Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 16th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Pakhi Provokes Virat Against Sayi

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 16th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virat confronts Sayi that she will not become big by reading books, she has to learn manners and to give respect to elders. Sayi yells to stop shouting at her, her Aaba never spoke like he is, he should stop or else. He says or else she will leave home, she will realize how difficult it is to live alone; she cannot run her life like this and elders’ blessings and everyone’s support. Sayi says she is thankful for that, but she doesn’t like the way he spoke her in front of everyone and family. He says she acts as if he is a criminal, he is her husband. She sees Pakhi entering with food and says his best friend came with food and he should have it. Pakhi yells at her that she is shouting loudly and her voice is heard downstairs. Sayi asks if she didn’t hear Virat’s voice. Pakhi yells that her voice is heard more than Virat. Virat apologizes and says he spoke loud in angry. Pakhi says Sayi should apologize instead as he explained her in the morning, even then she didn’t change. Pakhi asks if she came to say this. Pakhi says she brought food for Virat and tells Virat that he looks sad, but his wife doesn’t bother at all and just wants to study. She asks if he didn’t think about himself when he decided to marry Sayi; Sayi got a high status family, good husband and financial sercurity, etc., but what did he get. He says he.. She says there is no need to answer as silence answers some questions; she feels pity for Virat, earlier there used to be arguments but now fights, she can understand how he feels seeing Sayi’s misbehavior with his family; he should forget all this as he is tired and should rest after having food. She walks towards door when Sayi stops her and says this family is weird that when they have to yell at her, they speak to Virat instead; so she will speak directly, Pakhi has to take responsibility of what she told since morning. Pakhi says she can misbehave with Virat, but not her and should speak to her properly or else not. Sayi says even she expects same and says she had promised Virat and her that she will not question her, but she will forget that promise and ask if she shouldn’t thank her for letting her spend time with her best friend and serve him food, instead of being happy she is taunting her. Pakhi asks if she is genuinely speaking or taunting her Sayi says taunting is family’s habit, she should just answer who is happy serving Virat, she doesn’t serve Virat as she doesn’t feel so, so Pakhi can continue her interest on Virat, serve him food and chat with him; she doesn’t interfere in Pakhi’s issues, so she also shouldn’t interfere in her issues.

Ashwini tells family that Pakhi went long ago, so she will go and check. Saloni reminds her words that they shouldn’t interfere between husband and wife. Ashwini says if a third person interferes between husband and wife and give his/her verdict, husband and wife will be defeated always. Bhavani yells that she just likes insulting her husband and jetani/SIL and sharing her gyan. Ashwini says she is not sharing gyan and is just telling that she didn’t do right by sending Pakhi between husband and wife’s fight. Bhavani yells if husband and wife fight, someone has to interfere, Pakhi is Virat’s friend and bhabhi, so what is a problem in that. Ashwini says why would she mind as she loves interfere between husband and wife. Bhavani yells that Virat is learning to misbehave and argue from Ashwini. Ashwini what is her mistake if truth is bitter. Ninad drags Ashwini from there.

Pakhi asks if she did wrong by bringing him food, if she came from her maika/mother’s house to get insulted from Sayi. Sayi asks when did she misbehave with her. Virat asks her to keep quiet. Sayi says does partiality always and supports Pakhi; Pakhi is taunting her since many days and when she spoke, he is asking her to shut up. Pakhi says if she is wrong opposing Sayi’s misbehavior. Sayi says if Virat expects her to silently tolerate nonsense, he should not expect it. He asks when did he expect anything from her. She says he thought her to oppose injustice and when she did, he is scolding her, he provoked her today and didn’t let her study, so she is going out to study and he can enjoy food with his best friend. She walks to Usha’s room and seeing her sleeping thinks she shouldn’t switch on light and disturb her.

Virat sits sadly holding his head. Pakhi says he was so energetic and daring before, but after marrying Sayi, he is very silent and is just clearing his family and Sayi’s fight. He thanks her for understanding him and searches headache medicine, but doesn’t find it. She asks him to relax and have food first and then medicine. He says he doesn’t want to. She insists and extends a bite towards him. Sayi returns and seeing that walks away again. Virat goes and picks balm and says he really doesn’t want to eat, so Pakhi shouldn’t force him. She says he should have food whenever he likes. He says sorry for not speaking to her as a lot happened recently; he tried to enquire about Samrat from Bradier Sood, but didn’t get any answer, asks if she got any information. Pakhi says no, but she visited office to get Samrat’s money and transferred it into Mansi bua’s account. Virat says Mansi didn’t inform him and even she didn’t, he would have accompanied her if she had informed him. She says she didn’t want to disturb him as already Sayi has ruined his life and she feels pity for him.

Precap: Sayi is shocked to hear from Devi that she is already married and having a baby, both they are missing. Bhavani holds Sayi’s food plate and orders her to finish household chores if she needs food. Sayi tries to pull back plate and it falls down and breaks.

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  1. None sense serial , non sense family.. starts with fight ends with fight… everyone keeps shouting on the name of family values and sanskar…

  2. Why this pakhi don’t stop interfering in sai and virat s life she shd move on …she likes to insult said get said insulted and provoke virat to fight

    1. Sai * not said

  3. Who is calling this serial nonsense. It is not. But the best serial on starplus for now. Apart from Anupama, and maybe Shaadi Mubarak, tell me the serial that is even close to this. Even Preesha and Rudraksh have gone down with this Mahima trouble they are showing now.
    Now come to the scenes, why is Virat not seeing what this Phaki is trying to do with his married life. Or as they say, blood is ticker than water. He wants to behave like his father wwho is tied to a woman’s apron. Look at Bhavani trying to push Pakhi towards Virat. What does she wants to achieve with that.
    Both she and Phaki might be praying for Samrat not to come back. After all Samrat money that was collected was given to her. I think that might be her purpose. Money.
    Look at all the years she has suppress Ashwini and directing her husband. Am sure she must be the one Ninad has been submitting his salary to.
    This is much fun now. I want to see how far she can go with Virat. Or she will be sending Phaki to collect Virats money. As Sai is no go area.
    Or who knows, anything is possible she might be in a secret affair with Ninad. It might be something that our eyes are not seeing or we cannot imaging. If not why will she hate Sai so much. On the first day, she refused to let her enter the house.
    As for Sai, it’s better she stay quiet for some days. Apart from your mil and Shivani. Stay dumb and continue planning your way to the hostel. Also think of how to get your father’s gratuity. Also plan for Aunt Usha in case they chase her out after your shifting to hostel.
    How to deal with such people is showing them that you don’t need them for anything. The only person that will feel Sai departure and might be depressed is Ashwini. So as for her, you can come and be seeing her every weekend.
    If Sai don’t go to hostel they will harm her very soon. They are even throwing away her food now

    1. Hi do u watch from Nigeria and on which cable TV is it star times or dstv

    2. Oladipo Kereemat

      Yes on startimes

    3. Agree..this is the best serial running currently on star plus..

    4. Exactly and bhavani calling chavan family the respected family…… Stupid fools want Sai and virat to Fallin love already….. And bring samrat back so pakhi Wil leave virat alone

  4. Very unexpected story it’s a headache watching this serial too much fight in the name of family sanskaar not a single person has understanding too loud. If the makers wants trp from this story kindly bring some peace n story
    N sayi is tooooo loud her character is positive but she irritates…

    1. I think the same

    2. Right even i find the serial becoming very boring and fed up with the fight between sai and virat i wish that sai and virat fall in love

  5. Priscilla Oluwayemisi

    Please tell me what I can do to get my star plus station back. Since last week have been reading this interesting movie online. From Nigeria

    1. @priscilla oluwayemusi I don’t startimes has renewed their access to star plus this year so it’s off, but I am definitely not subscribing to them after this month until it’s restored but u can subscribe on DStv just that it’s more expensive

    2. Oladipo Kereemat

      Me too

  6. O itโ€™s fitting serial .insted ok Chauhan mention they should keep zagada houseโ€ every one fighting and so loudly,now if they stop this fighting or I have to stop watching this serial

  7. Why are we pretending that this things don’t happen in families. Especially extended ones. There is no big family like this that you don’t get to see things like quarrelling. It is just how the elders manage it.
    When I was growing, my mother gave birth to eight of us. Then plus our maternal and paternal uncle’s aunt’s cousins, it was like a barracks. Sometimes, after my parents must have settled and settled quarrels. When they get tired, they will allow us to fight small๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ. At that time they will say that my mouth is too much, but I don’t have power. So my seniors should shut my mouth. Sometimes, I will start running. When I remember such scenes I laugh.
    The most important thing is elders should see all children as the same and no partiality. No scheming or wicked planning which is present in the serial. Which actually makes it a serial.
    My sister Bukki, I’m also reading here. And my subscription will end on Tuesday and I will not pay again until they add starplus back. Thanks

    1. I swear, same here too
      Starplus and stargold is not showing anymore ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  8. Ibrahim nusaiba

    It’s strange we have the same problem star plus and star gold I don’t know what happen suddenly.

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