Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 31st January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 31st January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina asking Dadi to come. Dadi says now my eyes got open, you go home, I have to go somewhere else, I will come later. Naina asks are you fine. Dadi says don’t worry, chauffeur and car are there. She goes. Raghav meets Amit at the airline office. Amit says I have booked Veer and Sanjana’s tickets for honeymoon. Raghav sees him and asks did we meet before. Amit says maybe, indian community is small. Hazel comes and throws divorce papers, saying you cheated Naina and you have done that to me too, this marriage is over. Raghav recalls Amit. Hazel scolds him and goes. Amit gets sad.

Amit says I m sorry, you had to see all this, but I guess I m bearing for my deeds, Karma pays back, I broke Naina’s heart. Raghav says your ex….. Amit nods and says now my soon to be ex wife is right, after marriage, I realized I did my life’s biggest mistake, Hazel valued money more than emotions, I used to recall Naina’s words, she used to say love is not in luxuries, its in each other’s togetherness. Raghav recalls Naina. Amit says I did wrong with her, I can never forgive myself for that.

He sees Naina’s pic in phone. Raghav thinks maybe its not much late. He leaves. Raghav calls Naina. She says I need to talk something imp, can we meet now. He says even I have to meet you. He calls her at court, come soon please.

Rajeev and Asha reach court. Asha says I feel restless, as if something wrong is going to happen, can’t we do this later. Rajeev says I took today’s appointment for baby’s passport. He says but I feel restless. He asks her to sit. He thinks Chanchal should have come along. Raghav meets lawyer. Lawyer asks him to sign. Raghav thinks its namesake relation, I married her without her wish, I have hurt Naina a lot, its my duty to free her. He signs. Lawyer asks him to take Naina’s sign, then his divorce will happen.

Raghav thinks what is Asha doing here, if she sees me then… He hides. Rajeev asks Asha to wait, he will go and just come. Raghav feels sorry and thinks I m doing this for Naina, she deserves a lot. He gets Naina’s call and asks her not to come inside, wait there. He goes out and sees Naina. He goes to Naina. She asks why did you call me here. He says you said you will be with me for 7 days for Dadi’s sake, I m freeing you one day before, this is our divorce papers, I signed on it, you also sign, you are free from me and this relation. forever. She gets shocked.

Naina thinks of their moments and cries. Tere naam….plays…… Sudha and Pam talk where is Dadi, if she went out, it means she is getting fine. They see Dadi. Pam says I told Balraj to go and check you, we were worried. Dadi says I know you are worried for me, I m fine, I went to get wedding present for Sanjana. Sanjana says thanks, can I see it. Sanjana checks the gift. Sudha asks Sanjana to show it. Dadi says show them. Sanjana shows the short dress.

Pam says Sanjana can use this gifts after delivery. Dadi says no, she can still use it, as she is not pregnant. They get shocked. She asks Sanjana to say it. Dadi says you all are liars, everyone lied together, no need to explain me anything, I know you all did it, my family cheated me, whom I blindly trusted, I was living with hope that my grandson will come as happiness, I m unlucky, why did you cheat me, knowing my bad health, why did you punish me that i love you a lot Sanjana and you all did this for money, you got greedy for money.

Pam asks did you think of our feelings. Sudha says you are nothing more than ringmaster for us, you always ordered us, this family became a circus and you are saying about love, love happens when everyone has freedom to live, you chained us. Pam says absolutely, we dance on your fingers. Madan says you just know to control family, I m failure today because of your control issues, I never wanted to come in family business, you pushed me, I could not say anything being afraid that you can make me leave house, I went in gambling because of you. Balraj says I m your fav son, I m talented and kept the empire at top level, what did I get in return, you have never given the business in my hands, now you are saying we are bad, today we admit we are bad, you know we became such because of you. Dadi cries.

Raghav says trust me Naina, your life will have everything good, we will start with this, you gave me big gift on my birthday, you freed me from my biggest guilt, think your freedom is return gift, strange thing is timing is perfect, I went to book honeymoon package for Veer and Sanjana, travel agent was Amit there, he is getting divorced, he still loves you, he has your pic in his phone, he was regretting a lot, I will explain him that our marriage was namesake relation, I think you will be happy with him. She gets shocked.

Raghav talks to Dadi. Dadi asks her to come fast. Sudha and Pam shut Dadi’s mouth. Dadi faints. Raghav says we should go home, I don’t find things right. Raghav and Naina go home and see Dadi unconscious.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Esther

    God….Sudha and Pam are devils

  2. Shakaib

    Oh god, these PS(Pam-Sudha) are too much. However Sudha akasakshi is my favourite but iI think ekta is unnecessary spoiling her character, if we see at least one person on dadi’s side from Family, it will be more interesting.

    1. Chithu

      Yeah Shakaib felt bad that everyone were against dadi

  3. OMG…..!! in precap sudha nd pam trying 2 kill dadi…. really these two can fall to any extent…
    naina was soo shocked in todays episode….. hope their divorce wnt happen

  4. Riana

    Wow…the episode was Horrible…Pam n Sudha tried to kill Dadi…Really they r so evils…

  5. omg ..another good storyline going to be ruined by Ekta kpoor

  6. Chithu

    Dadi must not die. Sudha n Pam needs a good teaching. I saw the promos where Naina have challenged Mehras that Raghav will became more successful within a month. Amit deserves that. How can he regret now. He was also blinded for money. He married only to get citizenship

  7. looking fwd to raghav and naina’s next phase in life. im all ears and eyes!

  8. Good episode
    Love the fact that Dadi confronted them about their greed.
    I think Dadi has changed her will
    Amit deserves to be upset and feel guilty but he does not deserve Naina
    Naina belongs to Raghav and she will not sign the papers as she believes in marriage.
    I am looking forward to their bonding & Naina’s support
    Raghav deserves love and I am routing for him.

  9. Ritika Sawhney

    Gift was Not short dress but a sandal with heels…?

  10. It is only serial in which no dragging
    Divorce must not happen

  11. Angelk1

    So much misunderstanding. Raina needs to communicate with one another an say what they really want.

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