Love Beyond Limits (A RIANSH LOVE SAGA) Chapter#34

Chapter 34: “Iss Ishq Mein Marjawan”


The episode starts with Vansh being shocked and unable to understand anything. He was just staring Riddhima and he fainted in her laps.
R(shocked): Vansh!!! Open your eyes!! Look at me!! Vansh!!!
She start crying placing her head on his.
R: Why did I tell him? I shouldn’t have told this! What have I done!

After sometime, they reached hospital where nurses took Vansh to the operation theatre. Riddhima insisted doctors to let her perform his surgery and being a senior professional doctor, she got permission. Luckily, blood of one of the officer got matched as a donor for Vansh. She seeking great courage from inside her heart, went to the OT and successfully performed his surgery. She removed out his bullet but he was unconscious. She came out of the OT having a mixed feeling of he being hurt and being safe too. She ordered the staff to shift Vansh immediately to her Mansion to avoid furthur attacks. He was shifted to Riddhima’s Mansion.

In the evening when Vansh got concious, he slowly opened his eyes and found Riddhima sleeping on a chair beside him. Her neck was craned and bowed down on one side. Vansh slowly clearing his eye vision started staring Riddhima. He had alot of questions in his mind. Riddhima’s words, Ajay’s words, his warnings, everything was going on in his mind. Now, he came to know why she always tried to run away from him. Because she was married and in her opinion, Vansh never deserved a married girl, a widow!

“You deserve a beautiful life! Don’t waste your time on me!(Riddhima’s)”
“She will try to runaway from you.(Ajay’s)“
“there are some fears that could scare her to the core with even a slight flame(Ajay’s).”
“A lot of things have changed Vansh! Winning Riddhima back is not just a challenge. Its not just a promise. You will face alot of hurdles in it. I want you to be strong mentally, physically and emotionally.(Ajay’s)”
“My closeness will only bring destruction and pain to you.(Riddhima’s)“
“Because you dont deserve a widow!!(Riddhima’s)”
“ A widow!” “A widow!”
All this was going through his mind.

He was hurt because he had unintentionally hurt her by asking again and again. By reminding her again and again, He unintentionally gave her pain. She was bearing it. She was going through the worst. That was hurting him alot. And apart from everything, what hurting him the most was that she had suffered the pain of being a widow all these years. She was fighting her own self each and every day to resist him. Because she thought that she was not worthy of him. He had many questions in his mind about how, when, where did she got married. When did her husband die? Who was his husband? Why she hid it from everyone? His brain was occupied by many unanswered questions. He tried to get up but his shoulder was bandaged so he was unable to do so. In doing this, he by mistake dropped a glass from the side table. The sound of breaking glass awakened Riddhima.
R: Vansh!
She got up and sat beside him and started checking his pulse.
R: Vansh! Are you alright? You need anything?

Vansh was just looking in her eyes as if trying to find how deep she had buried her own pain and concerned about him only. How can she be so strong? Wasn’t it the purest form of love? To forget your own pain and only concerned about the other one’s. To just bury down all the extreme concerns of her personal life and focus only on his injury. Wasn’t it Crossing all the extremes? Wasn’t it….Love beyond Limits? Vansh’s brain was extremely occupied.

Riddhima was continuously questioning him about his health but he was lost. Riddhima shook him to bring him in his senses,
R: Vansh! Where are you lost? Tell me? Are you feeling better?
V(lost): Ye….Yeah! I am..Am fine!
Riddhima knew well where he was lost but that was not her concern.
R: I will get soup for you. You will feel better.
She got up and turned but Vansh held her wrist.
V(low): Stay!
R: Let me get soup for you. I promise I will be back within 5 minutes.
V: You never told me about….
R(cutting him): I will be back.
She gently removed her hand from his grip and started going out,
V: When did he die?…How?
He was not able to speak. His questions brought tears to her eyes. She wiped it and went out. Vansh was again lost in his thoughts.
Riddhima came back with the soup tray and sat beside him.
R: You will feel pain for some days. Try not to move your shoulder so much. Let it heal.
She said it while forwarding a spoon full of soup towards his mouth. Vansh gulped it and then replied,
V: Don’t be so harsh on yourself Riddhima! You have a heart too. Don’t make it a stone. You haven’t done anything wrong.

Riddhima got glimpse of how Rajveer was murdered in her mind. This brought out her tears. She wiped it and bringing a fake smile on her face, she forwarded another spoon of soup towards him,
R: Its nothing like that Vansh! I am just worried about you. I told you not to be with me. You will get hurt. But you never listen na. What if…
V(cutting her): I had died too!
R(shouts): Vansh!! Stop it!!
Vansh smiles and holds her both hands in his,

V: I will not ask what happened. I will not ask why you did it. I just want to say one thing only that whatever happened doesn’t matter to me at all. I don’t care what was your past or your status. For me, you are just my Riddhima! My sweetheart! Not any widow or a non-deserving person or anyone else. Just Riddhima who has full right to live her life fully. I am sorry that I kept on insisting you to tell about the past. I will not ask again. But whenever you feel that you want to share it, I am always ready to hear.
Riddhima had tears in her eyes. Vansh wiped them saying,

V: No more tears. They don’t suit your eyes. Only fierceness, power and a little amount of love for your Vansh is what suits your eyes.
R: What if…what if he was alive? What would you do then?
V: I will do the same. Even if your husband was alive, you would always find me beside you. I would never have come between you both. Because I love you. And That’s what we do in love. That’s what you did in love. Lived away from me to make me live happily and safely. Can’t I do that too?
Riddhima was having hard control over her tears. She had gulp formed in her throat. It felt like his words and his hands in hers are enough for her to feel safe and peaceful. His support was enough to make her feel better. Both of them were extremely emotional. She with great courage asked,
R: Do you really….really love me?
V: You got a doubt in that?
Riddhima looked at him. Tears were flowing through her eyes continuously.
Vansh cupped her face with both his hands and spoke,

V: I love you! I love you more than myself! I love you more than anything in the world. No misunderstanding, no deception can stop me from loving you. I never stopped you loving since the day we met. I loved you more and more each and every day. And believe me Riddhima! (He held her more strongly) Nothing in the whole God damn world can stop Vansh RaiSinghania from loving his sweetheart which is none other than Riddhima Shah. And My Riddhima is not scared of anything in the whole world. I have complete trust on her. You are so precious to me. Even if I have to give my life for you, I will proudly say,…”Iss Ishq mein marjawan!”

Aankhon ki hai tu talab bakhuda plays…..
He smiles broadly saying this and Riddhima smiles too.

He places his hand on her chin lifting it up, he spoke with extreme politeness,
V: And Does my Riddhima love me the same way I love her?
He asked with extreme politeness and love. Riddhima looked direct in her eyes as if not able to form words in her mouth. Tears were continuously coming out of her eyes. Nothing could make her feel like that except her love, her Vansh. But still she was hesitating,
V(smiles): Don’t think about anything. Don’t be scared of anything. I know your answer but still want you to say it yourself. And I know that my Riddhima is extremely courageous! Aren’t you?
Riddhima not able to say anything. Not knowing what to do or what to say, she felt like crying hard. She immediately hugged him tightly and cried alot.
R(crying): Yes!!! I Love you!! I Love you Too Vansh! Why won’t I? I had always loved you! More than anything in the world! I have loved you and only you! I can give my life for you not even giving it a second thought. You are my everything! How can I not love you? I had loved you, I love you and will always love you.
She was crying like a baby on his chest because she wanted to. She was craving for it to tell him how she felt about him and how she so desperately wanted to share her feelings with him. Vansh was also reciprocating back. He had hugged her tightly.

He was happiest to the core that finally she came out of her boundaries and freed her caged emotions. Finally, he was able to console her. She was always strong but it was needed for her and he was happy that at the moment of need, he was there for her. Even he had tears in his eyes. After a minute or two, Vansh spoke to enlighten her mood,
V(smirking): Sweeatheart! If you are done crying, then I should remind you that I got hit by a bullet today. It still pains alot and you have held me so tightly.

Riddhima realized that she forgot about her injury. She immediately backed off saying,
R(panicking): I am sorry. I forgot. Is it hurting so much? How bad I am! I am really….
Before she could speak more, Vansh holding her by her waist pulled her towards him and fused his lips with hers. She was first shocked but then, gradually she placed her hands on the back of his head caressing his hair. They were kissing each other passionately closing their eyes and when they found themselves short of breath, they separated and taking long breaths, they fused their forheads with each other.

Their eyes were closed and nose were touching. They were both having tears in their eyes and smiles on their face, finally opened their eyes and looked in each other’s eyes. They remembered all their moments and their previous love confession. This brought a smile on their faces. Vansh kissed her forhead, saying,

V: I love you!
R(finally relaxed): I love you too!
V: Don’t ever go away from me! Don’t ever leave me again Riddhima! If I behave like a jerk again, then do punish me but Never ever think of leaving me again for my own good.
R(patting his shoulder lightly): I have not forgiven you yet!
V: Seriously Riddhima! After all this confession, still you are saying this.
R: Obviously. There is a huge difference in confession and forgiveness. I have confessed but not forgiven. Have you forgot the challenge?
V: How Can I? I remember it very well.
R: It doesn’t feel like you remember.
V: Ofcourse I do Sweetheart!
R: You are not allowed to call me sweetheart until you win the challenge.
V: Riddhimaaa!!!
R: No Riddhima Viddhima! Win this challenge or forget Riddhima!
V: I can never forget you ever.
R: Lets see then.
V: You want me to win the challenge?
R: Yeah!
V: Then I will. Just for my….(Going close to her ears and speaking husky voice) Sweetheart!!!
Riddhima blushes and then hides it immediately. Vansh also smiles.

Riddhima then remembers something and speaks,
R: Vansh! I want to tell you everything about my past!
V: I am listening!!



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