Love birds (part-17)

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this part is starting from bihaan goes to hospital.he keeps kumkum in thapki forehead.suddenly in thapki mind some memories is gone.she gets memories about bihaan and his love,about her house and her family.bihaan gets call from someone.he speaks to them.thapki slowly getting conscious.thapki hands are moves. bihaan turns at her.he sees thapki hands are moving.bihaan sees thapki is getting conscious.he goes near to her.he says to her,thapki…I am your your eyes…thapki…thapki…
everyone’s hears bihaan.they comes inside of room.thapki slowly moves her hands.she opens her eyes.bihaan gets happy.he smiles at her.he holds thapki hands.everyone gets happy.

doctor comes to them.
bihaan:doctor….she opens her eyes.she gets conscious…I am so happy.thank you so much doctor.thanks a lot…
doctor:its medical miracle Mr.bihaan pandey.I didnt see any case like this.she gets cure because of your effort.really this life is given by god.
vasu:yes is saying right.your effort is reason.
Sankara thinks oh my god…she gets conscious. again she spoiled my dream.she looks at her angrily.dhruv gets happy to seeing thapki.

thapki sees bihaan.she slowly smiles at him.she tries to talk with him.bihaan goes near to her.bihaan holds thapki face.
bihaan:I am sorry thapki.I am reason for this accident. its my mistake.I forgot to care you on that day.
thapki:bi…’t say are not done any mistake.(everyone gets shocked)

thapki stammers to him.thapki gets shocked.she keeps her hands in neck.she says to them,what happend to me????why I am stammering???(Sankara smiles)

bihaan calls doctor.he says to that doctor what happend to her?why she was stammering doctor?
doctor checks says to them,sorry bihaan.she gets stammers by shocking of accident.(thapki starts crying).

bihaan holds her hands and says, don’t worry thapki.shh……don’t cry..thapki hugs bihaan.

vasu calls to balwander.she explained everything to him
he gets happy.vasu says to balwander to do all arrangement before reaching house.balwander nodes at her.

doctor says to bihaan she is fine now.don’t worry bihaan.
thapki cries about her stammering problem.bihaan says to her,its not a big problem.I love your heart.I need that only.whatever will happend to you I won’t change your place in my heart.krishnakant and poonam gets glad.

vasu:doctor shall we bring her to go my home?
doctor:yes but…she has to take rest for few days.
bihaan:we will take care her.
doctor:OK but I will send nurse for along with her.she will take care of her.
vasu nodes at him.

they reaches home.bihaan holds thapki hands.she slowly walks in floor.she enters to house.thapki sees the house decoration
she gets happy.they goes to hall.balloons are bursts.glitter papers and flowers are falls on thapki and bihaan.suddenly big screen was comes in wall.thapki sees screen surprisingly.she sees in that welcome back mrs.bihaan pandey.she gets happy.suddenly screen goes upstairs.

she sees marriage mandap decoration in home.
thapki: va…va…vasu aunty.what is this???
vasu:we are planning to finish your marriage today.
aditi smiles. krishnakant happy at thapki.(Sankara and dhruv shocked)
dhruv:Maa…but she is not well.she gets you can do this today???
sankara:yes aunty dhruv is right. and she was stammering girl. are you going to ruined your son life?(dhruv gets angry at Sankara
he sees her angrily.krishnakant family and everyone looks at her angrily)
vasu shouts Sankara.
vasu:mind your words sankara.who are you to talk against thapki?
bihaan: Maa…don’t get tension.(he sees Sankara) bhabhi Ji..she was stammering.but she is pure its not big problem compared to her character.
Sankara looks him angrily.
balwander:no one can’t stop this marriage today.surely thapki and bihaan marriage will happend today.
vasu smiles at him.

dhruv: but Maa…how today.???we have to all ceremonies for you arranged this marriage to them suddenly.
balwander:stop it dhruv.we know don’t want to give lecture for us.(dhruv gets angry.he goes to his room)Sankara goes from there.
balwander says to nurse…beta you should take care of her.nurse nodes at him.
Sankara tries to speak him.dhruv gets call.he goes out from there.
Sankara sees in mirror.she says…I didn’t expect this…bihaan tell me why you don’t like me.I have nice physique and I am looks beautiful.but why you hate me? she cries.she thinks to stop marriage. john comes to upstairs. he goes to Sankara room.he hides near the door.he sees Sankara is alone in her room.

he goes to kitchen.he brings juice for sankara.he comes to her.he stares at her.Sankara sees him.she gets angry.she asks to him,what are you doing here?get out.don’t stand here.go from this room.john says to her,mam I brought juice for you.she scolds him.she says to him,did I ask juice to you???why are you looking at me like this.what’s wrong with you.I hate this.get out.he sees Sankara mobile in bed.he stares at mobile.she says to him,hello….I am talking with you only.go from here.
john goes from there.aditi sees john is coming from her room.she comes to john.she congrats him
they laughs.

vasu goes to bihaan room.she says to him get ready for marriage.few hours only is there for your marriage. bihaan says to vasu,Maa…but thapki is not can I do marriage with her now.why you are arranging this urgently.vasu says to him,yes I understood beta.but you has to do this now.get ready beta
vasu goes from there.
poonam and aditi comes to thapki room.nurse gives tablets to thapki.they sees them.suddenly vasu comes there.she gives lehenga to thapki.vasu says to thapki,beta…we are understand your pain.but…….thapki says suddenly….Maa…I can do any..anything for this family.I know you are doing this for some don’t wants to explain that to me.I will get ready for marriage.vasu smiles at her.she hugs thapki.

thapki gets teary eyes.she recalls what doctor says about her stammering problem.aditi and poonam sees her.poonam says to thapki,don’t cry.its small problem.we are happy to see you comes back from coma. this is all happend by bihaan.his love is know…he didn’t sleep well and eat well past few days.actually you has to get happy beta.thapki hugs poonam.she cries.aditi gets teary eyes.

thapki wears lehenga.but she can’t able to wear maang tika, because bandages are there in her head.she wears only lehenga and necklace.
balwander and vasu comes to thapki room.they sees thapki.vasu thinks there is reason for this urgent marriage beta.please give excuses for me.balwander says to thapki,beta… are you alright? she says to him.,yes uncle…I…I…I am fine.she smiles at balwander.

bihaan gets ready in his room.he wears sehra.vasu comes to bihaan room.she says to him,this time no one can’t stop your marriage.bihaan hugs vasu.he says to her,I am so lucky to have a nice maa like you.they smiles.
dhruv gets tensed.he goes to his room.he sees Sankara.she wears looks like very glamour.he stares at her.Sankara talks to dhruv. she says to him,dhruv I didnt expect this.give any idea to stop this marriage.he becomes speechless.he goes from there.Sankara thinks what happend to him.he was always like this.she goes to mandap.

vasu comes with bihaan to mandap.after few minutes poonam comes with thapki to mandap.she makes her to sits there. bihaan sees thapki face.he asks to her,are you alright thapki???.she says yes to bihaan.

pandit asks them to walk around agni.he holds thapki hands.she stands up with bihaan.they walks around agni.dhruv and sankara gets teary eyes.dhruv thinks, I lost my thapki.I tries to stop this marriage .but I can’t. sankara gets angry seeing thapki and bihaan.aditi gets happy.john sees Sankara.
bihaan gets happy.pandit gives mangalsutra to bihaan.bihaan wears mangalsutra to thapki.everyone gets happy.suddenly goons are enters to pandey nivas.they enters to house.they shows knife to kill thapki.everyone gets shocked.

————-thapki says to bihaan,I….I..I becomes useless.I got stammering problem.I ruined your life.she cries.bihaan consoles her.he hugs her.

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  1. Nice episode….

    1. Vinolin.d

      thankx dear anchel.

  2. Alia919

    U nailed it…. very good episode….Thapki stammering problem and their wedding….
    And next is appealing…. how they deal with goons and how bihaan consoles thapki it will be amazing…keep it up dear…

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you so much my dear alia…

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you dear lucky.

  3. Navami

    Very intresting… fab epi drr

  4. Navami

    Intresting drrr… i like it…

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai dear navami….thanks a lot.

  5. Wow.. such an amazing episode. . Just can’t wait for the next episode .

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai…thank you so much dear Priya.

  6. Great vino… u rockd it.. episode s gtng intrst day by day… waiting fr nxt part dear… tc…

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks a lot dear crazy girl…

  7. ANOTHER INTERESTING PART….its actually a surprising one.

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you so much my dear pooja…

  8. amazing .keep writing. Waiting for next part

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you so much rifa dear.

  9. Jacqueline Nicole

    Finally they gt married !!! Yupeeee. Great twist dear…i thought that she already had stammering problem but no….hehe i like this.. keep writing

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank u dear Jacqueline…

  10. Awesome dear. Upload next part soon

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you arooj dear…

  11. wao happy for thahaan marriage….stamering prblm i like it….but new twist of goons….but solve it soon…what is the role of jhon….exciting to knw abt it…..keep writting….

    1. Vinolin.d

      yes sure.thanks dear sadia…

  12. Manish ki deewani

    Hi vino u r awsm dear interesting ff always and episode superb dear

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai manish ki deewani…thank you my dear.

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