ABHIGYA MARRIAGE few shots (Shot 5)

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Hai frnds .. iam really sry for not update my shots… iam little bit busy. Plz forgive me.

Shot 1( Here)
Shot 2( Here)
Shot 3( Here)
Shot 4( Here)

Epi start with Pragya continuously crying. Abhi just path her back. Then after some time pragya came to normal and broke the hug. See abhi’s eyes. Abhi give a smile. Pragya also give a week smile. Then abhi made pragya to sit in sofa. And he knee down in front of her and says hey fuggi y r u crying ya. If u feel bad means iam also feel bad. Bcos of me only u crying now saying of this he made sad face. After seeing abhi’s sad face pragya smiles brightly. And says u always be like this dr. After hearing dr word abhi feels happy and thinks pragya be normal. And he sits beside her. And says then Wat can I do fuggi. I want ur happy smiles always in ur face for that I can do anything. Pragya says I know that dr. Even bcos of ur plan only now we r married. Abhi says Haa but someone is not happy married to Me saying this he just turn his face other side Pragya hugs abhi and closed her eyes and says not like that dr I just miss them that’s it. Even u also know iam loving u to the core. Abhi says I know fuggi and kiss her forehead and hugs her tightly. Both r went there fb.

Fb shown.

Pragya is a 1st year student of xyz clg. Abhi is her senior(3rd yr). At 1st they don’t know each other. But one day make them meet. Abhi is feeling bored in class so he came to canteen. He thinks now iam the only person in this canteen it’s get too bore now. On that time he here a girl voice he just turn and see that girl and strated her almost 5 mins. Don’t know wat happened to him. Just like that the feel came to him.

Pragya pov
I get boring of my continuous classes so I cut my one of the class and went to canteen and the way to canteen. I think it’s going to bore there also bcos iam the only person to be there bcos it was a cls time. Thinking of that I reached canteen and said bhaiya I want one coffee. That’s it I met him. He just turn Around my eyes met with him. He started me almost 5 mins even mee too. I don’t know wat happened to me. Just like that the feel came to me. After 5 mins bhaiya goes to him and gave the coffee to him that’s it our staring ends. And I sit and took one book and try to read that.

Auther pov.

After canteen meeting abhi feels there is something is attracting me from her. She is too beautiful. Thinking of that abhi went to cls . And pragya also think the same and feels he is too handsome. And goes to her cls.

The next day abhi is early want meet her. Even pragya also want to meet him. And finally the met in canteen again. It was continued almost of the year. They both don’t talk to each other. Some time pragya do something proposaly to attract abhi. Even abhi do some antics to attract pragya. Abhi know she also watching like he do. And pragya know he also watching her like she do. But it was final day of abhi. He going to complete his UG. Abhi feel more restless that day. In this one yr they both just watching eachother not a small talk. But abhi feels today he want to speak to her. So he decided to go canteen where they met first time. In pragya she also feeling uneasy bcos abhi going to complete his study. Even she not atten any cls she already in canteen. Where they meet 1st time. She don’t know if she will meet him again in her life thinking of that she gets tears. But don’t know y. So she wipe her tears and sit silently there.

Abhi came to canteen see pragya be there. Pragya’s back side faced abhi. Abhi thinks how to talk to her. Here prgaya gets some air blow of abhi is already here so she just turn. That’s it both are again lock by there eyes. Finally abhi broke eye lock and give smile to pragya. Pragya also smile. Then came and sit opposite of prgaya chair. And said hai chashmise. Pragya gets little angry and said my name is not chashmise my name is… Before pragya could complete abhi tells I know ur name pragya. The full name is pragya arora. Pragya Smiled. And abhi says even I know about u very well. Pragya says even I also know about u very well Mr. Abhishek prem mehra. Abhi smiles and says so u also followed me. Pragya smiles ya like u do.

Both laugh. . Then abhi front his hand and says soo frnds pragya gave her hand and shake said frnds. Both talk random topic. Finally time came to evng so both said bye (but both are mind and heart want to say iam going to miss u plz don’t leave) and leave from there.

That’s it abhi finally finished his UG. Prgaya finished her 1st. They are in holidays now. Both are feel too much of restless not seen eachother.abhi is missing her too much. One day abhi came infront of mirror but he sees pragya face. Finally abhi said to himself. Ya I know abhi u love her but this is over. Plz go and tell her if u delay it then someone will get chance. Then he thinks she will accept him.

Same think happen on prgaya finally prgaya says to herself ya I know love him. But he accept me.

Both abhi and pragya’s holiday came to end.

It’s pragya 2nd yr. She went clg and miss abhi too much. She know he finished his degree. But she want to see him. She cross the canteen. There are too much of students but she want his and her private time. So she avoid canteen and goes to cls.
After some time pragya could not control her heart so she cut the cls and came to canteen. There she meet abhi again. Abhi egarly waiting for her. Prgaya came to him and ask u here how? Abhi smiles and says I joined here my P.G also. Prgaya is too much of happy. And smiles to brightly. Then they both are start there talk. Days are passes like this. Both knows they are like each others but they don’t confess. And they both maintain there frndsip secret. So no one don’t get dout on them. Finally abhi proposed pragya in his PG 1st end. Pragya also accept that. There love increase day by day. But they are maintained that secretly in clg. Then abhi complete his PG also on the same time pragya complete his UG. Then abhi Start to do his family bussiness. Pragya studied PG in same clg. But both meet every day. After Pragya complete PG she does M.phill also. On that yr sarala start his groom searching wrk for Pragya. Pragya know that but not take serious. Even abhi’s family dadi search bahu .like this pragya complete her
m.phill and start to wrk in clg. That’s it groom searching wrk goes to seriously. Even abhi dadi also comple abhi for mrg. (Actually both abhi and Pragya family are opposite for love Sarala ma get promise from pragya she only marry a man for her mom choice. Dadi also get promise from abhi like he only marry his dadi choice) so both are in confuse state now. Don’t know wat to do. So they decided to meet eachother in separate place.

They both are meet in a restaurant. Pragya hugs abhi and cries.
Pragay : plz do something dr (pragya always call abhi like this) I could not live without u
Abhi: I know fuggi. Me too also not live without u. And I try to do some think fuggi.

Then both are sit and talk. Suddenly abhi get some plan and said to pragya. Prgaya with confuse state r u sure this will wrk out. Abhi says 1st we will try this fuggi. Then abhi says wat pragya part for that plan and explain. Pragya says ok. Finally they leave after a hug and kiss.

The Mrg plan execute.:

Nxt day Mrg mediator came to abhi house but dadi is not home so Mrg mediator diside to come 2moro. Abhi seeing mrg mediator follow him. And finally abhi find his house. He went inside his house. Mrg mediator get shock by abhi’s sudden arrive.

Abhi: namashte sir. I want your help for my mrg.

M mi: wat help? Ur dadi ask me to see a girl for u? Now u r asking help?

Abhi: ha actually I loved a girl. I want to marry her.
Before abhi could finish
M mi: so bcos of that only u reject All girls. U think iam a fool. U and ur dadi waste my time. This much days.
Before he finished his sentence abhi said
Abhi: oh my dadi don’t know about my love. My dadi not like love mrg. So she made a promise to meLike I only mrg a girl her choice. But I fall in love with my girl. If I said this to dadi she will upset. I don’t want take risk of that. Another the girl I love. She is also important to me. I promised her I will marry her. So only I ask u to help.
M mi: (think sonetime) wat help u want from me.
Abhi give pragya photo to him.
abhi: she is pragya arora. And tell every family details of her. Then said u come 2moro to my home with her photo. And show all girls photo also her. I select her when u show her photo. Plz do this for me.
M mi: ok I will do wat u said. By the way u know one think ur dadi also ask me watch a girl like ur lover quality. definitely ur dadi will like her.
Abhi smiles to him and said thanks and leave from there. Then he call pragya and said everything. Pragya said so dr u complete ur part. Now its my turn to do. 2moro my side mrg mediator will come I will do wat u said. Abhi said ok fuggy. Don’t get tensed ok. Be relax. Bye take care.

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