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hi ? guys, today’s episode is a bit special one and you will get to know why, so just read it and pls do tell me how you find this concept to be, pls share your views.
pls it’s a request to all the silent readers pls do comment today. i know guys friendship day is not around the corner but i don’t think that in order to show my gratitude to all my friends i need to wait for any special day rather every day is special with you guys, so as a token of gratitude this part is dedicated to all my readers no matter weather they are regular commenters, on & off commenters or silent readers. this is for accepting me whole heartedly in your telly update family ?.
“dedicated to all my tu friends , thanks for the enormous support and encouragement”

leaf 16

@college ?
soums enters and finds rudra talking with someone
rudra: dude we have a test next week and i am sure i will fail.
chubby (rudra’s friend): why?
rahul (rudra’s friend): we didn’t attend even a single class in the entire semester.
rudra: i don’t even have notes how will i prepare. bhaiya will kill me if i will fail.

rumi comes to soums
rumi: soumya are your notes complete.
soums: yes rumi, don’t worry i will send them to you if you need them.
rumi: thank soumya.
soums smiles .
rudra who heard there conversation goes to soums
rudra: hi ? sumooooo (he realises what he was about to say so he corrects himself.)soumya .
soums looks at him doubtfully and says
soums: hi ? mr. peanut sized brain.
rudra gets irritated but controls
rudra: soumya you are so helpful na.
soums gets more suspicious and shouts
soums: rudra come to the point.
rudra: soumya pls give me your notes.

soums: why should i give my notes to you .
rudra: aab mosibat mai ek dost dusra ka kaam nahi aayaga toh kun aayega.
he says making puppy face and in a pleading tone.
(one friend will only help the other one in case of any problem.)
soums: yeh zabardaasti ki dosti kya hai.
(what is this forceful friendship.)
rudra: holding her hand says
rudra: i am not forcing you but pleading you pls help me.
soums agrees to give her notes to him.
soums turns to go but rudra stops her and says
rudra: soumya as we are friends now, so pls be comfortable and frank.
soums agrees with a smile ? and rudra to smiles back and both shake their hands.

@shivaay’s car ?
shivaay tries applying break when he realises that breaks are not working.
anika sees him and asks
anika: billu ji aap gaadi ka saath kushti kun laad raha hain.
(billu ji why are you playing wrestling with car.)
shivaay in a serious tone.
shivaay: anika car breaks are failed.
anika: ohh…… (then suddenly she realises what he said , so she shouts.) kya? (what?)
shivaay: relax anika.

anika: relax kahan ka relax kaisa relax. aap ka dimaag toh thik hai, app mujhe kaha raha ho ki gaadi ka break fail hai aur chahata ho ki mai relax karo. aap pagal toh nahi ho gaya billu ji.( relax what kind of relax which type of relax at one side you are saying that breaks are failed and on other side you are asking me to relax. are you mad ? billu ji.)
shivaay: stop panicking anika.
anika: gaadi ki hi toh sirf breaks kharab hai par aapka toh dimaag bhi kharaab hai.
(in case of car only it’s breaks are failed but in your case your brain is also failed.)
shivaay: stop eating my head anika.
anika: then what should i do?
shivaay: jump.
anika: wwhhaatt? i think so you have lost it completely billu ji.
shivaay: trust me anika i won’t let anything happen to you.
he says looking into her eyes ? and they share an eye lock for split seconds.

bg music ? plays

o jaana
khoya khoya rehta hai
dil tadap ke kehta hai
tu hai mere jeene ki wajah
o jaana..

anika: and you.
shivaay looks in her eyes ? and says: nothing will happen to either of us, don’t worry ?.
he assures her keeping his hand on hers.
shivaay: jump , now.
anika: no mai aapko chod ka jump nahi kaarongi.
(no , i won’t jump leaving you.)

ishq hai aansu ishq hai naghma
ishq sukoon hai raahat hai
ishq hai sehra ishq hai dariya
ishq junoon hai zahmat hai (x2)

shivaay looks at her determined eyes and then at the road which is at the dead end, as he had brought his car there so that no one gets harmed.
without waiting a single minute he holds anika’s arm and drags her towards himself and opens the door of the car ? and jumps out and the car ? ends up falling down and blasts at the same time few trucks pass from their back covering both of them , at the time when they jumped out of the car.

shivaay and anika roll down and end up hitting a tree and all the while shivaay was holding anika very carefully so that she doesn’t gets hurt.
as soon as they hit the tree both of them try getting up, anika is on top of shivaay so she stands up and forwards her hand to shivaay so that he can also get up.

tanha adhoora sa
khaamosh lamha sa
tehra hua hai dil yahaan
mehsoos kar le tu
jazbaat ki khushbu
khud se karun kya mai bayaan

shivaay after getting up: are you ok anika?
anika: ji, magar aap theekh hain billu ji.
(yes, but are you fine.)
shivaay: ya i am fine.
they both begin to walk ? towards main road and anika notices that shivaay is thinking ? something deeply so she enquiries.
anika: billu ji aap kya sooch raha hai.
(billu ji what are you thinking ?.)
shivaay: nothing.
anika: aap bata sakta hai.
(you can share it.)
shivaay stops and says: jab hum aaraha tha toh maina ek gaadi ko hamara picha karta hua dekha.
(when we were coming here at that time i saw a car ? following us.)
anika: aapka matlab hai ki kisina jaan pooch kar hamari gaadi ka breaks fail kiya tha.
(you mean to say that someone knowingly failed the breaks of our car.)
shivaay nods his head in agreement.
anika sees something and says
anika: billu ji aap ka haath par choot lagi hai.
(billu ji your hand ✋ is injured.)

shivaay sees his hand and cleans it with handkerchief and says
shivaay: it’s ok, don’t worry ? i am fine.

dard hai jo halka sa
khaab khaab chalka sa
tu muskuraaye har jagah
o jaana..

anika: paar infection ho sakti hai.
(but it can get infectious.)
shivaay: it’s ok anika , first we need to find a way out of this jungle.
and pls don’t inform any one at home about this accident, they will get tensed unnecessarily.
anika gets touched by shivaay’s gesture and thinks about his love ❤ and care towards his family ? and nods in agreement.
shivaay and anika begin to move and anika as always starts the conversation
anika: billu ji aap apni family ? se boohat pyaar karta ho na.
(billu ji you love ❤ your family ? alot na.)

khoya khoya rehta hai
dil tadap ke kehta hai
tu hai mere jeene ki wajah
o jaana..

shivaay unknowingly smiles at her question as no one till date has asked him about his love towards his family, actually no one had ever noticed his that side which is of a caring , loving and an over protective person but she undoubtedly had caught him.
shivaay says: obviously every person loves their family ?.
(after all how can our arrogant and week in expression billu ji give in so soon but our anika is too smart.)
anika: ya agreed, magar saab apni family ? se itni bhaadi baat chupa ta bhi nahi bai.
(yes agreed, but every one doesn’t conceal such big issues from their family ?.)
shivaay: look anika i just don’t want to put them in trouble because of such small issues especially when i can handle all this.
(he tries acting a bit defensive and anika understands that.)
anika: koi baat nahi, mai kisi ko kuch nahi batongi.
(no problem ? i won’t tell anything to anyone.)
shivaay sighs in relation.
anika: vaisa aap itna aakdu bhi nahi hai.
(by the way you are not even that arrogant as you seem to be.)
shivaay: and you are not even that bad as you seem to be.
both smile ? a bit at each other.
shivaay: well you can be much better if you stop playing those annoying pranks on me and act a bit maturely.
anika: pranks khelna toh mera baachpan ki aadat hai.
(playing pranks is my childhood habit.)
anika: vaisa aagar hum aapna puraana ladi ghaagda bhula de toh.
(what if we forget our old fights.)
shivaay: ok then.
anika bringing her hand forward says
anika: friends.
shivaay thinks for a while.
anika: oh hello aap bohat khush kismat ho jo anika aapko aapna friend bana ka moka de rahi hai.
(oh hello you are very lucky as anika is offering you to be her friend.)
shivaay shakes his head in disbelief and shakes hand with her and says
shivaay: but only if you stop calling me billu.
anika: aapna kabhi suna nahi friendship mai no terms and conditions applied.
shivaay: okay baba.
anika sees a tea ? stall by the road side and says
anika: billu ji voh dakhiya chai ki dukaan.
(billu ji see there is a tea stall.)
shivaay: so.
anika: chaaliya na chai pita hai.
(come on let’s have tea.)
shivaay: no ways , it’s so unhygienic.
anika makes faces at his reply and says
anika: hygiene hugiene ka drama mat karo , maausam itna aacha hai pls ek chai toh baanti hai.
(pls don’t do this hygiene drama here, see the weather is so beautiful, lets have tea pls.)
saying this anika drags him to the tea ? stall and shivaay being left with no option follows her.
anika: bhaiya do cup chai dena.
(bhaiya pls give two cups of tea.)
shivaay: no only one i won’t have it from this unhygienic place.
anika murmurs in her mouth: yeh baagad billa na kabhi nahi sudhraga.
(this wild cat ? can never change.)
shivaay: what did you say?
anika: kuch nahi. bhaiya aap ek cup chai kardo.
(nothing, bhaiya u make one cup of tea only.)
anika then remembers of shivaay’s wound and asks the tea stall keeper to give her water and he obliges to her.
anika takes water and goes towards shivaay who is standing facing his back towards her and talking on phone ? and anika is standing just behind him with open water bottle and as soon as he turns water falls on him and both get a bit shocked and anika tries to cover by saying
anika: vo.. vo.. galti.. sa gir gaya…. mai toh baas aapka…….. haath saaf karna ka liya paani layi thi.
shivaay seeing her this nervous begins to laugh at her and she gets confused ? and sees him while laughing ? and gets mesmerized by him.
shivaay bringing her back to reality forwards his hand ✋ and says
shivaay: come on pour some water on this if you are done by throwing water on me.
anika abides by what he said and cleans his wound with the help of water and his handkerchief.
kis pe karun zaahir
hain dard kya aakhir
kyon sukoon mujh se hai khafa
betaab lamhon mein
benaam aashqon mein
yeh aaks kis ka ban gaya
ghum ko aazmaane de
dil ko chot khaane de

ghum ko aazmaane de
dil ko chot khaane de
kya h chale kuch to pata
after a while anika gets her tea ? and begins to drink it .
anika: aap bhi pi lijiya.
(you can also drink.)
shivaay nodes in disagreement but anika forcefully makes him drink it and then they share and drink tea ?.
after paying they both leave in search of vehicle.
anika: billu ji aagar saab puchanga ki gaadi khan hai toh aap kya kahoga.
(billu ji if everyone will ask where is the car then what will you say.)
shivaay : garage simple.

anika: hawww aapko sharam nahi aati kahan aapka bhai raja harishchander hai aur aap jhoit bolainga.
(hawww how can you lie , one side is your brother who never lies and on other side you are thinking ? of telling a lie.)
shivaay: anika you would have heard in childhood that a lie which doesn’t harms anyone and rather benefits someone is equal to hundred truths, and moreover om is an artist ? and truth and all is what he can understand because he is very emotional and all na.
anika agrees with him.

naazdik hai dil ke
phir kyu lage mil ke
jese ho milo door woh
jasba hai anjaana mushkil hai samjhana
aapna hai ya hai gear woh
ishq me adhura sa rooh me hai poora sa
dard hai woh sari umar ka
o jaana khoya khoya rehata hai
dil tadap ke kehata hai
tu hai jeene ki wajah o jaana

o jaana
khoya khoya rehta hai
dil tadap ye kehta hai
tu hai mere jeene ki wajah
o jaana.. o jaana o jaana..

like this while talking and being in each others company they reach to the oberoi estate’s.

****{{how strange is it
we wish to wear high brands but feel most comfortable in pajaymas,
we wish to sit in taj and marriot with elite people ,
but enjoy roadside tea ? with friends and with people we love.
we wish to own big cars and go on long drives ,
yet we talk our heart out only while walking ? down a long road ,
we have 64 gb ipod filled with songs,
but sometimes a song ? on radio brings a smile which can’t be compared…………………………………………
ratan tata.}}****

{{guys if you liked shivaay and anika’s chemistry and their friendship & rudra and soumya’s friendship then do tell me through your comments.}}

pre recap:
om in angry ? avatar and ishu’s break up party ?

with lots of love ❤ and regards

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