Hey Everyone!
Aamna Here?
I am back again as promised?
This is For Sohi??

I know Seeing Me Regular isn’t less than a SHOCK to U people??
But I am Regular??
Enough Of My Bakbak??

Let’s Start with the Episode? And Give U MORE SHOCKS??





This time Lawn of the SARNA FARMHOUSE was drapped and cladded in combination of Green ; Pink & Yellow Curtains..

Dance Floor Placed at a Corner..In Middle of the Lawn was placed a Comfy Sofa and two Cushions around it..Music Played on Mehendi’s Was played in background..

Kunj Came there wearing Brown sherwani with Uv clad in Light green sherwani ; Aman in Yellow Sherwani ;Abeer in Orange sherwani and Anand in Mehroon Sherwani..

They were standing in a Corner teasing Kunj and having Fun whilst laughing and Smiling..Uv n Abeer were busy Cracking Jokes sometimes earning death glare by Kunj and Aman..

Everyone was Enjoying when Light’s went Off and Focused on Stair Case gaining everyone’s attention..

There came Angel’s..Twinkle was beautifuly dressed in Dark green and Brown combinated heavy embroided lehenga..She was wearing heavy jhumkas and Maang Tikka looking heavenly beautiful..

She was surrounded by Nikki who was wearing Orange lehenga;Meher wearing Yellow n silver combinated lehenga ;Amaya in Yellow Anarkali; Mahi , Chinki and Bubbly wearing Colour coded light green lehengas..Mahi was wearing Saree whilst Bubbly was wearing slitted Anarkali and lehenga whilst Chinki in green lehenga..

Kunj was mesmerized by Twinkle’s Beauty..He was Lost in her ??

(Toh Uv ; Aman n Abeer ka Haal koi Farak thori na Hai??)

They were all lost when Uv not in his Senses said making other’s come out of senses and teased Uv..

Uv:Haye?? I am dead Re..


K:Lagta hai Koi Bhabhi mein kho gaya hai..

Am:Ahaan Kunj..Koi meri behen ke chakkar mein dead hai re??

They all teased Uv and cracked jokes..

Where as On other side twinkle was made to sit on Sofa and Mehendi Artist Started to apply Mehendi on her Hands..

Whilst Chinki , Bubbly , Amaya , Mahi and Nikki were also being applied Mehendi..They were teasing twinkle whilst applying Mehendi..

Aman came near Amaya and asked her to have Juice starving in pregnancy wasn’t Good..Everyone admired his Care towards Amaya..

T:Aww?? My Bhaiyu cares so Much For di?

N:Haan wish Anand bhi aise hote (Making Faces??)

Me:Haan Abeer bhi..

Abeer and Anand’s Mouth Formed an ‘0’..When something Evil strucked in Abeer’s Mind..

He came near Meher and spoke in her Ears making her blush?

Ab:Abhi apne hamari care dekhi hi kahaan hai Baby? I think U love to have Baby? Well I don’t mind U Know?

Meher pushed Abeer by her Elbow making him wince while other’s Laugh..

Everyone was busy teasing eachother and laughing having Fun when Kunj saw twinkle getting irritated by her open hairs..

He stood behind and like a Pony Tail held her hairs in his Hands..Everyone was it and was in awe and teased them..

Am;Uv;A;Ab;Me;M;C;B:Awww How Cute??

Bubbly clicked there photo in that position..Twinkle blushed whilst Kunj Smiled..

They continued applying Mehendi with Romance..Teasing and Fun when Kunj without anyone’s notice slightly pulled Twinkle’s Hairs..

Mahi Ve From Kal Ho Na Ho was being played..

Dancers were dancing on Typical Mehendi Songs along with Mahi Ve..

Some of the Guests were also being applied Mehendi by Mehendi artists..Bebe ; Leela and Usha were also there..Whilst Manohar and RT were inside House as it was mainly a Ladies Function they were working on their Business Projects..

In Fact Only Males of Sarna Clan..Taneja Clan and Malhotras were only present including Kids..

Uv was now holding 4 Months Yuvaan in his Hands who was crying whilst Ruhi;Amar;Kaira and Ishaan were with Aman and Anand whilst Abeer was looking after arrangements..

L:Areh! Rajbeer Puttar kidhar hai?

C:Maa hoga kahin Apni kisi mebooba ke saath?? I mean kisi Criminal ke Saath(Making Faces)

Everyone Laughed at Chinki??When Someone spoke from Back..

R:Apne Yaad kia aur Hum Haazir?

L:Areh ! Rajbeer Puttar kithe rehgaya tha?

R:Woh Leela Maa kaisa apki BETI ne kaha na woh sach hai??Mujhe meri mebooba mil gyi thi..

After some moment’s latter Mehendi Artist asked Twinkle her husband’s Name..Twinkle whilst blushing hard spoke Kunj..Kunj Smiled at her State her Cheeks didn’t even need blush On to be applied..Her Cheeks were Red??

Mehendi Artist hid Kunj’s Name in her Mehendi..Though Kunj was standing behind twinkle only he didn’t saw himself cause he wanted to Enjoy each and every rituals of his and Twinkle’s Wedding..

Kunj closed his Eye’s to not see anything when Amaya asked why he did so?

A:Kunj!Why U closed Ur Eye’s..U have an Opportunity to see the Name already and win Easily..

Kunj’s Honest Reply Made twinkle blushed more when they received Teasing..

K:Cause I want to Enjoy Each and Every Ritual Of Mine and Twinkle’s wedding☺

A:Aww My Baby Brother??

K:Huh ? I am not Ur Baby Brother Anymore..

Uv:Haan Haan di? Ab toh yeh twinkle ka SADU SARNA hai??

There teasing continued when Twinkle’s Mehendi was completed..As per Ritual Kunj was asked to Find his Name..

He did so..He sat beside twinkle and started to Find his..He was having difficulty in Finding his..When Everyone asked him to surrender but he denied..And kept finding when his Gaze fell on a Design in her Mehendi which was beautifuly craved in K..

He said One and it was that Only everyone Hooted For them..When suddenly lights dimmed and fell on Dance Floor..

U know she Liked the Drama..
Yeah she is s*xy Mama..
When she dance everybody go Ooo..

(Rajbeer Sang these Lines whilst dancing..When behind the dancer cleared Chinki appeared singing these Lines)

Dekho toh bholi kitni..
Utni par teri cheez hai..
Baatien hai kadwi kadwi..
Phir bhi lazeez hai..

(They both Sang together swaying there bodies together)

Ittar gulabon wali..
Bottle sharabon wali..
Tabahi wala scene hai..

Adaayien badi Funky..
Kare hai Nautanki..
Yeh chori badi Drama Queen hai..
Ho baadi baadi ankhien hai ansoon ki tanki..

Yeh chori badi Drama Queen hai..

(Now Chinki Stood Up on Table and tapped with her Hands..Then swayed around Chair and stand upon it)

Table baja ke gaaun..
Chadh jaun kursi pe..
Poori karun mein manmaaniyaan..
Chahe Samajh lo nashe ka nateeja hai ya..
Pagalpan ki nishaaniyaan..

(Rajbeer pulled Chinki down whilst she made a face and they continued swaying and dancing)

Adaayien badi Funky..
Kare hai Nautanki..
Ye chiri baari drama queen hai..
Ho baadi baadi ankhien hai aansoon ki tanki..
Ye chori badi Drama Queen hai..

You Know she like the drama..
Yeah she is s*xy Mama..
When she dance everybody go Ooo..(×2)

(Rajbeer Sang these Lines whilst twirling Chinki and then with a typical bhangda style)

Naina donali se kyun goli maare kishton mein..
Kaahena jhatke se jaan le..
Moti ki maala leke..
Gori gori jaapte hain..
Tu bhi hamara naam le..

Laakhon croreon wala..
Tan tera sone jaisa..
Man se chokariya tu mean hai..

Adaayien badi Funky..
Kare hai Nautanki..
Ye chiri baari drama queen hai..
Ho baadi baadi ankhien hai aansoon ki tanki..
Ye chori badi Drama Queen hai..(×2)

They finished dancing everyone hooting and clapping for them..

After sometime guests were served Food..
TWINJ and All the SARNA ; TANEJA AND MALHOTRA FAMILIES were sitting..When Mahi and Amaya teased twinkle making her blushed Hard?

M:Twinkle U know Jab Mehendi ka Colour Dark Aye na toh Matlab Kunj tujhse buhat pyaar karta hai??

A:Areh Mahi ! Dekhna Twinkle ki Mehendi ka Rang sabse zyada Dark Ayega..Akhir Mera Bhai Itna PYAAR jo karta hai isse..

Amaya hit Kunj’s Shoulder who was sitting beside her..Twinkle blushed hard..When bubbly made her go All Red like a Tomato..

B:Haan Amaya di..Twinkle di ki Mehendi ka Rang sabse zyada Dark Ayega hum sab me??Dekhlena?? Aur phir twinkle di ki Tara har kisi ki kismat mein Kunj jiju jesa life partner thori na hota hai..

Me:Haan bubbly! Dekho toh Abhi bhi how he is Feeding her so that UskiMehendi kharaab na Ho..Aur Ek yahaan Abeer hai jisko meri koi Fikar hi Nahi (Making Faces)

Abeer who was drinking spit it out and made puppy face then turned to Kunj and said..

Ab:Aur bhi Kuch rehta hai toh woh bhi karle Bhai.. Baar baar kyun marwata hai humein Ekhi baar lagwade?

Kunj chuckled at him whilst Uv ; Aman ; Anand and Abeer glared him making faces..

After Having dinner every One left for their own room being hell tired..

TWINJ were smiling all the way thinking about eachother tomorrow finally they will become Eachother’s Forever?? Unknow to the Upcoming Storm in the Life??


A Man standing Outside the Airport Smirked Evily and Said..He was revealed to be cherry..

C:I am back Baby Doll?Ur Cherry is Back to Make U Mine??



Meher Was in their Room was removing her jewellery..When Abeer came from behind and hugged her..Meher Smiled but soon moaned his Name as kissed her neck passionately..

He turned her towards him and picked her up in his Arms..He layedher down on the Bed and came on Top of her and they consummate there Marriage..


It isn’t End of a Function here☺ Much more is left with DHAMAKA and SHOCKS Coming Up?Now the Real story Began..Will TWINJ’s LOVE be able to Overcome these Obstacles?

Stay tuned to watch??? DHAMAKA PROMO is on the Way??


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