Just like that, we became shrenal — back in India

‘I am not going back’

Shrenu said to surbhi. She sat down on the bed letting the tears fall from her eyes.

Surbhi: shrenu, you need to go back to India. It will be good for you and your baby.

shrenu: but if I go back, memories will come back.

Surbhi: but you are not keeping well in this country. Look once the baby is born, you can go back to nyc with your child. But until the child is born, stay in India and whilst you are in India, you will have us to look after you.

Shrenu thought for a while and said: ok but I am not going anywhere near Kunal.

Surbhi: ok.

Shrenu stands up but surbhi stops her from walking.

Surbhi: I will pack your bags, you rest.

Shrenu nods and surbhi starts to pack shrenu’s stuff.


Kunal: and prepare her favourite dish. Coming back tomorrow morning so prepare then. Thanks dad.

He cuts the phone and says: I know that shrenu, you want to stay away from me and you hate me but if you are stubborn then I am more stubborn. Whether you like it or not, you will end up loving me again. I know that somewhere you still have feelings for me and keeping OUR child alive shows me that you still love me.

He smiles lightly to himself.

Shrenu’s house:

Surbhi: shrenu, look naira.

She showed shrenu naira who was on video chat.

Shrenu: hi baby. How are you?

Naira: arre yaar I am not baby anymore, the one in your stomach in younger than me so that is baby.

Shrenu: oh so you know that your aunty is going to give you a little friend.

Naira: yes mummy told me yesterday.

Shrenu: anyway happy that I am coming back?

Naira: yes.

Surbhi: Accha naira, we got to go. We will be back soon.

Naira: bye.

The video chat ended.

Surbhi: I will quickly call that idiot and then we will go.

Shrenu: surbhi, can I sit next to you on the plane?

Surbhi: ok.

They go out of the house and into the taxi.


Shrenu and surbhi were waiting for kunal to come. Well surbhi was, shrenu wasn’t because she no longer had any feelings for him or did she?

Kunal came with his hair flying in th breeze. She was memorised seeing how free his hair was and when she saw his eyes, she immediately got attracted to the deep black orbs. But the slap scene came back to her mind and she stopped getting attracted to kunal.

Kunal: should we check out?

Both surbhi and shrenu nod and they go to check out.


Surbhi: my seat is 35 c but you both have 34.

Shrenu: but…

Surbhi: sorry but it was the airport people.

Shrenu: it’s fine.

Shrenal sat next to each other and shrenu awkwardly smiled at kunal and then put some headphones on to see a movie. At least a movie would make her forget everything. She chose to see dangal because it wasn’t a romanctic movie.

Two hours later:

Shrenu woke up only to find her head on kunal’s shoulder and kunal Was smiling at her. The headphones was no longer on her and the screen of the seat tv was blank.

Shrenu: sorry kunal. Voh…

Kunal kept a finger on shrenu’s lips.

Kunal: no need to say sorry. You need to rest by the way. You look so tired.

Shrenu nods and then an air hostess came and said: would you like anything to eat or drink?

Kunal: i’ll Have water.

Air hostess: and you Mam?

Shrenu: nothing thanks.

Kunal: arre shrenu, you should eat. At least if you don’t want to eat, eat for the child.

Shrenu: fine.

Surbhi was hearing this and she smiled thinking: I think he is finally changing.

The air hostess gave shrenu food and she started to eat.

A few hours later:

She was wrapped up in a blanket and his shoulder was her pillow. Her hair was messy and her eyes were shut.

Pilot: we have reached India. All passengers get off the plane.

Kunal: shrenu, wake up.

Shrenu complaining: let me sleep please. I am so comfortable.

Kunal: we are in India.

Shrenu opened her eyes to find kunal and surbhi waiting. She went out of the blanket and they all went out of the plane.

Slowly memories came to shrenu and kunal. Mostly to shrenu. Hearing the slap sound, she clutched her stomach scared.

Kunal: shrenu, what happened?

Shrenu: nothing. Just leave me alone.

She goes with surbhi, fighting back the tears.

Precap: a warm welcome

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