Lockdown Ki Love Story 24th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Dhruv finds Milky

Lockdown Ki Love Story 24th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Milky’s mum coming home to ask about Milky. Dhruv thinks did they take Milky with them. Bhavani says Dhruv, we made a mistake, we got the other lady. Dhruv says its a blunder, how can you kidnap wrong girl, did you send her to Mumbai. Bhavani says no. Dhruv says drop her back to home. Bhavani says I don’t have that girl. Dhruv asks where is she. Bhavani says we met police on the way, they took the girl, don’t tell my name to police, we got saved by difficulty. Dhruv scolds him.

Dhruv says she would have got conscious by now. He worries and says Milky would have come home if she was with police. Shashi says call the police. Milky’s mum and Dhruv worry and stop him from calling police. Nutan and everyone look on. Dhruv says I don’t find this right, Milky can be in any problem. Shashi says no, she would be fine. Milky’s mum says yes, if anyone kidnapped her then… Sheetal asks why will anyone kidnap her. Milky’s mum worries.

Dhruv asks where is Milky. Sonam says you were planning to send me away, you are so careless. He asks her to say what is she hiding. She says I know you well, go and find your wife, people will taunt you. She says if everyone knows you had sent the kidnappers, what will people think. E gets a call and goes. Hulchul asks what happened. Dhruv says Bhavani kidnapped Milky instead Sonam. Hulchul says its too much. Bablu sees Milky getting up and turns her unconscious again. Dhruv says she would have come if police took her. Bablu says shall we come to find Milky. Dhruv says I will come. Sonam laughs at Dhruv.

He says you can laugh, I will come back and see you. He goes. Sonam calls Hulchul and asks will everything get fine. Hulchul says yes, we will leave Milky once her mum makes the confession. She thanks him. She prays that her name gets cleared. Shashi asks Milky’s mum not to worry. Milky’s mum sits praying for her. Hulchul and Bablu take Dhruv to some places to keep him busy. Sonam says just two hours, then my name will get cleared. Nutan says I m scared, did Milky go out in bhaang effect. Sheetal says we fed her bhaang for romance, not to run away, Dhruv will find her. Time passes. Milky’s mum says we made a mistake but Milky is paying the price, now I don’t have time, I will call everyone and tell the truth. She asks Ankita to call everyone. Sonam looks on. Dhruv says we didn’t get Milky, where will she be. Bablu says maybe the people who stopped Bhavani was real police. Shashi asks what happened, have patience. Milky’s mum cries and says Milky is paying for my sin, I feel she went away from me. Nutan asks which sin, nothing will happen to Milky, our sorrow is same, don’t worry, we are with you.

Milky’s mum says no, Milky’s life is in danger, let me tell them the truth. Sonam sees the time. Sheetal asks what truth, everyone knows, Milky is missing, Dhruv will get her. Nutan says say it in heart. Shashi shouts on Nutan and says let her say. Milky’s mum sees the time. She says every person makes mistakes, I also did a mistake. Sonam cries and looks on. Milky’s mum says on the marriage day….. Door opens. They see Dhruv beating Hulchul and Bablu. He gets Milky back. Milky goes to her mum. Shashi asks what’s all this, where was Milky. Dhruv scolds his friends. He says they both kept Milky captive.

Dhruv says Sonam got Milky kidnapped, she is exposed now, she should leave from this house. Sonam looks at him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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