Are you looking forward to Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi?

Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi…….. has his promos airing on the channel Colors and there are huge expectations from the show. The show will be a romantic one, which will be defining unending love, loyalty and true friendship between the leads Ranvir and Ishani. It will showcase one sided love in Ranvir’s heart for Ishani. The chemistry between the leads looks good, they are cute, good looking and look made for each other. Ranvir loves Ishani, they are childhood friends, but there is lots of difference in their status. Ranvir is laid back by the fear that their relation and love won’t be accepted by the society. They does not know even Ishani will accept his love or not. Ishani is his best friend and he shares everything with her, except the name of his love.

Ishani keeps on asking him whose that lucky girl whom he lost his heart, and Ranvir cleverly says Ishani and adds a line, showing he is talking referring to her and won’t tell her the name, thought he answered her. Ishani does not understand its her. Ranvir is happy seeing her sweet smile on her face and would always want it to stay on, as he knows things will go out of hands if he speaks up for his love. Poor Ranvir is really losing his heart to her. Ishani looks so simple and down to earth, that we think she will win everyone’s heart by her good role. Radhika Madan, who is a dancer by profession, will be justifying the role of Ishani.

While Shakti Arora will be essaying the role of Ranvir. He looks damn cute in the promos and the way he plays with his words shows his genuine acting skills. He is very talented and is eager to take down on you by this show. The show looks very promising. It will be airing on 10pm slot, as Uttaran will be taking Bani’s slot which is going to end soon. Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi will start on 24th June 2014, not even a week left now. Do gear up to get yourself enticed with this new love story that will rock Colors.

  1. iss poor show ka liya madhubala khatam ho raha ha madhubala hit serial thaa or humasha hit hi raha ga us ki jaga koi or nehe la sakta madhubala hit serial humasha yaad raha ga ok.

  2. i am so happy to hear that madhubala is going to end,i hate this serial from its begining,n this show meri aashiqui is going to telecast at 10 not madhubala’s slot.there will be a new show shastri sisters at 8;30

  3. yeah! rlly lukng 4wrd 2 dis show! shakti is so damn cute! d show will b far bttr dan bani

  4. I m loving meri ashiqi….. Mast hai

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