Love? – Episode 9 – Accusations + Pain

everyone heard the bang and went to where aniri was and were absolutely shocked seeing her in a pool of blood and then the gun near gauri’s side.

shivay: anika!

he lifts anika up and makes children-including gauri’s stay home. all went to hospital.


anika was in ICU!

om came and asked: what happened?

shivay: this shameless girl shot my wife.

he was pointing at gauri who was shocked that her bade bhaiya was accusing her.

pinky: whys not? she jealous!

bhavya: exactly! gauri, trapping om is one thing but trying to kill someone……

jhanvi: and look now anika is fighting for her life!!

dadi: like i said, this girl has no character in her. she is bad luck and this is why she will never be my bahu!!

om: wow gauri! wow! i have never thought that you would shoot anika bhabhi like this!! you are really a gold digger who knows nothing about family!! you trapped me for money only cause you were pregnant with apparently my child! you never left! why?!?! you have no shame shooting anika bhabhi?! get out! get the f**k out of here you f**king sl*t!!

gauri felt that every word the family said was stabbing her heart word by word. she felt tears rolling down her eyes.

shivay: you won’t leave?! YOU WON’T LEAVE?!

he slaps gauri harshly making her fall to the floor.

om: and please leave our lives and take those children as well.

he grabs gauri’s wrist and makes her stand and then walks with her to the hospital door and leaves her there.

gauri with tears starts to walk with pain and shock.

precap: riddhima tells gauri who is she

soon we will get guiltykara.

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