Shaadi Mubarak 24th October 2020 Written Episode Update: KT teaches a lesson to Mrs. Goplani

Shaadi Mubarak 24th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeti thanking Kusum for becoming her BFF always. Kusum asks Preeti will she listen to her. Preeti says sure. Kusum says don’t call me Kusum ji, I will look younger, just call me Kusum. Preeti laughs and says Kusum. Kusum says see I got 10 years younger now, say again. Preeti says Kusum, KT asked me why did I refuse to hear anything against him from Chanda, even I didn’t had any answer, you tell me what can be the answer.

Kusum says when we respect someone, if someone treats us well, we feel good, we can’t hear anything against good people, you are good, will you hear anything against me, you will fight for me, right. Preeti sleeps. Kusum says she slept on the night out, I will have day out with her. Priyanka says we can send Tarun to jail, I have his audio recording also, I have to show him what I can do. Rati shouts on Tarun. She scolds him and says Priyanka can send you to jail. Juhi says you are right, but this will affect Preeti and Kusum’s relation. Priyanka says you are right, Preeti is Kusum’s soul mate, they always laugh, I will not risk their relation. Juhi says yes, we will keep this to ourselves.

Preeti comes office. She goes to check. She sees the idols and says it had to be kept in hampers. KT comes. Preeti asks did you notice it, I didn’t think you can make big mistake, I told you I will check the hampers, how will we do business, we made a big mistake, we should apologize to Mrs. Goplani. He says no, never. She asks why, we should apologize to her, you prove me wrong always. Mrs. Goplani comes and asks how can you do this KT. He asks what happened.

Priyanka stops Juhi and helps her with matching earrings. Juhi smiles. Priyanka says you run the accessories shop and don’t know fashion. Juhi says I will take fashion tips from you. She goes. Kusum asks am I dreaming, there is something. She goes to Priyanka and asks what’s the matter, you got friendly with Juhi. Priyanka asks what do you want, why are you asking. Kusum says stay together, come, have food. Priyanka goes. Kusum says there is some matter, something has happened that changed their terms, I have to find out.

Mrs. Goplani says you give ideas to clients and don’t fulfill it, you said you will keep idols in hampers, you kept this pearl, we didn’t speak of it. KT says I kept it as your choice, its white and costly, like your thinking. She says its not about cost, I want Laddoo gopal idol, I like Krishna. He asks are you joking, you don’t like Krishna, else you would not dislike his dark complexion, you have problem with dark complexion, Krishna is also dark, how can I put the idols in the hampers, so I kept what you like. She says you didn’t do right.

He says lets see what you did right, you told something to Preeti about her complexion. Was that right, you insulted her, you asked her not to show her face, you have many followers and social status, how could you do this, you kept a condition and blackmailed her, the black colour is hiding inside you. She says enough, I didn’t come to hear this lecture, its my mistake to give the contract to you, I m taking this contract back. He says no, we don’t want to work with you, we are breaking contract with you, try and understand, we have to maintain our standard, I can’t work with people who don’t know to respect my partner. Mrs. Goplani says you made Preeti your partner, you are not a good businessman, you should keep her back end, you don’t respect client, you are ready to refusing a big contract for Preeti.

He says I can reject many such contracts for her, she is the thought of our company, she is our esteem, we won’t let you insult her. She says this was the first project, you won’t have any project now, I will give this contract to Chanda’s company Dream bell. He says wait a min. He gives her the cheque. He tears it and says have it, its your cheque. She gets angry. He says we have some rules to do business, we won’t keep self esteem at stake to do business, we want to work for imp relations, not just to make money, we don’t have to lose imp, nothing is imp than Preeti’s self esteem. She says I didn’t see such fools. KT plays the audio. Mrs. Goplani stops hearing her voice. He says I m not such a fool, think if people know your thinking, it will be a shock for you, you will be trolled. Mrs. Goplani says don’t do this. He says I can do this. Preeti says we won’t do this. He asks why not. She says we can’t do this, its her son’s marriage, its her special day, she should have beautiful memories, we can’t ruin it.

She asks Mrs. Goplani to go home and just spread happiness in son’s marriage. Mrs. Goplani says sorry. She goes. KT smiles. He says Preeti is soft hearted. Preeti says you left the first project for my esteem. He says for us, we have to keep partnership. She smiles. Ik tara….plays… He gives the idol to her.

Preeti asks Sheena to keep the event files ready, she wants to take Shaadi mubarak to new heights. Kusum does tilak to Preeti.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    So they ended preeti complexion part today…
    And From Monday Rati Panday will join this show… And rati panday shall work very hard for fit in shoes of rajshree.. as rajshree is natural but rati will be felt little over as mother-in-law…

  2. I don’t understand what is happening. Is it that Preeti is changed to another person? If so, why

  3. Ok, I’ve read it. She’s being replaced. Will the new Preeti fits in with Kusum. Age difference

  4. so sad to hear that Rajshree left the serial. Kusum and Preeti were so nice to see together. I’m not sure the serial would be now worth watching.

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