Love Beyond Limits (A RIANSH LOVE SAGA) Chapter#62

Recap: Riddhima decides not to tell anyone about Nayra until she receives any news regarding her. Divya and Disha make their entry with alot of fun. Riansh inform Ravi about their real reason of coming to Dehradun. Mehndi ceremony takes place. A perosn in the disguise of waiter gives a chit to Riddhima telling Annie’s adress! Kabir’s parents make their enteries. Riddhima along wit Vansh goes to save Annie!

Chapter 62: The Rescue!

The episode starts with Vansh and Riddhima driving through a dark and deserted road. Vansh was driving and Riddhima was tracking the location of the given adress in the map. The road was curvy and there was no traffic on it. Riansh were giving courage to each other but deep down both had some unknown fears. Vansh was worried for Riddhima’s safety and praying for Annie’s safety too. Riddhima, on the other side, was too worried for Vansh’s and Annie’s safety but the deep inside feeling of something bad to going to happen was scaring her. Moreover, there was more added to her worry by the thought of Nayra being alive and having no clue about her. She was tapping her phone, opening multiple apps and closing it, turning the volume up and down due to her anxiety. After every two seconds, she was checking her phone for any news regarding anything. Vansh observed her and said,

V: Relax Riddhima! We will find Annie. She will be safe.

R(absent mindedly): I don’t know. I can’t find even a single clue about her. If she is alive, then where is she? And what if..If she is dead again?

Riddhima was talking absentmindedly about Nayra but Vansh assumed it to be about Annie.

V(confused): Dead Again? Why are you saying like that! Annie will be fine Riddhima! Nothing will happen to her. And now, we are going to rescue her na!

R(absentmindedly): Hmm! I hope we find her too. Only Annie can answer my queries.

Vansh was hell confused so he applied the brakes suddenly making Riddhima come out of her trance. She looked here and there to see whether they have reached the location or not.

R(looking here and there): Vansh! Why did you stop here? I can’t see any building or deserted area here.

V: Its because we have not reached yet!

R: Then, why did you stop? We should go there ASAP.

V(taking a deep breath): Riddhima! What’s happening? Where are you so lost? Do you even know what you are saying?

R: What did I say?

V: You are saying that what if She is dead again! And what questions Annie will answer? When we will find her, will there still be any questions left to answer?

R(thinking about Nayra): Hmm! Many! (Coming out of her trance) Aaa…I mean I will have to find about those gangs who kidnapped her na! And dead again? (Looking here and there to find excuse) I meant that…Yeah! I meant that Nayra had died the same way so what If Annie died too! That’s what I mean!

V(serious): Why do I feel that you are hiding something? I never saw you so much lost during any mission of yours unless there is something going on in your mind.

R: No Vansh! There is nothing hidden fom you! I am just worried about Annie. That’s it! Changing the topic): Let’s go Vansh! We are getting late.

Vansh stared Riddhima for a second and then, he leaned forwards and moved very close to her that they could feel each other’s breathing. And then, he looked directly in those big black and beautiful eyes, saying,

V(serious): These Eyes!…..I see my world in these eyes. I see us together for the next 7 births in these eyes! I see the limitless and unconditional love in these eyes! When 7 years ago, you had left…these eyes and its unsaid emotions kept a hope alive in me that you would have an explanation for what you did as I could see your love and I could not believe completely that you had betrayed me! Riddhima!…..Your eyes never lie to me! Whether you say or not, your feelings can be seen in them! And at this moment, do you know what these are saying to me?

Riddhima just kept on staring a little below his eyes probably on his cheeks as she couldn’t meet her eyes because she was actually hiding something. In a very low voice, she said,

R: What are these saying?

V: These are saying….that Vansh! There is something that is bothering your sweetheart! There is something that she wants to tell you but she can’t for a reason. And that reason is same as the one for which she is not looking back in your eyes!

Listening to this, Riddhima looked directly in eyes being a little shocked and guilty.

“How can he know so much about you just by looking in the eyes”

Thinking so, she started blinking her eyes repeatedly and that’s when her phone made a ring with a notification pop up! She looked instantly and looking at the phone, she said,

“We are close to the location. We need to hurry”

Vansh stared her for another one or two second and then, saying nothing or not even looking at her again, he leaned back and started driving. It was a silent drive now. Vansh thought to himself,

“I am damn sure that something is bothering you. Let just Annie get rescued and I will find it out!”

On the other side, Riddhima thought,

“Vansh! I know you love me and that’s why, you are so much concerned about me. I know I am doing wrong by hiding about Nayra. But once, i will be sure about her being alive, I will tell you everything.”

On the other side, An intense atmosphere had been created in the Mathur’s Farmhouse with the arrival of Kabir’s parents. Kabir’s father was looking so much angry and scolding Kabir for coming back. Kabir’s mother was trying to calm him down and on the other side, Divya and Disha was not leaving Kabir for a single minute. Kabir was stanidng quiet out of respect and was silently listening to his father’s words. RaiSinghanias were also quiet as this was not something to interfere unless Kabir wants.

Rudra(Kabir’s fathers) said,

Rd(serious): Why did you come back? I told you that your profession is not safe for my daughters. Then, why did you come here and that too with all your relatives! Its been 3 years that you never showed up your face. Now, what made you come here? Answer me!!!

K(hesitatingly): Papa! I….

Before Kabir could say anything, Ravi spoke,

Rv: Enough! (Looking at Rudra) Rudra! I invited them all here. Kabir had some

work here and he wanted to stay here with the family. So, I allowed him to come back in this house. You were supposed to come back after a week that’s why, We all thought that everyone will leave before your arrival. But now….They all will stay here as long as they want. They will not go anywhere.

Rd: But….

Rv(serious): No more discussions brother! I share this house as much as you do! These are my guests! They will stay here and that’s final.

And respecting the words of his elder brother, Rudra got quiet. Right after that, Kabir’s mother who was standing silently all this while, started taking slow steps towars Kabir. Tears were flowing out of her eyes continuously and  reaching towards Kabir, she cupped his face in her palms and kissed his forehead.

Mother(smilingly): My son! My brave son! I….I missed you mera bacha!

Kabir also started crying and just nodded in yes. Not controlling anymore, he hugged her tightly taking her in his embrace. Divya and Disha also started shedding tears and joined the hug. Everyone smiled at the scene. And that moment, a lone tears escaped Rudra’s eyes which he wiped before anyone could notice.

Meanwhile, Vansh and Riddhima reach an old abondoned building probably a small closed factory. Riddhima pulled out her gun and Vansh followed her side by side. They were walking silently but there was not any other sound that they could hear. Vansh whispered in Riddhima’s ear,

V: Riddhima! I don’t think there is anyone here. We should go back. Probably, That chit would be sent to divert you from finding Annie.

R: No Vansh! Who would do this to divert me? I know I have been called here for a specific reason even if I don’t find her here but there will be definitely some clues relating to her. And I wonder who sent me the adress!

They both were whispering at their lowest possible and walking looking here and there. All of a sudden, the lights turned on and Riansh found themselves surrounded by some goons who had covered their face and had been holding hockey sticks. They started coming close to them and Riddhima right at the moment, put her gun back making herself ready to fight. The goons started attacking Riansh and got indulged in a fight with them. Riddhima and Vansh both at their best kept on beating the goons back by snatching the hockey sticks from two of the goons. Though the goons had been much more in number but Riansh had overpowered them as they were not seemed to be well trained. Riansh knocked out many goons and were still beating and punching them when they heard a voice,


It was a girl’s voice who was making sounds loudly. Riddhima expecting her to be Annie, signalled Vansh who assured her with his eyes that he will handle the goons. Riddhima taking the cue, started following the direction from where the voice was coming. Soon, she reached a room with closed door and kicking it with full force, she broke the door. She entered the room and was shocked to find a girl tied to a chair. The girl was looking scared and exhausted. She had multiple wounds on her body that looked fresh. Her mouth was closed with a cloth tied to it. And she was just making noises with that tied mouth. Riddhima recognised the girl and shouted,


Not wasting another minute, Riddhima ran to her and untied all her ropes. She noticed something and thought for a moment. But then, she started untying Annie. Annie was breathing heavily and murmuring continuously,

“Save me!… They will kill me…Please save me!”

Riddhima caressed her face to relax her and hugged her to calm her down.

R: Relax! You are safe now. No one will harm you now. I am here na.

She cupped her face in her hands and said,

R: Do you remember me? I am Riddhima. Your mom sent me to rescue you. Calm down. I will not let anything happen to you.

A(scared): Please take me away from here. I….I don’t want to die. They will…They will kill me!

She was shivering continuously.

Riddhima held her by her shoulders and made her stand. Annie stumbled for a second but then stood up and clutched Riddhima tightly. Riddhima gently took her outside and reached the hall where Vansh was still fighting with the goons.

She got shocked to see Vansh bleeding badly from mouth and having multiple wounds which clearly showed how the goons had beaten him very much. She shouted,


She made Annie stand by the support of the pillar and was about to run towards Vansh when A goon hit him hard on his head with the hockey. Riddhima again shouted at the top of her voice and ran towards Vansh. Vansh being hit hard on head started feeling dizzy and was about to fall on the floor when Riddhima held him preventing him from hitting the head on ground. He fell unconscious. Riddhima tried to wake him up by patting his cheek but nothing worked. She heard the goon laughing evilly which boiled her blood. She stood up and gave a hard slap on the goon’s face. Holding his collar furiously, she kicked the goon right between his legs and punched him multiple times until he was unconscious. One of the goon who was unconscious previously, silently got up and was trying to run away but she took out her gun and shoot the goon in his leg. The goon gave a loud shriek writhing in pain and fell on the floor. And then, all the goons were lying unconscious on the ground including Vansh. Annie seemed horrified too. Riddhima looked here and there and found a water bottle lying on the floor. With the water bottle, she found something else too which she picked up and put it in her pocket. Then, she picked up the water bottle and went to Vansh. Sitting beside him, she sprinkled water on his face. She tore a piece of cloth from her dress and bandaged his head temporarily. She was much worried and was having tears in her eyes waking him up. She was continuously patting his cheeks and uttering painfully,

“Vansh!! Wake up!! Get up Vansh! Don’t do this with me! Wake up”

Soon, Vansh got conscious. Slowly, He half-opened his eyes being in the effect of diziness due to pain in his head and murmured Riddhima’s name smilingly. Riddhima made him sit down by the support and made him drink water. Anie also came close to them and Riddhima made her drink water too. Gently, supporting Vansh at her one shoulder and Annie at the other, she walked towards the care and made both of them seated in the car. She called one of her officer asking him to come at the location and take all the goons with him. After that, she sat down in the car and started driving towards the hospital. Soon, she reached the hospital and got both of them admitted. Not in a condition to personally treat them, she sat down in the waiting area and called Aryan. She asked him about the situation of the house and informed him about Annie being rescued and all the incidents that took place. After a short call with him, she ended the call and then, she called her officer,

R: Hello? Officer?

O: Yes Mam?

R: Have you reached there?

O: Yes Mam! I have reached here with my team and arrested all those goons. As per your orders, the one who is shot, is being treated. We investigated all of them but no one is opening his mouth. As soon as I received any piece of information, i will inform you.

R: Sure! Also check about those goons in our criminal database.

O: Oh yes mam! I have already checked about those goons. They are random street snatchers, mam! They are not related to any high profile crime.

R: Hmm! Let me know when you find something else.

O: Ok Mam!

Saying so, Riddhima ended the call. She was much confused and serious. She was trying to connect the dots but was not able to. Then remembering something, she took out a folded piece of paper from her pocket.

Flashbacks shows her picking a piece of paper near the water bottle.

Riddhima opens the paper and found it to be a bill of a five star hotel. She reads the details specifically, “serving for one person”. This made her even more confused. She thinks to herself,

R: At one side, the goons were not professional. They barely knew how to fight. Officer told that they are random snatchers. It means that they wouldn’t be paid much or related to any high profile crime. On the other hand, this costly bill from a five star hotel showing a rich person involved in it. And the meal was ordered only an hour ago before we reached there. It means that the person was there before we had arrived and he left. Thinking from one side, Annie’s kidnapping was merely a kidnapping at small level but on the other side, as the ransom money was not demanded and this expensive bill too, is pointing towards a big crime. Moreover, a person informed me about Annie being here. Either he was a saviour who wanted Annie to be saved or the one who wanted Annie to be rescued for some unknown reason…..(thinking more) maybe to hide a big crime behind this small kidnapping! Apart from all this, those ropes…..

Flashbacks showed Riddhima noticing the ropes while untying Annie.

R: Those ropes were not tied tightly. Probably, the person wanted Annie to be saved at the earliest or was trying to save her and didn’t succeed. But Annie’s fresh wounds showed her to be beaten intensely right before we reached there.

Riddhima held her head and thought,

“Damn!!! What kind of mystery is this? Rather than finding answers, many more questions have arisen. Who wanted Annie to be rescued? And who kidnapped her? Was it a mere kidnapping or actually related to girls trafficking. If minor then why no one demanded ransom. And if major then why Annie was kept in Dehradun all this while and not smuggled to any other city? Why would someone hire such unprofessional goons for this? And who is that rich person? Only Annie can answer all these questions plus….About Nayra too! I hope she gets better soon”

Thinking all this, she looked towards her palm and got shocked seeing Vansh’s name in her mehndi being erased! Then she again goes into thinking and remembers how badly Vansh was beaten just because of accompanying her. Then, she remembered their car conversations and thought,

“Should I tell Vansh about Nayra? (Looking at her hand) He got in danger because of me. I cannot risk his life anymore! (Closing her hand into a fist) I will not let anything happen to you Vansh! What if this name has got erased from my hand, it cannot be erased from my heart! I will not let anything happen to you!”

She was in deep thoughts when a nurse came and said,

“Ma’am! Miss Annie has got consciousness! She is stable now. You can meet her!”

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