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Part 22

Day by day i am very crazy about you shona.Do you remember shona before diwali holiday in our school everyone are wishing others.I am also want to wish you but when i saw that stupid PT sir is handshaking with you i just lost my temper.I just want to break his all bones.You know what even i did.When the idiot PT sir is returning to home i follwed him. I weared mask and madly beat him.I don’t like that if anybody is watching you or try to come near you i just want to kill them.Finally i stepped in 12th standard and to my surprise your class room is near my class room.I felt very happy. Oh my god shona still i remember your cute antics,sweet smile and specially you eat cerlac,shona your really kiddo and i just lost in you shona. But why you ignored me on your birthday. You didn’t gave chocolate to me.I felt broken on that day and your closeness with that blo*dy nikhil.I just want to clear this matter so my birthday i came to your calss and gave chocolate to you and i just want to speak to you.But when that stupid nikhil create a scene you just forgot me and ran towards that nikhil and spoke him concernly.

I just left that place immediately.After two days that nikhil came my class and said to me and he is in love with you.The next moment he is in floor yes i punched him how dare he to say such a thing.But the next moment when i heard something i just numb.He said you also love him.I just cannot register his words into my mind.I went outside the class room.I just speaking to myself if you are really love with him shona. Till that moment i just thought i was just attracted towards you but when i heared you are in love with nikhil then only i realized i am in love with you and i cannot loose you.I just cursed myself for my late realization.Then the next day i saw you and nikhil are speaking in terrace i felt heart broken i cannot see you with anyone.So i left that school.I just cursed myself.Days are passing like hell.I just missed you shona.Like two years passed.

One day me and my friend are went to shopping mall.Actually my friend want to gift saree to his girl friend.Then i thought if i confess my feelings to you i also do same like him said to myself.Then i saw one saree it is just beautiful i just imagined you in that saree.Then i called salesman and said to him pack that saree. But when i was waiting in bill counter i just heard some familiar voice then i turned i just freezed that place after the damn two years i just saw you and still you have that cute charm.I just looking at you without blinking my eyes.Then i got that u also asked that saree in that salesman but when he said to you it is already bought you keep a pout face.You are not taking any sarees and your sister is convinced you but you are not in the mood to listen anything. Then i called that salesman to give that saree to you because i bought for u only.You may not near me but i always thinking about you.

Then again after few days when i was in my friends reception party in hotel i saw you oh my god you are in that saree i just awestruct to see you.You in saree that to which i like.Then i found your sister get married.I just called photo grapher and gave some money to him and said to him take your photos more.He also do what i said you know what swara only your photos are filled in my room.I don’t know whether you are in relationship or not but i just love you and i cannot keep myself away from you.Then i collect your information. I also said to my parents about you.They always want to keep me happy.So they accept and i also changed college for you shona. I joined your college and everyday i was looking at you.But one day you also saw me and my happiness has no boundaries. It is my daily habit to see you in morning and also evening.Do you remember annual day shona again my madness increased that day when i see you in that dhilip. He always talking to you and always surrounding you.When i studied school i just fight with nikhil because he is talking to you even i didn’t realize my feelings to you then how can i leave that dhilip who is talking with my girl.I didn’t warned him but i just directly beat him black and blue.How dare he to speaking with my girl.You are mine shona only mine.


Swara got concious.

Guys plz tell me whether you want sweet swara or angry swara but before comment think deeply.Bye take care guys.

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  2. update soon dear .I am madly waiting for ur ff

  3. Awesome

  4. Nice..Angry swara..

  5. Awesome dear

  6. Arshaanya

    He beats evry boy who talks to her.. dun show him like psycho
    Nyc chappy

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    awesome dear n i want sweet swara bcz sanskar loves her madly…

  8. Sri

    I want the combo of sweet and angry shona
    Sankyyyy hawwwww itna pyaar karte hai apni shona se???
    Dont show him like psycho
    I cant bear it
    Plzzzz dont turn sanky love to obsession
    Bcoz when there is obsession love has no place
    I hope u understand my pov
    Episode is tooooo gud and awesome
    Update next part soon

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    Awesome… Sweet swara

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