Lockdown Ki Love Story 16th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Sonam defeats Milky

Lockdown Ki Love Story 16th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Milky asking Batasa to go. She lies to the family about the funeral. They leave. She says if my alliance gets fixed, I will pay the fees to surgeon, else Dhruv is done. Milky gets an attack and faints. She falls on the funeral. Nutan and Sonam look on. Shashi thanks the surgeon. Surgeon asks him to pay the fees for the surgery soon. Milky meets the doctor. He says it was a heart attack, heart transplant is the only way, you got a heart defect. She says I will get it done. He says if you can find a donor, then it will be good, think well. Milky sees Nutan talking to some men. The man asks her to get the house back on her name, a road will be built in front of the house in this lane, you will get money for the land.

Sheetal says we will make fake papers and sell the house, let them trouble Milky, we can get much money and save Dhruv. Sonam says it will be right, I agree to this. She says we will make house papers ready and inform you. Milky thinks until they do this cleverness, I will give the papers to the officers and get money. She thinks I want a donor for the heart transplant. She meets the officers and gives the house papers. She asks them to give the money to her. The men leave. Milky says I will fool Sonam once again. Milky gets doctor’s call. He says I got a donor who has a matching heart, its your mum, but she is healthy and alive. Milky says if she meets any accident and is dying then… He says we can do that, but her consent form should be signed that she wants to donate her organ after death. She says fine. She sees her mum and smiles.

She thinks what will mum do after being alive, I didn’t marry any good man till now, I have to live my wife. She asks goons to catch her mum. Her mum asks what are you doing. Milky says I m giving you a chance to save me, give me your heart. Her mum says you can’t do this.

Milky comes home and sees Sonam. She says I have sold this house, you can’t sell this house now, you were trying to fool me, your Dhruv is gone now. She asks them to bid bye to the house. She smiles. Nutan cries. Shashi comes and says we have arranged the money. Milky sees Shashi and Sheetal at the door.

Milky asks how did you get the money. Shashi says we got the house back. She asks how. Sonam says we had the papers with us. Milky says I gave it to the officers. Sonam recalls asking the man to play this drama. She says now, we will play this big move to fail Milky. Sheetal says yes, you try to sell the house, I will feed this tablet and set drama of her heart attack. FB ends. Sheetal asks the goons to stop there and understand, Milky has no money to give them, think who will they catch now. The goons leave. Milky’s mum smiles.

She scolds Milky and says you wanted to get my heart by killing me, Sheetal was right, Milky can’t be loyal to anyone. She says I end our relation right now, I don’t value you now. She goes. Nutan says I won’t let your marriage happen, I have told them everything, that door also got shut for you. Milky gets angry. Sonam stops her. She scolds her.

Sonam says like you got the house back, you will get everything back, Dhruv will be fine. Nutan says this is your house as well, I give you the house responsibilities from now. Sonam says no. Nutan gives her the keys. She blesses and hugs Sonam. Sonam asks Milky to get out of her house. Milky says leave me. She wears the mangalsutra again. She says I m Dhruv’s legal wife even today, I will be here and trouble you all, I will not leave anyone of you, no one can break my records of stooping low, talk to me with respect. Sonam says your fear is saying all this, you know I m not scared of your threatening, I have always given you a good answer, get out. Nutan says wait, she will trap Dhruv in the jail

Sonam says if she traps us, then she will be trapped as well, we got the house, we will get Dhruv also, we are united, Milky can’t do anything to us, Dhruv didn’t do anything wrong, Lord will protect him, don’t be afraid. Shashi says yes, we can’t be afraid of Milky, we will try our best to get rid of her. Sheetal says yes, we will fight her and defeat her. Nutan says I m not so weak to step back from the fight, I will not leave Milky. She asks Milky to get out. Sonam drags Milky out. Sonam and Nutan shut the door.

Milky says no one will get saved now. Batasa hears her plans to make fake report of pregnancy. She attacks him. He faints down. Nutan gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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