Love aaj kal (KKB) Chapter 1

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Hi guyz…its Eliza again.. Hope you all remember me!!
I had given some hot shots..This time I’m back with a Short story…I’m very obsessed with Abhi and Pragya actually I’m a NRI my residence is in Canada you all know Tisha aka Srimathi ryt she is my best friend because of her I came to telly updates…She is the first person insist me to watch Kumkum Bhagya.I love writing I had written some articles before so now I wana re write those articles on Abhi and Pragya.Hope you all will enjoy…srita (Usually i ll call Srimathi as Srita)choti I hope you will read this.Couldnt able to in touch with you seems to be you are unavailable on time just check ur IG DM.And sure we’ll patch up for that so soon.A big hug from me and Virat and also from our junior Garcia.
And on the main note this story was framed by me and srita few months ago and days back we finalized it.The theme was made by Srita and I altered a bit and I added my stuff for spices.
Have a feelful reading!!
I think I’m just extending my talks now moving to the story.

She was walking over the busy corridor of her Oxford university in The Royal British city.She was wearing a peach sleeveless top with a black jacket completely zipped and with black tight lean jeans that fits her petite body her hair was clinging gorgeous on her shoulder her eyes were glistening her face is glowing with her minimal make up and her lips are not less than the plum fruit.She was such a beauty Hindustani and she always have her highness though she is lives in this British land.

She was walking towards the library as she wanna collect some notes for her on going project and her friends Sanjana Rahul and Tina are waiting for her and her notes in gallery.She looks at her watch and started to walk fast as after finishing her notes on project they wanna leave for work.It was British land so all will do some part time work atleast for just passing the time and enjoy with friends.It was past noon when she entered the library it was quite busy she ran to the 3rd floor of library for her stuff suddenly she felt losing her balance as a pair of hands pulled her.
“Uffo…Abhi u scared me”,said the girl Pragya.He hugged her tight by placing his chin on her neck and she too hug him back and her hands pacifying his back she smiled and broke the hug and started to walk “What happened Romeo u crushed me”,asked Pragya.Again he pulled her towards him both were behind the huge pillar “Because Romero didn’t see you from the morning he is missing you alot”,said Abhi.”Really..but you seems to be fresh and glow there is no sadness in your eyes”, teased Pragya.”You wanna me to show how I missed you”,asked Abhi with a naughty grin.”Okay then show me”,said Pragya with a smile.Thats it he crushed his lips with her’s.Pragya adjusted her head towards him and just melted to the kiss and his hands found the zipper of her jacket and he slowly opened it and his kiss swifted towards her nape as she kissed on his nape.”Baby..why you left home before I woke up”,asked Abhi in a husky tone.”So.. sorry Romeo I was just running late for classes that’s why”,she said as she broke their kiss and hug.”But you didn’t spent atleast a coffee with me last night you slept when I return our home”,said Abhi disappointed.

“Aww..I’m sorry Romeo actually I waited for you to return early after your concert but you were late sleep powered me”,she said sincerely.”But I missed you..You were not besides me when I woke up just your note was there that you left to university early”,pouted Abhi.”I’m sorry na baby we ll make it up for tonight let’s go for a movie”,said Pragya.”Well..Okay”, said Abhi still pretend to be sad.”Hey..Romeo come on cheer up!!”,said Pragya.Still he was pretending to be upset.Immediately she pushed him towards the pillar and crushed her lips on him.He was readily respond to her kiss as her hands roaming over his hair strands as his hands over her perfectly combed hair.She broke the kiss after burning out the calories “Okay happy don’t be upset my esteemed man”,said Pragya.”Well..okay come home soon today I have no classes and concert I’m full free”,said Abhi.”Well..we are just working on projects after that a small work in our cafe then I ll be in home be ready we ll go out if not for Movie then you decide okay”,said Pragya and nodded Abhi.”Well..okay take care”,said Abhi while closing her jacket zipper with much care.”Come here…I spoiled ur hair”,she said and setted his hair.”Arey leave me see yours”,said Abhi by wiping the wetness on her lips and from his mouth.”Abhi…stand straight first”,said Pragya sternly and setted his hair and wiped her lip color that is on his lips around.”Abhi.. Is all the lip color of mine smudged”,She asked worried which made Abhi to chuckle.”Come on tell me”,she asked seriously.”Aww no Pragz..Still color is coated on my own plum lips”,said Abhi while coming closer to her.She smiled and pushed him “Stop it..You go now”,she said.He smiled “Pragz..set your hair come here”,he said and she gone closer to him and he setted her hair which he messed up she was looking at him with much love.” my girl is just perfect”,said Abhi proudly.”Okay shall I move”,asked Pragya with a smile.”Yeah…Have a good day jaan”,he said.Pragya smiles at him and walks over to her work while Abhi watching her moving with love.Pragya turned towards him “Suno..”,she called him and blinked her lashes ask him to come to her.Abhi smiled and walked towards her and raised his brows.Pragya pecked his cheek and left and shouts “Wipe ur cheeks Romeo I stamped my lips on you”

Abhi smiles and wiped his cheeks and looks her walking towards the stack and she took a book and started preparing notes.Abhi smiled at her and she lifted up her head and looks at him and sighed him to go.Abhi smiled at her and waves a kiss and moved out from the place.While walking he reminds how she became his life and ruling his world…..”We are living together under a roof….She came to my life as an angel now she was my life….We are living together….. we woke up together……. we sleep together…….we spend every bliss of our life together but we never crossed our limits or we never ever tried of making ever she is modern…she is hot and charm but she is a Hindustani she loves me as much I love her she is the only girl who gonna be in my life as my life… She is the only true relationship I have in this world..She is such a ardent reader she loves books and she was much cared about her studies… And me I’m just a stud and because of my jaan I’m here just to finish my degree not to attain career she was expert in science i hate science so I took arts as my course but I didn’t interested in that too I have two interest in my life one my jaan and another is my music.. I love my music and I’m doing concert here in London it’s quite famous here there are many bands here but I’m the only Indian singer here so I have some crazy fans.. but still I wanna become a Rockstar wanna release my own album.. It’s not only my dream it’s also my Jaan’s dream to see me as a Rockstar so she won’t force me in studies too much…We enjoy what we are once we finished our studies we planned to move back to our mother land by leaving this coolest country”he said himself with a wide smile.

Pragya was back to gallery.”Pragya you are too late”,said Tina lil bit anger.”I’m sorry Tina just took some time”,said Pragya.”Tina…as Pragya was moving to library I saw Abhi too moving in that way so it ll took some time na”,teased Rahul while Pragya turned crimson red and Sanjana and Tina chuckled.Pragya beats Rahul with her books.”Guys enough come on let’s work on project”,said sanju.All were worked on project it was around 3 PM.Pragya Tina and Sanju moved towards their own cafe “Rebloom cafe” they made this cafe with small investment and now they are running this cafe independently which gives them satisfaction and enough money.Abhi was the one who gave money for Pragya to start this cafe but he did it for his jaan he never separated anything as his and hers what his is definitely hers.After spending an hour in their cafe she left the cafe and headed towards their home.

She entered the elevator and pressed the button 18,they are living in a compact yet lovely apartment the small wonderful world of them.He was the one who wanted the 18th floor as they could have some romantic moments in lift for a some more time.She smiled at the button number 18.And now she reached the 18th floor with two to three bags in her hands which has some freshly baked cookies and muffins from their own cafe.She entered the home already her favorite voice is singing and cooking something in kitchen.

“I’m back my Romeo”, shouted Pragya and hugged the man in tracks and shorts from back.
“Hey jaan…How was the day”,he asked while pecking on her forehead.
“…You are preparing my favorite coffee…Love you Romeo..wait I ll freshup and let’s have coffee together”, she said excitedly.
“Sure jaan.. come on make it soon..jaldi…jaldi…”,he said while she nods and enters their room.After few minutes she came back in her shorts and sleeveless top.
“Jaan…make it soon”,shouted Abhi from the balcony where they have wonderful view of the London bridge.
“I’m already here”,said Pragya from his back.Abhi hugged her from back and placed his chin on her crook she held the steel pipe fence of the balcony and smiled at him.They both stood so close cuddling each other to over come the chillness.
“Here your coffee”,said Abhi and forward the coffee mug….she took that from his hand and both started to sip coffee by viewing the sight and inhaling each others fragrance with the strong coffee aroma.
Their love will be continued….

Please do comments see you all in next part.
With love,
Eliza Virat and Srimathi aka Tisha.

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