Love changes life(part 12)

[1/19, 2:09 PM] neha: Love changes life(chap 12)

After lïstening swara broke down
S(wiped her tears)no wo sanskar nai ho sakti he can’t leave me.(laksh nd ansh came to c her bt they were shockd to c swara in broken condition)
L&A-gudia/princess(cupd her)wt hapnd ?
S(crying)bhaiyu bf. Wo phn san accident(couldnt cmpletd)
A-tuk phn hello wt? We r cming(to laksh)wo bhai sanskara ka accident ho gaya hai nd spot death(chokd at last sentence laksh 2 got shock)
Trio left for accident spot nd shocked to c sanskar’s dead body. Swara was broken
S(crying bitterly painful voice)mr kadus u cant go like dis. (shake him)uto avi i knw u r joking u want to scare me luk i m scared very scared nw pls get up (ansh try to console her bt al in vain)bf tel him to get up na i want him plz
L(teary eye)swara accept the truth gudia he left us(choked voice)nw he cant cme back
S-no he cant he has to come for his family,for me i cant live without him bhaiyu(to san)mr kadus i cant live without u i lov u a lot i lov u(confess her feeling)
All smiled 2 hear tat.
(a voice)i love u 2 my ms pagal (swara was beyond to shock nd happy)
S-(happy)sanskar tum teek ho(sanky nodded swara hugged him tightly) u knw i was so scared tumhe us halat me dek kar(suddenly she realised what she said)tum tik ho means that was trick to make me ???hw could u sanskar(to bf)bf bhaiyu lets leave nw
Ansh-princess listen na?
S-no i dnt want to ek min u both knew abt dis ryt?
San-ha they knew evrything nd tat was our plan to know ur feelings nd nw i got to know tat u lov me
S-no i dont??
San-don’t lie jaan
S-i m not. I don’t lov u. Wo bas me shock me ti to muh se nïkal gaya tats it.
San??enough swara nw dont deny y cant u accept d truth dammit
S(ignore him) bf,bhaiyu chale(she moved frm there bt sanky blocked her way)
San-ansh,lucky u both leave i wil drop swara i want to talk to her privately(they left without giving glance to swara)
S-(shouts)traitor ap log muje aise ek ladke k sath chod k ja sakte hai?(bt they left)aahh???
San-oh my baby dont’t worry i wil never leave u
S??-enough mr kadus leave my way i wil go myself
San-no don’t until u say tať u love me(wink at her)
S-sanskar plz zid mat karo plz forget me y u want to spoil ur life
San-i m not spoiling my life swara i m trying to make it beautiful
S(smiles bitterly)-mere sath abad nai barbad hoga mr kadus pls think practical society ur family ur relatives plz. Avi u lov me tats y bt jab waqt jusrega tb kya mr kadus mere sath ur life wil get destroy i cnt let tat happen
San(hold her arms tightly)-i don’t care abt family society i just don’t nd swara i m not a teenage boy i m mature to think al dis mene soch samaj k ye faisla liya hai tat i wil marry u(swara dnt respond)5n u want to leave me na then go(leave her)bt remember 1 thing tat if u left me 2day then u wil oly c my distruction(swara luk at him wit fear)s swara i wil destroy my life wit my own hands, aisa halat bana dunga apne ap ka ki kud maut v dar jayega. Nw u can leave.
(Swara movd a little bt sanskar’s evryword is achoing her mind she felt like sme1 snaching her life).
S-agar usne sach me kuch aisa kia to? I have seen determination in his voice(she turnd nd saw sanky standing like a statue) (shouts)sanskar(he luk at her swara opnd her arms for a hug)they both hug like their life depends upon eo
S-i m sorry nd i lov u
San(smiled) i lov u 2 plz never leave me swara i wil die without u(swara put finger in his mouth)never mr kadus i promise.
They spend smetime sanky drop swara to GM. They both slept thinking abt their future
It was a lovly for both swasan.
Sun ray fal on sanky he got up got ready. When he cme to hall he saw a lady aged 50 nd a 22 aged girl he becme happy cing tat lady
San(happy) badi maa(tuk blessing frm her) i m so happy 2 c u
BM-oh my child i m 2 happy to c u happy kitne saalo bad muskurate hue dek rhi hu tuje(just then girl hugged him tightly)
Girl(hugging)i missed u sanky.
[1/19, 2:09 PM] neha: San(felt uncomfortable nd released the hug)me 2 kavita. Hw r u?
Kavita-i m 5n as always
(badima name kaveri dp’s raki sis nd kavita is her daughter,she lov sanky nt him his wealth. Sanskar trust badima more than any1 for him she is a god)
Ragini-badi maa sirf bhai ko pyar karenge kya even i m here(pout face)
BM-(blesd her)congrtas my dr i m happy for u. Bt i m sorry i couldn’t cme for u sagai
R-its k BM u dnt need to feel bad baht jald ek or sagai hone wali hai yaha(tease san)
R-mtlb ur son fallen in love again(all were shocked)nd u all knw who is d girl? ?? non other than my to b nanand my shona(another shock for all).
Ap-??wt r u saying ragini r u out of ur mind wo apahij ladki ko tum mere gar ki bahu banana chahti ho
San(anger raisd)-mrs maheshwari mind ur tongue jiske bare me ap bat kar rhe hai wo meri pyar hai.
Dp-bt beta we can’t deny tat she can’t walk. I knw she is a very matured, intelligent nd cultured bt
San??-i don’t need ur any speech. I m nt asking ur permission i m telling u tat she is my to b wife
BM-beta r u sure kai tum jald bazi me to
San-no badima i really lov her a lot she is my life
BM-agar tum kush ho to wahi is gar ki bahu banegi.
San(happy)tq badima u oly cn understand me,care for my happiness i wil inform it to ms pagal
BM(confusd)ms pagal?
R-are badima swara hi bhai ki ms pagal hai pyar se kyu bhai(teasing tone)
San-chup kar rago
R????(hudg him)i m so happy for u bhai. Mera purana bhai wapas a gaya u again startd to live
San-ha rago nd tat all bcoz of my jaan..
R-oh ho jaaaan???
In gm
Ansh ishveer were teasing swara like hell.
Ish-oh god itna sb hogaya nd no 1 told me
RV-shopping se fursat milti to pata chalta na?.
A-thank god u finally accepted him leaving ur stupidity(swara glard)are i m happy for u my princess. Jaldi tumse mera picha jo chutegi???
S-how mean bf(pout)i wil not talk to u..
A-aww(pulled her cheek) stop ur drama

In swara’s room
Swara was dng her work her phn rang smile appeard on her lips cing sanskar calling.
Phn convsn
San-wt r u dng? Thinking abt me?
S-hmm no. nothing just dng my work
San-are jhut hi bol deti tat u were missing me??
San-u knw i told badima abt u nd she accepted u.
S-?what unhone muje i m happy mr wt abt ap aunty nd dp aunty did they accept me?
San-i dnt care wt they think so u dont wory
S-sanskar they r ur parents y u hate them tat much?
San-(avoiding topic)(serious)jaan i want 2 tel u smething very important cn we meet 2day?
S-sure mr kadus? Any serious matter?
San-hmm i wil tel wen we meet get ready i m cming in 1 hour
S-k bye(kept d cl)
In san’s room
San-swara its time u to knw abt my past my 1st love then whatever ur decision i wil accept.
At xyz restaurant
Whole restro was booked by sanskar. Both were sitting in corner table.
S-mr kadus wt d matter tel fast i already ate 2 ice cream
San(hesitating)swara wt wil u do if i tel tat i had a relationship in my past?
S(shock)-sanky tel clearly wt u want to tel me
San-wo u r not my 1st love i lovd a girl name kumud. We met in clg i likd her simplicity her innocent, (told evrything abt her and her death in his lap)
San(crying)u askd me na tat why i hate my parents bcoz they were d reason for kumud’s death ha swara they only killed her. They didnt liked her bcoz she was frm middle class girl bt i was abadant in my decision to marry her bt they(couldn’t cmplte)i hate them swara?? (wiping his tears) swara i know it not a smal thing to digest i wil accept watever ur decide. Bt plz keep 1 thing in ur mind tat nw i only lov u..
All dis while swara was cing emotionlessly,no expresion nothing.

Precap-swara decision
Sanskar to slap swara??

Guys i think smething went wrong dis ist12th part. 13th part is postd as part 11 nd 14th as 13th part. Bt its writen in update correctly i hope u dnt get confuse. And i want to knw what element u liked my story whose character u like most

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