Dil se bandhi ekk dorr by Vrushy and Hales (Chapter 2)

In a cold winter day with little or no sunlight …a broad built figure walks amidst the fog! 

Its london so most of the time the weather  is like this …

Dressed with suit n tie … a starnger walking briskly with two or three more coming around
This stranger seems to consider himself to have a big reputed personality
His hands gesture more than he talks …but wait just now he spoke something

Stranger (on phone):cancel the deal!

all the men around him looked at an amaze at him …like by saying these simple 3 words some disaster happen!

They continued walking till the time a man came running …Mr. goenka …Mr. kartik goenka!

Hearing this name the stranger hurriedly looked at the running man

The man: sir i consider u as my role model ..how can i miss my oportunity of missing the chance to talk to the great business tycoon Kartik goenka!

Kartik: whats ur name?

The man: nikhil sharma

Kartik: ok hello nikhil sharma thakur

Nikhil: sir my name does not include thakur

Kartik: similarly my name doesnt include  goenka…

Nikhil worried as he wanted a normal convo no conflicts

Nikhil: sorry sir ..

Nikhil was leaving …kartik stopped n gave him some business tips ..nikhil thanked him n left

Kartik thinks in his mind ‘goenka title came into my name due to tht one person ..n wen tht person is not thier in my life i dont want the title’

Kartik suddenly spots a cute little family of a kid with parents …

Kartik put on his goggles though npt required as there waa no sun ….

Actually the goggle was put not get protected by the sun but this tym he wore them to hide his tears n pain which could be easily visible  through his eyes

Kartik thinks – y me god? I planned out so much then y this situation with me! If everything  was fine then i could have been tht guy playing with the kid while tht women adoring them could be …

He stops  …n continues with his brisk walking ..wen his car came in which he sat n drove off!

In India 

Naira: kaira get ready baby! We r getting late

Kaira: ok mumma …by the way m scared …wat if like they show in tv they give me a injection like a big one

Kaira was stretching  her arms wide open to show her imagination of the injection …

Naira cutely adores her act so cute

Kaira: mumma plz save me from injection 

Kaira hugs naira tight from waist as her hieght reached till tht 

Naira hugged her back n says kaira baby its just a small needle even if they have to give u an injection! U r just talking like ….

Naira stopped realising wat she was saying

Naira went into flashback …
Kartik: plz doctor no injection give me a tablet or syrup but no injection

Naira was laughing on how her mendhak was doing so much tarr tarr even for this little needle

While doctor put the needle …kartik was grabbing  naira’s hand  who was standing ryt next him

Naira came out of the  Flashback as kara shaked her asking like who  mumna like who

Naira: u r being darpok like mendhaks! Be a lioness 

Kaira: lions r so scary na mumma …while frogs r cute cute ….

Naira thinks it has been 5 yrs n yet all this affects me so much.. y god y? 

Precap : Naksh and Keerti introduction. A sneak peek into the past.

Guyz thnk u so much for all the appreciation u gave in chapter one❤
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