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Friends again divya back I think telly friends not liking my story if I get good response I will continue or else I stop here moreover I. M getting good response in fb so tel me do u want to read further story….??

Payal opens d door and calls ma she doesn’t hear she gets in to jeep and moves)))))
All comes outside Payal says papa ma tat is ma only I said know my ma comes to c me my ma I want my ma papa I want my ma, she screams ma // lucky says Payal she is not ma she is someone else she won’t comes here pls don’t insult me, dada dadi take her inside

C karthik wat Payal saying how can her mother comes here tats to c her how can Payal thinks tat her mother like to c her she don’t know her mother is rakshashi who doesn’t have any feeling..before and all Payal used to ask and care about me and says papa when u will come to home when u ll take to me outside she ask me tats dis tat time I Also feel very happy and I. M waiting to c my daughter to play with her to take her outside but now for her I. M nothing she wants her mother how can I make her understand tats her mother is not thier,, she left her ,, hey lucky u don’t be tensed u go I will manage her u go inside he go inside , inside Payal crying she say children won’t say false if I say truth also u all won’t believe pls believe me tat is my mom only,, Payal pls stop dis now keep quite said by lucky, later he got call hey lucky where is Payal she is here only k give to her, he gives Payal for u phone for me papa s for u only she takes hello
Hi Payal I. M ur ma
Payal says whose ma
Karthik(voice changing)says ur ma Payal means ur ragini ma.
Payal: no no ur not my ma I know my mother voice ur lieing me
Kar: no Payal I. M ur ma only pa (omg how to convience her he thinks )
Payal : s now my ma only speaking tat time other one speaking ma where u
Kar: I. M far away beta how r u child
Payal : fine ma, ma y u not come to c me morning I. M calling ma u go without talking to me go ma I won’t talk to u..u don’t love me.
Kar : o sorry Payal morning I have some emergency work so I went sorry Payal
Payal : more than me work only important for u I know u won’t love me.
No beta I love u so much soon I will come to c u now pls forgive me or tel me wat I have to do
If I want to forgive u should come to my birthday promise me
Ragini:k beta I will come i will bring big teddy bear, chocolate, for u and I bring wat u me Wats ur favourite..?
Payal::mom I like u ur my favourite mom, mom each day each minute I. M waiting to c u will come know to c me
S beta I will come surely but now u should do ur work don’t make papa tensed time to time u should eat ur food if u promise i will come..
I promise ma I will do my homework I will eat food I won’t give any tension to papa dada dadi but pls ma I want to c u pls come ma
K beta I will come now I have work I have to go bye Payal take care love u mmmmahh
Ma tc too mmmmahh don’t forget to come on my birthday,,,bye ma then she cuts d call
Dada dadi papa,, ma coming to my birthday she promise me I. M so happy today my mom comes to my birthday omg I didn’t write home work I have to do now otherwise my mom not like me I have to do then she goes to room

Here karthik feels so bad sorry Payal I have to do for ur happy I can’t c my friend in pain I want ur happiness so I have to manage like dis only

Here nikhil brings ragini to park do u know ragini today I. M so happy my dream is going to fulfill..nikhil can I ask something says ragini..u can ask anything ragini if u ask I can give my life..pls nikhil don’t say like tat I want my life fill with ur love I want u without u I too can’t leave,
K now tel me wat u want to know
Nikhil y u love me so much, u love me by my beauty or my character,,
Not both because if I love through beauty it might get age my love may change..if I love through ur character it may change if u change ur behaviour..c ragini to breath thier is no reason like wise thier is no reason to love u, I love u untill my life each heart beat says ur name ur my life my love everything without u I. M incomplete so can u complete me..will u marry me….??
Without saying she hugs him I m proud to be ur wife they both hug each other..


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