tried clicking a picture with her, but my phone shut down.
While her face is imprinted in my heart, I don’t need a picture since her face is unforgettable…’

He looked at the moon as he remembered her angelic face.

‘Then a thought crossed my mind; I had a question –
Similar to the way priests are attracted to their place of worship.
If God enabled our eyes to click pictures, nothing would’ve been better than that..’

‘Then something magical happened….
Then something magical happened, which never happened before,
She felt sleepy but couldn’t find a pillow.
As soft as a bouquet of flowers, she slept on my shoulder for half an hour..’

He smiled and rubbed his right shoulder where she slept keeping her head.

Chahe Kisi Ne Dekh Li Duniya Ya Khuda Dekha Hai
Jisne Tumhein Nahi Dekha Phir Kya Dekha Hai
Galat Hua Jani Ke Ikrar Nahi Hota
Mujhe Lagta Tha Pehli Nazar Mein Pyar Nahi Hota…

‘Then her train arrived…
Then her train arrived, and my heart started to ache.
She hugged me before leaving, but our necklaces got entangled.
While trying to let it loose, I got up abruptly,
And my “VR” locket broke into two halves..’

Tears rolled down from his eyes as it was the day where she left him all alone.

Even if I lost everything that I had, I would be the wealthiest if I had her by my side.
She was leaving without giving me her address or phone number,
I tried to console myself that we’d meet again someday in the future.
I tamed my heart by saying, we shall meet again if God wills.
We shall meet again if God wills..’

He stopped sighing sadly and continued.

I was so mesmerized by her beauty I lost all my earthly senses.
She came closer, but still, I couldn’t even kiss her goodbye on her forehead.
The thought of kissing made me realize…
The thought of kissing made me realize, I am already someone else’s; I cannot be with her.
I cannot be with her.’

Ek Mili Mainu Apsara Kana De Vich Waliyan Zulfan Kaliyan Kaliyan,
Akhan Neeliyan Neeliyan Pata Ni Kidhron Bhaaliyan,
Gora Gora Cham Ee Jivein Thand Ch Rum Ee..”
‘I met an angel with earrings in her ears and black hair.
Her eyes were blue. I couldn’t understand where she got it from.
She was as fair as one could get, fair as rum in winter.’

He said and stopped as more tears rolled down from his eyes just thinking about his lost angel.

‘You never tried to find her Mamu?’ Asked Ishaan hugging him tightly while he nodded.

‘I tried but couldn’t find her. It was like she vanished in a thin air maybe she was really an ‘ANGEL’ an ‘APSARA.’ Said Vansh looking at Ishaan who smiled at him cleaning his tears.

‘Mamu what was her name?’ Ishaan asked again.


Replied Vansh and smiled thinking about his beautiful angel.

Humne Kaha Agar Koyi Ishara Lagta Hai
Pyar Mujhe Hoga Ab Dobara Lagta Hai
Pyar Mujhe Hoga Ab Dobara Lagta Hai..


So how was the shot hope you all likes it.

Who are punjabi can listen the song combination of shayari and song by famous punjabi writer Jaani & Singer Asees kaur I’m sure you’ll gonna love the song. And the above shot was the translation of the song hope you liked it.❤❤❤❤

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