Love: Can it overcome all hurdles? part 2

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hi guys so this the 2 chapter

Another mansion is shown.
Malhotra family will live there.

Samar was surprised seeing the big house and went inside hurriedly. Sanju looked at the house carefully.
Sameer:”don’t think too much. Everything will be fine. You are not alone.”
Sanju nodded yes.

At night:
Thakur family went to a restaurant, all took their place and they started to decide what to order. Soon they ordered their dinner.
Malhotra family also came there. As they were still setting the house, Sameer took them to restaurant for dinner.

Sanju went to bathroom and while coming back she bumped into Yuvi who went to the washroom too. They stared at each other.
Yuvi:”can’t you see?”
Sanju hold her hand as she got hurt. Yuvi noticed it.
Yuvi:”are you hurt?” He tried to touch her hand but Sanju moved back and walked back to her seat.
Yuvi, to himself:”weird girl, she didn’t even say sorry.”
Then he returned back to his place.

Malhotra family was on the table besides Thakur family.
Yuvi noticed Sanju. He stared at her, while the others were busy talking.

Thakur family:
Samar was reading the dishes name in a funny way. And Sameer and Sanju was laughing at him.

The waiter came to take their orders and Sameer ordered. While ordering, he said the funny name which Samar was saying. And the trio laughed.
The waiter asked them the meaning and Sameer corrects himself.

Yuvi was looking at them.
Yuvi thinks:”small family, and they are enjoying so much. Look at us, big family but everyone is busy in their own world. Bhai and hitler are talking business, maa and bhabhi talking, Avni playing on my phone and me staring at them…. but why am i staring at her… i mean at them?”

Abhi looked at him and saw him bored.
Abhi thinks:”need to do something or else Yuvi would be bored and would never again come to family dinner.”

Abhi:”papa, enough of talking business now, we will talk about something else. Why not about cricket and football?”

Yuvi, excited:”ohh yeah….”
They started to talk about sports. Abhi knew that at least there is one topic which their father and Yuvi could talk without arguing.

Soon they finished dinner and both families went to their homes.

Next day:
Yuvi and Avni got up early as they had college and school. They were getting ready.
Yuvi:”maa, i will drop Avni, today”
Raj:”no need, you will be late if you drop her. Abhi will drop her”
Yuvi was about to say something but Abhi signed him not to. So he stayed quiet.

Malhotra family were also ready, Sameer for office, Sanju for college and Samar for school.

Sameer dropped Samar first as Sanju need to know where the school is so that she pick him up later on.
Sameer:”you behave well ok? It’s your first day and it’s very different from London school”
Samar:”don’t worry Papa. I will be fine”
Sanju kissed him on his cheek.

Sanju and Sameer left from there.
Yuvi arrived in his car. His group joined him. There were like 4/5 guys. They were talking to each other.
Karan:”hey, first year students….”
Sam:”come on lets rag them a bit. We are seniors now”
Yuvi:”let’s go…”

They went to the students and they started to talk about them.
They went to the cafeteria.
They made them stand in a line and asked one by one to do something. As the students were afraid they were following their orders.

Sameer came with Sanju and they went to the principle first.
Principle:”ohh so she is Sanjana, nice meeting you. Mr. Sameer, you don’t have to worry, I already informed her teachers.”
Sameer nodded yes.
Principle:”Sanjana, you go and visit the school.”
Sanju left.
Principle:”don’t worry, your daughter will be fine here”
Sameer also left.
Sanju was visiting the college, she came to the cafeteria and saw a crowd. She went forward. She saw Yuvi and his group ragging other students. She remembered seeing him yesterday. Yuvi also noticed her.

His friends noticed him looking at Sanju.
Karan:”so here is another newcomer…” and proceed towards Sanju.

Yuvi:”wait… let me do it. Miss…. what’s your name?”
Sanju stayed quiet and looked at everybody around her. She was nervous.

Yuvi:”i am asking you something… what is your name?”
But no answer.
The students were laughing at Yuvi as she was kind of ignoring him.
The bell rang and Sanju left from there.
Karan came to Yuvi.
Karan:”let her be…”
Yuvi:”I won’t…. because of her everyone is laughing at us. I will see her later on”

They left for their classes.
Yuvi and his group were in their class. They were talking to the teacher present there.
The principle came there with Sanju. Yuvi and his group stared at her.
Principle:”hello everyone, so here is Sanjana, she is joining our college from today. She was in London before, in the most prestigious college…”

Yuvi:”sir, she can give her introduction herself.” Sanju stared at him.
Principle:”ignore them, she will be your classmate from today and i hope that you all will make her feel comfortable. Ok, Sanjana, you take your place. And Mr. Professor, you plz come with me”

The principle and professor went out. Yuvi was looking at her and smirking.

Sanju was aware of his gaze and tried not to look at him.
Yuvi came in front of Sanju.
Yuvi:”so Miss Sanjana, you escaped because of the bell in the morning, and your ragging was stopped, but now there is no one to save you. So you are from London, why don’t you sing an English song for us, what’s say guys?”

All the others agreed.
Yuvi:”come on, lets cheer up for her”
They started to cheer her up. But Sanju did nothing. She just stand there and stared at Yuvi.
The students were surprised to see that she is not obeying to Yuvi as they all do.

Yuvi was now angry.
Yuvi, angrily:”i told you to do something….”
The bell rang again for the end of the period, and Sanju rushed out of the class.

Yuvi hit the table angrily.
Whole day was like that, Sanju tried to ignore everyone. And as it was the first day, there was no really class but the teachers left the students free.

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  1. nice epi dr

    1. Zai

      Thanks parul

  2. Honeypriya

    Dats nice zai. In d first episode itself that dese characters r from bff. Nice keep writing

    1. Zai

      Thanks dear… i am gald you like it

  3. Sally_V

    Wow another amazing update ?? like their first meet but i just noticed that sanju has not spoke anything is she mute? ☹️ Hope yuvi find out soon if it’s true… but I really love this angry yuvi ? Awesome Zai ??

    1. Zai

      Thanks Sally… and you will get your answers in part 3, it’s already there so you can check it.

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